One Thing, A Million Directions

In just a few days we’re all going to begin a new and exciting journey into 2017. Some of those will last a lifetime, others just a few weeks – maybe. As we get into the final days of the year, I’m getting focused and stepping up to starting line. But, I have rules: 1) I do not believe in or set New Year’s Resolutions. If I decide to do something, I start. There’s no need to wait January 1st to change your life. 2) No matter what you intend, it will always take what seems like a million steps to get there. They will almost always be in different directions and rarely connected to your goal. 3) If you choose to do a million things, that’s a million things multiplied by a million steps. How are you ever going to get what you want doing that? People who get what they want focus their energy on what they want. People who don’t get what they want spend their precious energy on every misguided dream that pops into their head. Which kind of person will you be this year?

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