FOLAI Stud Finder


My old stud finder was just not working that well in my garage. I think the drywall in there is thicker than normal, so it never could find anything. This meant that I was shooting in the dark when hanging shelves. I picked up the FOLAI Stud Finder on Amazon, and my problem was solved.

It quickly locates edges and center of metal studs, pipes, rebars, joists behind walls, floors and ceilings, also indicates the presence of live AC wire. It can scan in up to 1.5″ of drywall as well.

Get it on Amazon for $22.59.

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Snaak 3D Puzzle Toy


Looking for a toy that keeps your hands busy without resorting to (ugh) getting a fidget spinner? Check out Snaak, a puzzle toy made up of a line of 64 specially designed interlocking cuboid units that you can make into endless 3D shapes. Well, I say endless, but…

snaak is made of 64 interlocking cuboid units. And each unit can go in any of five directions relative to the preceding unit. So there are up to five to the power of 63 possible snaak configurations. That’s roughly ten to the power of 44:
1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible Snaak configurations!


There are estimated to be ten to the power of 82 atoms in the universe. So with just TWO snaaks, you can construct more configurations than there are atoms in the universe. (It might take you a while!)

See? Totally a finite number of shapes.

I recommend watching their launch video, which has the most overwrought script imaginable but does show several shapes you can make:

Get Snaak for $25–$30 at the Colossal shop based on your color choice.

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​What Is Neural Network Art? (Sponsor)

Photo Credit: Image by Google Inc. under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

In recent years, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have given rise to a new phenomenon: neural networks. By designing AI to mimic the human brain at a basic level, computer scientists are able to create machines capable of “deep learning;” that is, machines that can learn basic concepts and apply those concepts in situations other than the ones in which they learned them.

While neural networks are used for a variety of purposes, one of the more fascinating applications is neural network art: visual art, music and other forms of creative expression designed by algorithms.

Read the full post on the Concordia University Texas blog and learn more about earning an online computer science degree.

* * *

Our thanks to Concordia University Texas for sponsoring the site this week. Sponsorship by Syndicate Ads.

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Sexy & Beautiful Women 360 Degree Video Part 18

hot woman 360 video

Sexy & Beautiful Women 360 VR Video Part 18

Beautiful and Sexy Women in 360 Video Collection Main Archive

The Illusionist Part 1: A Behind-The-Scenes Fashion Shoot in Virtual Reality

360° Video Official 4K – Harry Potter, Badminton and a Bikini Photoshoot (4K 360° Virtual Reality)

360 Degree Video Asian Girl Nekomimi

360 Virtual reality Japan girl in video 4K

360 Degree video sexy girl Virtual Reality

Always Sunny Project Badass VR Experience | FXX

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TV-Novosti’s RT360 has Signed with VR Educate to Work Together in VR 360 Videos for the Asia Market

TV-Novosti’s RT360 has Signed with VR Educate to Work Together in VR 360 Videos for the Asia Market

VR Educate ( VRE ) today announced at MIPCOM Cannes 2017 that RT360, part of global television network RT, has partnered with VRE to produce 360-degree VR content for the Asia Market.

The agreement between VR Educate ( VRE )  and RT360 will see 18 virtual reality/360-degree videos, including “Antarctica 360,” “Space 360” and “Wingsuit flight 360,” as well as three upcoming productions focusing on cultural heritage and landmarks – all produced by the RT360 team, headed by Eduard Chizhikov –  into VRE’s educational library.  VRE was incorporated in April 2016 and provides quality VR hardware, software, content and services to Asian students including those from Hong Kong and Macau, and expanding to China, Japan and Thailand. 

Ms. Lanny Huang, Founder/CEO of VR Educate says, “We are happy to work with RT360. Their VR 360 videos will open up new horizons for digital-minded Asian students. As an addition to our VR content educational listing, they will bring new storytelling perspectives, from flying in the air or flying in space, to experiencing the land of glaciers.”

In 2015, RT became one of the first international media outlets to start producing news content in the immersive 360-degree format and now boasts one of the largest original 360 content libraries with more than 150 videos. In 2016, RT brought the world the first-ever panoramic images of Earth as seen from aboard the International Space Station. This October, RT presented the first-ever 360 video filmed in open space, taking viewers on an immersive spacewalk alongside the ISS with Russian cosmonauts Sergey Ryazansky and Fyodor Yurchikhin. Both videos are part of RT’s Space 360 project, a collaborative effort between RT, Roscosmos State Corporation, and Energia Space and Rocket Corporation. RT’s 360 content is available on FacebookYouTube and the RT360 mobile app (download at Google PlayApp Store and Oculus Store).  

About RT

RT broadcasts 24/7 in English, Arabic and Spanish from its studios in Moscow, Washington, DC, and London. It has a weekly TV audience of 70 million viewers in 38 countries, with an audience of 8 million in the United States according to top audience research firm Ipsos. It is also the most watched TV news network on YouTube with more than 5 billion views, and boasts one of the largest 360-degree video libraries with more than 100 titles. RT is the winner of the Monte Carlo TV Festival Award for Best 24-hr Broadcast, and a five-time Emmy finalist.

About VR Educate

VR Educate provides fully immersive virtual reality education experience to help educate students of all ages and races in Asia. Through its immersive virtual-reality educational experiences, VR Educate aims to enrich the learning of students across Asia. VR Educate provides the foundation to do so with VR Room, VR Lab and VR Content Platform for schools and other educational institutions.

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Kickstarter Highlight: Fraser Kit Co. Aviator Weekender

Crowdfunding is fast becoming the world’s go-to platform for new releases. But do you ever find it hard to cut through the noise and pin down the ones worth your hard-earned? Well, that’s where this sponsored series comes in. We’re vetting carry Kickstarters for you, digging up the facts, and shedding light on the ones we think are worth a closer look.

This week’s selection: Fraser Kit Co. and their Aviator Weekender.

Finding bags that cater well to short trips can be a challenge. Many bags are either too small or too large and bulky. But this is where weekenders really come into their own. As the name suggests, they’re designed to handle weekend getaways and short trips. Just large enough for a few days’ worth of gear, but small enough to avoid excessive bulk and remain easily portable without wheels.

Not all weekenders are created equal however. Some lack the functionality to be really useful. Others may look great moving from the car to your hotel, but don’t have sufficient durability to embrace situations that are a little more demanding on your gear. But the Fraser Kit Co. Aviator Weekender delivers on all fronts.

Fraser Kit Co. Aviator Weekender

Bump in the road? This bag can handle it.

Simple, strong and functional, the Aviator takes inspiration from military bags and is designed to take a beating. Made with waxed canvas and top grain leather, the weekender is built to handle the demands of travel – and look good doing so. This is the kind of bag that will age gracefully, while reliably accompanying you year after year.

The hardware is well up for a life of travel too, with military grade parachute clips to secure the shoulder strap and Riri zippers with paracord zipper pulls for smooth and easy movement.

A bright tartan wool lining helps increase the visibility of the contents and there’s even interior foam padding for drop protection. Rugged nylon top handles and a removable shoulder strap give you flexible carry options, and the bag’s lifetime guarantee provides extra reassurance that this bag will keep going even if things get tough along the way.

Fraser Kit Co. Aviator Weekender

Jumbled mess to tidy travels

Many weekenders leave a lot to be desired when it comes to organizing your travel gear. But the Aviator is different. A thoughtful range of pockets keep your various items tidy and accessible without feeling too cluttered.

Fraser Kit Co. Aviator Weekender

An interior wool felt sleeve is ideal for safely storing the likes of a laptop, tablet, notebook and other tools or accessories. Don’t want your shoes rubbing up against clean clothing? No problem, just put them in the designated shoe storage. Gone for a swim or got caught in an unexpected shower? A water-resistant compartment in the bag is handy for storing wet items you can’t dry fully before it’s time to move on. Like to travel with a few watch options to suit different settings and outfits? The Aviator includes three wool compartments for protecting timepieces during your journeys.

Fraser Kit Co. Aviator Weekender

But what about the items you need quick access to, such as a passport, phone or keys? The Aviator has you covered there too, with two exterior pockets to keep frequently used items within easy reach. And with a total volume of 33L (2016 cu. in.) this bag offers just enough space to see you comfortably through a 2 to 4-day trip while retaining a compact, understated and portable form.

Fraser Kit Co. Aviator Weekender

Just the ticket for short trips

The Aviator is a tough and low-key travel companion for weekend getaways and short business trips where durability, easy carry and organization are important. Fraser Kit Co. have secured an American-based manufacturer for the Aviator which is currently available through Kickstarter. Each piece from the campaign will be a numbered edition with an engraved stainless steel tag. Want to enjoy this weekender’s rugged reliability and useful features on your travels? Get yours now through the Aviator Kickstarter campaign which runs until November 2 2017.

Fraser Kit Co. Aviator Weekender

Note: this is a sponsored series, but only the best candidates are given this feature placement.

Above are the facts, but there’s always a little risk when backing a crowdfunder, so keep that in mind before you decide to back/purchase.

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Joshu+Vela Dopp Kit


This dopp kit by Joshu+Vela is a hard-wearing, minimal-yet-functional travel toiletries bag made in San Francisco. Measuring 8.5″ x 3.5″, it’s a tad more compact than some dopp kits out there but still big enough to fit all your travel essentials.


It’s made from durable 18oz. cotton with heavy US bridle leather accents, and sports two interior pockets to help keep things organized. The nylon lining makes the bag easy to clean when you need to.

Get it for $88 on Amazon.

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AmpliFi Home Wi-Fi Mesh System


If you’re sick of how much the Wi-Fi sucks in certain parts of your home, the AmpliFi HD is a consumer-level mesh network system — á la the Eero and Google Wi-Fi — that could make all those frustrations melt away.

In the box you get a neat-looking little router box with a color LCD touchscreen on the front plus two self-configuring antennas that honestly look a bit like old Wiimotes. After going through a super-simple installation/setup process using the free Amplifi companion app and plugging the two mesh points into wall outlets (ideally in places where your Wi-Fi is spottiest), everything connects nigh-automatically and you’ll more than likely immediately notice a huge improvement in connectivity where it was terrible before.

They offer a couple main versions of the system: AmpliFi HD (High Density) ($313) and AmpliFi LR (Long Range) ($299). The difference is that the HD has six radios and a max speed of 5.25 Gbps, while the LR has only four radios with a max speed of 2.35 Gbps. Since the HD doesn’t cost that much more than the LR, I say just get that one. If you need additional mesh points for any reason, they’re $109 a pop.

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Wild & Crazy Youtube 360 Video Part 1

360 video

Wild & Crazy Youtube 360 Video Part 1

Freezing Waters: Russians take icy dip on Epiphany (360 Video)

Roofers sneak on top of Chinese skyscrapers with 360-degree camera

Impossible 360° Drone Shot

Up into the dizzy heights of Chinese skyscraper (360 video)

GoPro VR: Tahiti Surf with Anthony Walsh and Matahi Drollet

Wingsuit 360° Experience

Wild Atlantic Way in 360: Surfing Below the Cliffs of Moher

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