Chaos & Consequences: Today’s Supermoon in Gemini



We are born from chaos. Life and the process of its becoming is nothing if not unpredictable. Messy. Chaotic.

This moment in history is no different.

We are being asked to rebirth ourselves. Personally. Collectively. Globally. We are being asked to see the divisions. To see the places where we might still connect. To do the hard work of walking around, amidst and through what has been broken. Internally. Communally. Globally. To see the pain that is present and to be informed by it instead of reacting defensively to it. We are being asked to become more attuned to our own suffering and the suffering of those around us. We are being asked to see the unlimited potential in ourselves and in everyone else around us. We are being asked to do our part. Fearlessly. Humbly. With great determination. We are being asked to find our way through the chaos.

Into the center. Into the eye of the storm. Into the heart of the matter.

According to the Hesiod, Chaos was the first thing to exist. Out of chaos came Gaia, our earth. We are born from chaos. Many Creators, Goddesses and Gods, throughout many cultures, are seen as embodying chaos. It is an integral component to many an origin story. It is primordial.

Out of chaos comes great things.

Tuesday’s full moon in Gemini arrives at 4:04 PM PT. It is sitting in exact conjunction with the asteroid Chaos.* Asteroids help us to understand the nuances of the story that the planets tell. We cannot escape their significance, even if we don’t pay attention to them. 

Gemini communicates. Spreads the message. Exchanges information. Is in contact with many. Quickly. Can handle a multitude of tasks and likes to. Computing information as quickly as it can come, Gemini is the wordsmith. The salesperson. The messenger. The liar.

This particular full moon in Gemini knows many languages. It knows the language of Chaos. It knows the language of Discord. It knows the language of Inventive Disruption. It knows the language of Courage. It knows the language of Pain. It knows the language of Luck.

It also knows the language of Consequence.

Consequences are important in the process of creation. Consequences let us know when it’s time to say “I’m done.” Consequences let us know when it’s time to reconsider our way through the world. Consequences also let us know when we are on the right track. When the consequences of our work bring the rewards we are looking for, then our efforts have landed on good ground. Consequences make our choices clearer.

The consequences we confront around the full moon come thanks to the fact that this moon sits in opposition to Saturn. Saturn brings us the non-negotiable realities we need to work through. It’s a hard line that our sensitivities tend to trip over. Saturn doesn’t feel good to the heart, but it can work wonders on our maturity level. This full moon might signal a final chapter in our lives, a confirmation or a closure of some kind.

But it isn’t just the end. It is also the beginning.

The full moon sits in a free-wheeling and fortunate grand air trine with Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra as well as a very close sextile to Uranus and Eris in Aries and a tight square to Chiron in Pisces.

Mars lends the moon edgy, intellectual courage and Jupiter lends it optimistic, faithful luck. A grand trine generally brings bounty, ease and openness. However, given the extremely close sextile to Uranus and Eris, this full moon is transmitting planetary tales that are more volatile in nature. Uranus is the planet of breakdowns, disruptions, unexpected changes and breakthroughs and Eris is an asteroid named after the goddess of Discord.

This full moon, like the times we are living in, is both unpredictable and bears great consequences.

The square from Chiron can point to the pain of the moment, but also to the importance of being in relationship with our own pain. Chiron was an immortal centaur, a master healer, teacher and oracle who was badly wounded by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unable to heal himself and relieve his own pain, pain caused by a wound that he received unfairly, Chiron begged for death. As relief, he was granted mortality so that he could die, and be relieved of the agony that his existence had become.

None of us are above our pain. Or above being human. When we try to be, we pass our suffering on to everyone around us. None of us are above being wounded or above being the ones doing the wounding. Life is a weighty gift. Full of chaos and consequences. Full of choices and challenges. Full of healing what we can and making peace with what we might not be able to. For us, life can only be lived through the very flawed vehicles of our humanity.

When we are too in our head, too swept away the airy realms of Gemini, we lose touch with the meaning of the moment. We have to stay close to what keeps us human. Close to the fact that we are subject to the impacts of life’s chaos. Close to the fact that this life is precious and fleeting. Staying in the center of the storm, staying close to what encourages us to remain centered in ourselves and open to our compassion for each other.

Personally, we can use this full moon in Gemini to awaken to the information that is ours to receive. Let us not turn away from the inconceivability of the moment. It is here and it is ours to reckon with. Gemini brings us information. Solid fact. Lies to sort through. Half-baked truths to test us. Gemini is not a sign known for its discernment. We must gather the information that presents itself. We must think for ourselves. Keep learning from the wise ones among us. Keep calling on the wisdom of those that left us good maps to follow. We must sign the petitions, spread the messages, lift our collective voices and lend our energy to what needs us most.

Chaos will always come for us, but we need not be swept away by it if we stay connected and loyal to ourselves and to what matters most to us.

Full moon blessings,



*Thanks to astrologer Kate Petty for pointing this out

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