The 6 Best Web Series For and About Geek and Nerd Stuff

The web is awash in web series, made off the grid of mainstream television and usually aimed at particular demographics (with us geeks being a BIG target demo for such series). That also means a great deal of the best web series that exist also have something to do with the geeky stuff we are interested in, from the depths and far reaches of science to stuff like video games and retro nostalgia.

Though picking good material among the masses available can be quite tough, we decided to pick 6 web series WE really like and point you in their general direction. Whether you choose to bask in their glowing greatness or not is totally up to you.

Just kidding, watch them all and thank me later.

Best geek web series

Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest

I bring this show up to all the geeks I know and many just look at me strange. How more people have not heard of this spectacular web series is beyond us. This show features Mark “Joker Skywalker” Hamill going around and interacting with different people and things from geek pop culture to who is cooler: monsters versus robots. If that alone doesn’t sell you I got nothing.

In other words, this is pure geek gold that you NEED in your life. Luke Skywalker talking to Jim Lee about what it is like to draw The Joker? Hell yes!

Brian Remus: Science Genius

Fairly new to the world but a killer cast and hilarious idea (what if a guy as talented and smart as Bill Nye ended up on cable access TV, wasting his talents and being taken for granted). It seems like a simple premise but once you watch the first episode the lead’s charm and the light heartedness of it will keep you coming back for more. Plus, beneath it all is an obvious love for science and the satirization of that very field.

Expect big things from this web series, as it’s got a nice buzz going already for a noob.

Paranormal Action Squad

Okay, I know, nobody wants to get YouTube Red and this IS a YouTube Red series (meaning it cost to watch it) BUT (and there is always a but) the show is kind of hilarious, cheesy, and nostalgic, while also being a bit batshit insane. Demonic DJ’s playing old lady’s parties (with some fine print attached)? Yes, super nutso but also super fun. And the weird animated style only makes it all more surreal and fun to watch.

And if you cannot afford it, the above video is like a free drug sample. First one is free but you’re GOING to love and you will come back for more. Heed my warning.

Inhuman Condition

Anytime a world where the supernatural is accepted as normal is a world I would wanna visit (at least for a work of fiction, anyway) and that is just where Inhuman Condition shines. The story focuses on a therapist dealing directly with three people who possess the supernatural abilities (which I will not spoil here) and she is trying to dig deeper so they can figure out what triggers or causes the powers.

Well acted, decent effects while not being overused, and a compelling story adds up to make Inhuman Condition one of the more human web series out there right now.

Our Fascinating Planet

All I should have to say is comedian Demetri Martin essentially playing Carl Sagan and speaking on the wonders of the universe and you should already be sold. Martin is one of the greatest “subtle” comedians alive, and how dry he plays it here in this Funny or Die series is just a blast to watch.

It helps being a science and Demetri Martin fan going in, but even if you aren’t, you might be surprised at just how much you end up liking this. It is old school Cosmos meets new school absurdist comedy and it gels fantastically.

Plus, science, bitch!


How about a web series about a crazy looking ginger kid who tells you some truly insane stories that you get to watch people act out? It may sound like a nightmare, but Sugarboy is actually kind of awesome. It is like going back in time and sitting across from the nutty kid in class with ADHD as he tells you stories you shouldn’t be as engaged by as you are. And keep in mind, you get ninjas and robots and all sorts of cool geek shit kids think up. It really is a fun little show.

On top of that, acting is great, budget is top notch and this is one of those shows I would not be surprised if it ended up on regular, mainstream TV at one point. Give it a shot, Sugarboy is sweet but you won’t get diabetes from it, which is good.

So what is YOUR favorite web series? Take to the comments and let us know!

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