Time to Stop Learning and Start Doing?

Have you ever felt as if something is holding you back from getting what you want?   Maybe you’re spending too much time learning? The challenge happens when your mind confuses learning and doing.  It can’t tell the difference between perception and reality – unless you tell it.  And, it’s easy to get caught up stuffing your brain with new information.  The problem is, you are not working toward your goal. Here are some simple truths: 1) Learning is fun and required to make a better life. 2) Learning alone will not create results. 3) You don’t have to learn everything to succeed. When you consistently apply what you have learned, you will make progress.  Besides,  your brain is not big enough to hold all the knowledge in the world anyway. Don’t get stuck in the trap. When you grasp plenty to move, MOVE! http://ift.tt/1qutDaw

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