Full Moon in Cancer: Horoscopes for the Week of January 9th



Collage by Chani, background is a portion of a painting by Ian Fisher


Tuesday, January 10th

Sun in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries, both at 20°

Mars in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn, both at 17°

Wednesday, January 11th

Sun in Capricorn square Jupiter in Libra, both at 22°

Thursday, January 12th

3:34 AM PT – Full moon at 22° of Cancer

Mercury enters Capricorn

Venus conjunct Neptune at 10° of Pisces

Friday, January 13th

The number 13 has always been associated with the Goddess as there are 13 moons in a year. The word for Friday derives from the Latin phrase, “dies Veneris”, which simply means “day of Venus.” The only bad thing about Friday the 13th is the misogynistic misinformation that keeps us from celebrating its namesake and power.

On Sunday, January 8th, Mercury stations direct. Newly reborn as a bright and beautiful morning star, this portion of Mercury’s retrograde cycle conjures up images of rebirth, renewal and the return of information lost to us when Mercury was underground.

Even though all planets are now direct and will be until February 6th, this week Mercury is still finding its way. Wobbling forward, Mercury is still less than reliable and the rest of this week’s astrology is full of unusual twists and turns, abrupt about faces and unforeseen events.

Early in the week, the sun will square Uranus and Jupiter, with the full moon following suit. Jupiter is in a year long situation with Uranus sending us along unexpected avenues of growth. This week, both the sun and full moon activate that pattern.

Being a dynamic and emotionally intense full moon in Cancer, all feelings will be on full blast. Cancer energy evokes vulnerability. Cancer energy will make even the toughest babe bawl.

Cancer energy activates the wisdom of emotional intelligence both in ourselves and in others.

Logic is too cruel when divorced from the wisdom of the heart.

This full moon sits with Vesta, Goddess of hearth and home and keeper of the flame. Vesta speaks to our devotion, our ability to self-regenerate and teaches us how to belong to ourselves.  This full moon makes clear the need to be devoted to acknowledging our gut instincts (Cancer rules the breasts and belly) and the feelings that tear through the structures of our day. Whether our emotions are intuitive inklings or old wounds rising, it is foolish to ignore to process.

The full moon sits in opposition with Pluto in Capricorn and in a square aspect with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. This all adds up to what astrologers call a Cardinal Grand Cross. Cardinal signs are known for their activity. They are action oriented signs. A grand cross is made up of four stressful squares and two tension-filled oppositions. A grand cross is, by nature, dynamic and static. Pulled in four different directions, we are asked to maintain our focus while incorporating many sides to a situation. Without a focal point, we have to expand our conscious awareness without getting lost in any one side of things and without wasting all of our energy trying to attend to too much. Vesta’s conjunction with the full moon in Cancer suggests that we try coming from a place of great care and understanding. As if everyone in front of us is our child, or our parent. Or both. Cancer and Vesta ask us to focus on what matters the most to us and to take care of who matters least to the systems we live in.

The full moon isn’t the only thing that will bring a flood of feeling, however. Venus, now extremely well-placed in the ever-intuitive and emotionally open sign of Pisces, will end up making a conjunction to Neptune on Thursday. Neptune dissolves all boundaries and Venus connects all things. It’s a dreamy set up that can inspire many a work of creative genius and an all-encompassing compassion.

*Horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you find inspiration here we love and appreciate donations. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you!

Aries & Aries Rising

This week your career is influenced by some potent, yet unpredictable astrology. Something that you say or do could spur an important conversation, promotion or an unforeseen event. Reacting in a level-headed manner will help you make use of the circumstances, whatever they may be. If the situation seems to get away from you for a moment, do what you can to manage stress levels. Refrain from contributing to any kind of disaster narrative. Consider instead how you can use any chaos that occurs as an invitation to get more creative in your career. Consider how this moment might help your work get noticed. Consider what you can do to graciously awaken the curiosity of those that can help you move your work out into the world.

This kind of astrology makes a statement. Just be sure it is one that you want to be known for.

Mercury, having just stationed direct, re-enters Capricorn and joins the party in your 10th house of career. Newly reborn, the Messenger delivers the sentiments you need to reach your goals. Choose to communicate in ways that encourage your maturity and everyone else’s. Consider what you have learned in this area of your life over the past 3 weeks. Sort through the lessons and take the wisest sentiments among them, put them on your desk and remind yourself of them often. 

Thursday’s full moon punctuates the emotional tone of your home life and what you need from it. The full moon might bring with it a surge of emotional energy. It could unearth age-old feelings, family dynamics or a situation with a parent. This full moon speaks to the stories that you where birthed from. Pay close attention to any tales that tell of a lack or deficiency. Soothe the old wounds if they emerge. Give yourself what you need so that you don’t feel needy. Remember that these feelings, like everything else, will pass. The point is to steady yourself through the wild ride and see where it takes you.

*For an overview of the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

This week lights up the parts of your chart that deal with travel, teaching, delivering your message and making life plans, both large and small. This week is a whirligig of wonder and some days will be a little easier to catch up with than others.

This Thursday’s full moon increases your activities but not the 24 hours you are granted each day to get them done. Life might momentarily feel like its coming apart at the seams with busy-ness so prioritize as wisely as you can. Emotions might run a little higher than usual so keep some tissues in your pocket and a sense of humor about your schedule. Thursday’s full moon will offer proof of what works about your timetable and what doesn’t. Promote the rituals in your life that keep you cleansed. Release the ones that stifle or dishonor your emotional intelligence. Do away with what leaves you spent and unable to recover.

This week might bring a surprise opportunity to get your ideas out into the world, open you up to a new concept or help to bring a writing assignment to conclusion or fruition. The full moon could also provide ample opportunities for emotionally charged  conversations ripe with healing opportunities and heartfelt connections. Stay open to the feelings of both yourself and others and follow them for the clues for self-knowledge that they provide.

Friends will tend to calm you, connect with you, and reveal to you your importance to their path. Moments of inspiration can be found in your community right now. Tender sweetness exchanged between you. Take refuge in the perfection of your friendships. Take heart in the moments of serendipity that occur between you. Take care to give back to all those that hold you through the hard times and the good. 

*For an overview of the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

You can use this week’s astrology in an entirely practical way. It can help you to understand and appreciate the changing nature of the material world that you have to navigate through. The week encourages your well-thought-out responses to the shifts you experience in business matters. It is signaling a time when something about your financial patterns may change, but remember that the change is most likely temporary.

This week’s astrology talks about the restlessness that can lead to the derailment of recent growth if you react to it unconsciously. This week’s astrology speaks to the innovations that you can make if you use the restlessness wisely. What is underneath it? What is driving it? What is it telling you about what you need to change or relate to differently?

There is an unpredictable quality to this week’s astrology that you can use to your advantage. Look for revelations in regards to your relationship to your resources. Try to see your talents in a new light. Try appreciating a skill that you take for granted. Try using one of your skills in a new way, on an aspect of your work that you wouldn’t normally. Flip your work projects, finances or collaborative situations on their heads. Try approaching them from a different angle. Not for good, but for the week.

Thursday’s full moon might bring emotional peaks that are hard to swim through, it can also bring an emotional healing that frees up your talents and helps you to see a new potential in them.

*For an overview of the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

The week begins with Mercury’s first movements forward, retracing the retrograde steps it made through your chart from mid-December through early January. Mercury’s return to the part of your chart that deals with the most intimate of intimacy issues still requires your tenderness, but you are now more apt to make logical use of the emotional underworlds you’ve visited. The quest now is to unpack and make strategic use of the lessons that you’ve learned here. The holiday season asked you to go deep. Down to the base of your life. Back to the beginning of it all. Through the tangled roots of your past. The ones that threaten to uproot the foundations that you have laid for yourself if they aren’t managed.

We return again and again to the scenes of our past. This is not a failure on our part. This is the process of healing. This is the process of awakening. Each time we revisit a past pain, we get to see how we presently deal with it. What used to derail us can still do so, but it can also help us to redefine what we don’t want to give energy to.

We came here to heal. Everything in our lives is a part of that process.

Depending on where you stand with these astrological and life demands, Thursday’s full moon will either feel revolutionary or like a return to the lessons your heart most wants to put to rest. Depending on what is happening in the lives of those you are closest to, Thursday’s full moon can push you past a habit that keeps you overly protected from others or push you into the realization that some breakups are also breakthroughs. Depending on where you are with your personal projects, Thursday’s full moon in Cancer will either show you the growth that you have made over the past 6 months or what you have been sleeping on and need to wake up to. Wherever you are at, the full moon will have you working and feeling full tilt so proactively prepare your body, mind and heart.

*For an overview of the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Leo & Leo Rising

Thursday’s Full moon focuses on the importance of paying attention to your health and healing. It is encouraging you to rekindle a connection with a lost part of yourself, or a part of yourself that might feel a little lost.

Cuddle that puppy up.

The entire month is heavy-handed in its focus on what ails you, heals you and helps you deal. How you care for yourself is the most important aspect of this week’s astrology. So what do you need? What do you crave? What do you have a hard time giving yourself? What do you have a hard time receiving from others?

Notice when the resistance to self care springs up. Notice what you think everyone but you is allowed to have. Notice what happens when you pay attention to and give into the needs of your body.   

Rest when tired. Cry when the water hits your eyes. Laugh when you can. Practice letting all manner of emotions be expressed. Repress none of them. Love all of them. Use sleep as a cure for most problems and take what your dreams prescribe you.

*For an overview of the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Thursday’s full moon focuses its light on who in your crew feels you. Who feeds you. Who knows your needs. Who helps you to help yourself. Thursday’s full moon feels like a particularly potent moment with friends and community members. Thursday’s full moon wants to point out who helps to support your dreams, visions and hopes for the future.

The entire week creates a situation where you might feel extraordinarily sensitive towards the needs of others. There may be all manner of psychic connections occurring. There may be much heart-healing happening. There may be ideal relationship scenarios at your service.

Friends might also be in need of your emotional labour, however. Make sure not to drain your batteries with folks that don’t know their boundaries. Thursday is host to all kinds of emotionally charged interactions. Some will be soothing while others may be (unintentionally) sucking on your energy. Use the light of this full moon to see which relationship connections feel like a positive feedback loop of healing and limit the ones that don’t.

*For an overview of the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Libra & Libra Rising

We are not guaranteed success. We are not guaranteed fame. We are not granted good fortune just because we work hard at what we love. Hard work helps immensely, no question. But when necessary, we must also cultivate the kind of cunning wisdom needed to beat the systems that seek to keep us in our place. The systems hellbent on keeping our seat at the table from us.

We have to take chance after chance on ourselves. We have to bust down boundary after blockade after glass ceiling. We have to build our own table and sit queenly at it, inviting all the royalty we know to sit with us.

We must build our own queen-king collectives. 

Thursday’s full moon lends a light to your career. It makes the most out of your efforts here. It maximizes all the work that you have done.

Make your projects as near perfect as you can. Make your people proud of what you have been able to put out into the world. Make a mark that you’ll look back on as a sign of what was to come.

The week’s astrology is balanced by an equally important focus on your home, family and foundations. While some things might be up for healing here, others will be in need of a change, renovation or complete overhaul. This week you’ll have to find the balance between the extremes. Work as diligently inside as you do out there.

*For an overview of the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Much of the week might be devoted to who or what you are devoted to. There is a definite romantic signature in your chart this week. It might grant you the personal permission needed to let go, let loose and let your heart find a little freedom with its feelings. It certainly helps to dissolve grudges, soothe a heart ache or heal a bruised feeling. It definitely gives you the inspiration to create something of meaning and beauty out of your feelings and your intuitions.

But the week isn’t all dreamy sweetness. It is also inventive and dynamic. This week’s astrology asks you to roll with the disruptions in your schedule. Your days may have been hard to plan lately thanks to Mercury’s retrograde cycle. Unfortunately, this week may has the propensity to carry that theme forward. If you don’t expect things to go a certain way you’ll be more able to make the most of what does work out.

Thursday’s full moon might send you wandering to find solutions. Happening in your 9th house of quests, pilgrimages and long-term strategies, the full moon stirs in you a longing to dedicate yourself to something with great meaning. It highlights the developments that you have made in both your ability to connect with what gives you purpose in your life and your ability to stay the course with it. All spiritual practices require a dedication to the process of our lives. Seek ways to nurture your dedication and to move towards what feels the most soulful and inspiring for you.

*For an overview of the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

The week is heavily focused on your ability to bring the talents that you possess to the folks that can help you make the most of them. You are being asked to take your wares to the market and see what magic beans you might trade them in for. You don’t want to give away your most prized possession for nothing, but you do need to trust your gut when it comes to taking or leaving what is offered.

Try not to bank on any one deal coming through. Diversify your portfolio. These markets are too risky to act with too much certainty. That said, do be on the look out for fortunate mishaps and unexpected solutions.

The best bets to be found are the ones that involve the support of others. Ask your crew for tips, tricks and introductions. Remember that for you, this year’s luck depends heavily on your ability to reach out and make yourself known. Give your rolodex a whirl and pull someone’s name like a tarot card.

Thursday’s full moon highlights the potential of all your networking. This full moon’s emphasis is one that makes clear the successes or potential successes of your collaborations. It could help you to bring in funding or find a way to recreate a business proposal. Remain open to ways in which you can diversify your partnerships without watering down the potency of a project.

*For an overview of the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Attention is a funny thing. Whether good or bad it requires that we develop the ability to hold it all in perspective. Whether we achieve something spectacularly awe-inspiring or we encounter something difficult and jarring that garners attention, folks have a way of projecting their reality onto ours. Envy. Pity. All out admiration. We react to each other from the places we inhabit.

This week you might meet all manner of attention. Success. Surprising situations. Deserved devotion. Unearned veneration. The astrology of the week is disruptive. Sometimes this kind of energy can be helpful in terms of our ability to make breakthroughs. Sometimes this kind of energy can be jarring in terms of its tendency to shake up our lives. The astrology will land in your life as you need it to. But it will land with you in a personal way that is more than likely going to have others see another aspect of you.

Take note of the reactions you receive from others. Take note of how you react to their reactions. 

As Thursday’s full moon peaks, so too will the emotions that you share with loved ones. All relationships might be a little extra at the moment. Extra sensitive. Extra potent. Extra in need of healing. See what you can do to allow the flood of feeling to wash through you without getting swept away.

With Mercury now direct and re-entering Capricorn, you are likely to be exchanging more and more important information. Notice the buzz of activity that surrounds you. Take to heart the exchanges that encourage your growth and critical thinking. This stage of Mercury’s cycle is filled with themes of rebirth and renewal. Allow yours to occur.

*For an overview of the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

This Thursday’s full moon pulls focus on what you can do in real time with consistent effort. This full moon highlights the advancements that you have been able to make through the un-fancy work of tending to the tasks at hand. This full moon is trying to help you remember that part of your emotional health is based on your ability to line up your actions with your ethics. This full moon asks you how to best nurture your work projects, parent your professional self and make a home for your work in your life and in the world.

It’s the kind of week where, astrologically, we can assume that things will be anything but quiet, dull or sleepy. However, for you, many of the fireworks, changes and breakthroughs will occur in your private life. Use your work as an outlet. Use your developing relationship with your health as a way to deal with what comes up. Use your achievements, no matter how small, as sign posts for success.

Follow the signs.

And the symbols. The sweet line up between Venus and Neptune occurs in your 2nd house of finances and resources. There may be an important use of imagery that your work is calling for in your advertising or marketing. If that isn’t the case, take some time in the early part of the week to visualize creating the kind of compassionate work that brings in more than enough funds for you to pay it forward. 

*For an overview of the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

With Venus and Mars still moving though Pisces, Thursday’s full moon is more than likely to attract some bees to your honey. Not every bit of attention will feel like a mutual attraction however, but part of what this week wants to bring you is information about what to do with the attention that you receive.

Personal boundaries become difficult to manage when we are more invested in having folks like us than respect us. Question your allegiances. Are you on your own side? Are you trying to get attention from others despite how they treat you? If you feel like you lose yourself in the midst of anyone else’s coming into or leaving your life, try to give yourself the attention that you crave.

Thursday’s full moon also reminds you how important your creative outlets are. What have you brought to life over the last 6 months? What have you learned from your creations? What have you learned from the loves in your life? Let the light of this full moon illuminate paths forward in these areas. This full moon is especially intent on helping you to reinvent your emotional relationship with your creative life. Try not to let feelings of unworthiness get in the way of your ability to produce the creations of your dreams.

This week has extra water running through it. Cry, sweat, salivate, swim, flow and float when you can.

*For an overview of the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.


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