New Moon in Capricorn: At The Heart of Mercury’s Retrograde

Capicornio by Johfra Bosschart

On December 28th, the new moon in Capricorn will arrive at 10:53 PM PT at the 8th degree of the sea-goat’s sign. It follows the inferior conjunction between Mercury and the sun at the same degree. Mercury, the messenger, is currently retrograde and its retrograde journey is one that traverses the underworld. Mercury retrograde is a time to reclaim the parts of ourselves that are stuck in old sorrows. A time to retrace our steps and review the stories that we tell ourselves. It is a time to retrieve the parts of self lost in our own personal underworld.

The inferior conjunction between Mercury and the sun is akin to the “new moon” phase of Mercury. It marks the half-way point of Mercury’s retrograde journey. Mercury has reached the depth of the underworld and here it gets a momentary reprieve. It is thought that, during this conjunction, Mercury enters the heart of the sun, the inner chambers of the Divine. Here, Mercury has access to the Truth. Here, information is illuminated. Here, there awaits us a moment of heightened awareness. Here, there is insight and understanding formerly unknown to us.

These two events happening on the same day, at the end of this brutally difficult year, is a sign from on high that we need to take a moment to regroup, rethink and double down on renewing our most important commitments. Namely our commitment to what we know to be true.   

This double new moon effect can activate a wisdom from deep within. But it’s up to us to do the hard work of recovering it. Whatever lessons Mercury retrograde has been helping you to learn need to be solidified in your system. Taken seriously. Integrated into your being. Claimed and championed at every turn.

Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, teaches through restraint, discipline, work and repeated effort, regardless of reward. Saturn teaches us maturity. Maturity knows that it is responsible for its own happiness. Maturity refuses to put its trust in the untrustworthy. Maturity isn’t willing to risk long term-term success for instant gratification.

Capricorn isn’t a fast moving sign. Its cardinal modality encourages action and the utility of its resources, but the actions that Capricorn takes are best appreciated by the kind of perspective that only time can grant us. Capricorn gets better with age. Capricorn is the Crone, the Sage, the Wise One. Capricorn reminds us that we are only as good as the practice we have put in day after day, year after year. Capricorn reminds us that we need patience for the lengthy and challenging process that is self-mastery.

Through the long nights of its season, Capricorn teaches us that the true riches live within. Capricorn asks us to take those insights and make use of them. It asks us to make something real out of the spiritual revelations we have been blessed to receive. Capricorn asks us to develop ourselves through our commitment to our work and to put that work out into the world so that it might light the way for others. Capricorn teaches us that, to reach maturity, we must ultimately become The Master. The Teacher. The one who gives of itself so that others may develop themselves. The one who shares what it has learned. The one who gives its hard-won insights to those who know how to receive it.   

This new moon is asking us to do the hard work that self-awareness requires. This new moon is asking us to see the strength that we have and that we can develop over time. This new moon is asking us to think about who we are becoming in the long-run and what actions we can take today that will help that come about, eventually.

Use this new moon to affirm your slow growth. Recite words of encouragement to yourself for all your efforts. Encourage your maturity by taking the actions that support it instead of the actions that temporarily relieve the growing pains that accompany the real work of becoming.

New moon blessings,


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