Travel & Tourism Youtube 360 Video Part 35

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Travel & Tourism Youtube 360 Video Part 35

World Travel 360 Video Archive

Visting Nashville: A Tour through Music City

Royal Caribbean – VR Shore Excursions – Venice

Niko Lost His Wedding Ring

Filming Sharks: Getting the Shot (360 Video)

360 Video Leaning Tower of Pisa

Amazing Strong Ocean Wave – 360 VR videos in 4K

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VR Porn Tube Site With Adult Content in Virtual Reality Now Accepts PayPal

vr porn tube site

VR Adult Tube Site With Content in Virtual Reality Now Accepts PayPal

Laidhub is a VR porn movies tube that features adult VR content and also offers a premium set of features for fans who want to download individual scenes or subscribe to the members area of the site. Now, the site has become the first of its kind to accept PayPal, which gives visitors additional options of getting access to everything they want when they are looking for adult content in their own privacy.

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“Adult content sites have always had to deal with the fact that most people prefer not to have adult movies on their statements when their credit cards come due in the mail,” explained Daniel Abramovich. “PayPal is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a more private way to pay, without the prying eyes of anyone interested in looking at what you acquired last month. We’ve created a secure tube site with a large amount of free VR videos. If you like the short videos, you can also see full-length VR adult movies videos by purchasing one scene at a time or full month with prices starting under 7 bucks. Perhaps even more importantly, LaidHub had to pass through many compliance requirements in order to earn PayPal approval of this unique tube site, so you can be sure that your security and privacy are being protected with the highest level of certainty.”

LaidHub is also one of the few sites in the world that offers streaming options for VR Adult movies videos. That’s another way to protect your privacy. Watch what you want without having to download any of it to your own hard drive, creating more privacy filters.

“The streaming functionality also protects producers from piracy,” said Adam Gecko of LaidHub. “By making it more complicated to steal VR Adult movies videos from our tube site while giving fans the convenience of watching with any browser, we are creating the right balance to ensure every fan and studio get exactly what they want from being part of LaidHub.”

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15 Essential Gifts for the Tech and Gadget Geek

Keen to tune into top picks for the tech lover on your gift list? Or perhaps you’re after something that will get the gadget enthusiast’s fingers twitching in anticipation. Zoom in on these 15 essential gifts for the tech and gadget geek…

Native Union KEY Cable (US$ 16.95)

Native Union KEY Cable

Ever had a phone battery die because you forgot to pack a charging cable in your day bag or travel gear? Native Union’s KEY Cable easily attaches to your keys so you won’t leave home without it. And with the braided cable you can skip the rummaging and quickly find keys in a bag or pocket.

Cocoon Grid-It (US$ 19.99)

Cocoon Grid-It

Tech devices, cables, work tools, pens and more…when you’ve got to carry a lot of smaller items, the Grid-It is a great way to keep them secure and easily accessible on the go. The rubberized elastic retention bands allow for a wide variety of organization configurations to suit a range of objects.

Tile Sport (US$ 34.99)

Tile Sport

Ever have trouble finding your wallet, phone or keys? Worried you may forget to pick up your bag in a cafe or shop? Attach the Tile Sport to the item in question and you can quickly and easily find it if you misplace it. Simply use your phone to make the Tile Sport ring, or double tap the Tile Sport to make your phone ring. Additionally, fellow Tile users can help you locate items through proximity, making it easier to retrieve your gear.

Incase ICON Lite Pack – Diamond Ripstop (US$ 99.95)

Incase ICON Lite Pack - Diamond Ripstop

Incase takes a more eco-friendly approach to bags with this pack crafted with yarn woven from recycled plastic bottles and a dyeing process that uses less water and reduced CO2 emissions. The pack’s padded laptop compartment and top pocket keep tech devices safe with a soft faux fur lining, and the clean aesthetics work equally well in the office or about town.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader (US$ 99.99)

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Books are heavy. But the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader lets you pack a whole library into your bag in a device that weighs just 7.2 oz (205 g). There’s also no screen glare even in bright sunlight, and the screen’s brightness can be adjusted to suit a range of environments. Plus with one charge lasting up to six weeks, you don’t need to worry about the battery dying just when you’re getting to the good part.

Spire Stone (US$ 109)

Spire Stone

The Spire Stone tracks respiratory patterns, calories and steps and is designed to help the wearer de-stress through notifications when breathing becomes erratic or rapid. Breathing exercises and guided meditations through the associated app can be easily accessed throughout the day, and wireless charging makes it simple to recharge the battery.

Nomad PowerPack (US$ 119.95)

Nomad PowerPack

This rugged 9,000 mAh battery pack keeps your tech devices juiced wherever you are, with both USB C and USB A ports. The durable polycarbonate shell construction provides drop resistance, and the integrated Tile allows you to easily locate the PowerPack if misplaced.

Plume Labs Flow (US$ 139)

Plume Labs Flow

Flow is a portable air quality tracker that works with your smartphone to measure air pollution both indoors and outside, so you can make adjustments such as changing your commute or exercise route or opening a window to bring fresh air into your home.

Motiv Ring (US$ 199)

Motiv Ring

Keen to enjoy the benefits of a fitness tracker without having to endure a clunky design? The Motiv Ring combines a fitness tracker, sleep tracker and heart rate monitor all into one sleek and low-key design. Crafted with lightweight titanium, the waterproof Motiv Ring syncs wirelessly with your smartphone and includes memory storage to sync at a later time if you want to leave your phone at home while you head out on a run.

Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch (US$ 249)

Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

The Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch offers a host of features easily accessible from your wrist. Fitness activity tracking, personal workout coaching, Samsung Pay NFC compatibility, smart device control, and receiving and responding to calls and texts are just a few of the nifty features at the ready whenever you need them.

Incase NoviConnected 4 Wheel Hubless Travel Roller (US$ 299.95)

Incase NoviConnected 4 Wheel Hubless Travel Roller

With its tough polycarbonate shell, removable 10050 mAh battery, and chic aesthetics this wheeled carry-on case handles demanding travel use and keeps your tech items juiced – all while looking suave in business and holiday settings alike.

DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone (US$ 364.99)

DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone

Compact and easily portable, the DJI Spark is a great way to capture epic videos and photos for both personal and professional use. The mini drone can be controlled through hand gestures, a mobile device or a remote controller, and offers a variety of flight control options to tailor it to changing settings and needs.

GoPro HERO6 Black (US$ 449)

GoPro HERO6 Black

A compact camera that lets you capture all your adventures without getting in the way, the GoPro HERO6 is waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters) and offers voice control and advanced video stabilization. Additionally, the QuikStories feature creates edited videos easily through an app so you can sit back and enjoy the show.

Bluesmart Series 2 Cabin 22″ (US$ 450)

Bluesmart Series 2 Cabin 22"

Global location tracking, digital auto-locking and a 10000 mAh battery to charge your tech are just some of the features in this carry-on case designed to make traveling easier. And with three additional products in Bluesmart’s Series 2 including the Check 29″, Laptop Bag and Passport Pouch you get a smart system for both business and play.

HTC VIVE Kit (US$ 599)


Fancy a change? Step back from the real world and into virtual reality with the VIVE Kit. And with a host of awe-inspiring games and apps to choose from, there’s plenty to keep you entertained whatever your personal tastes may be.

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How to Choose the Best Travel Backpack for You

The world of travel backpacks can be a confusing realm to navigate. But we’ve got just the ticket to help you out. We’ve teamed up with the knowledgeable folks at Pack Hacker to develop this handy guide on how to choose the best travel backpack for you.

If you’re keen on reading instead of watching, check out the guide here. Otherwise, unpack our top tips in the video playlist below.

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Backpack vs. Briefcase

In October, the Wall Street Journal delivered an article that had the carry community talking: The Backpacks Are Coming: ‘Why Execs Are Ditching Their Briefcases’. 

In the article, Roopal Patel, the senior vice president at Saks lamented:“At Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, white-collar shoppers are scrutinizing backpacks in much the same way men must have studied briefcases in the 1950s and ’60s, and messenger bags in the 2000s. The backpack has exploded as the go-to accessory in the man’s wardrobe.”

Stuart and Lau Backpack and Briefcase Carrying

So it got us wondering here at Carryology: is there still room for the classic briefcase in a modern professional workplace? And generally speaking, what are the merits of a professional briefcase and a backpack?

To help answer these questions – and to pit the two against each other – our friends at Stuart & Lau provided us with their Cary Briefcase and Capstone Backpack. Both equal in style and build.

With these two gorgeous bags in hand and on back and a checklist of testing points, we set out to demystify modern, professional carry. And pinpoint a winner of the two (if we could…).

Stuart and Lau Briefcase Open

Space & Volume

“But whether you’re an executive or an intern, a backpack suits the densely stacked schedule many men now face […] Does it fit his laptop and workout gear—how about a water bottle? A briefcase can get you to the office and back, but what if you have tennis at 8 a.m., meetings all afternoon and ceramics class at 7 p.m.?” (WSJ).

While both the Cary Briefcase and Capstone Backpack are nearly identical in volume (around 710 in3), the Capstone Backpack feels much larger. This is thanks to a cavernous main body.

The Cary Briefcase on the other hand – although kitted with exterior pockets and leather straps to carry things like newspapers (or the Wall Street Journal) – is slender. And so the ‘usable space’ is spread thinner, canceling out things like lunchboxes and gym shoes.

Stuart and Lau Backpack Back

So with versatility in mind, it’s tough to beat the space and volume a backpack affords in and out of the office.

Backpack 1 – Briefcase 0


Traditional boardroom bags were beautiful leather creations but the leather straps made getting anything out of the bag awkward. While Stuart & Lau still uses full-grain leather on their handles and trim, getting into these two bags is a breeze. Elegant zippers adorn the pockets of the bags and discreet magnetic tabs snap open to access sleeves.

Stuart and Lau Briefcase Side

The Capstone Backpack is about as accessible as professional backpacks come thanks to access from two identical side zippers and a top pocket.

However, the Cary Briefcase is ultimately more accessible not because the entire contents of the pack are in the same compartment, but because everything remains in the same orientation and smooths access because of it.

Stuart and Lau Backpack Open

For quickly getting at your daily items and tools without having to repack your entire bag, a briefcase is your best bet.

Backpack 1 – Briefcase 1

Price & Value

Sales of adult men’s backpacks have grown steadily in the past two years […] increasing 5% to $864 million between August 2016 and this past August, representing 48% of the entire U.S. backpack market” (WSJ).

Stuart and Lau Briefcase Front

Professional carry doesn’t come cheap. With their Capstone Backpack and Cary Briefcase, Stuart & Lau have managed to keep the price point reasonable, if not a bit low, for this market at $335 and $295 respectively. Granted there is minimal leather on these bags but they still feel luxurious.

Although the backpack is more versatile, the briefcase feels more substantial and useful for its purpose. And at a $40 cheaper price point.

Backpack 1 – Briefcase 2

Laptop Transport

Laptops have replaced paper, so it’s no longer necessary to have a rigid briefcase. Meanwhile the weight of all of the accessories can add up and call for more than a shoulder strap” (WSJ).

Stuart and Lau Backpack Back

While this depends on what size laptop you’re using, the Capstone Backpack fits a 15″ laptop while the Cary Briefcase fits a 13″ laptop.

Additionally the Capstone – and any well-designed backpack – has a separate laptop compartment that is slightly suspended, meaning the laptop isn’t sitting flush against the bottom of the bag. This means you avoid that anxiety-inducing pang when you hear your laptop thunk against pavement (we’ve all been there).

So if you’ve got a laptop and like having it well protected, a backpack is superior.

Backpack 2 – Briefcase 2

Commute Comfort

This is a tough category – and a real tussle – because there are certain things about a briefcase and backpack we can appreciate.

For most people working in a professional setting, it’s unlikely they’re carrying tremendously heavy loads. Unless they’re gym-goers or tech lovers that is, in which case the backpack wins hands down – two straps across the shoulders bears weight better, it’s science.

But if you’re an exec and just carrying a laptop, docs and business cards, a briefcase is totally fine. Especially in cramped commutes, when you can avoid inadvertently whacking people with your backpack.

Moreover, backpacks can wrinkle suits and shirts around the shoulders, and on hot days sweat up your back. So in hot climates and more formal offices, the briefcase gets the win.

Stuart and Lau Briefcase Bottom

So let’s dig deeper: if you set the Capstone backpack down, you’ll still need a hand on it because it’s not freestanding. The Cary Briefcase however is decked out with hardware on the bottom to make it a freestanding bag, allowing you, for a time, to drop the weight completely (a nice plus).

Stuart and Lau Backpack Bottom

With all that said, we’re sitting on the fence for this one. It’s a tie!

Backpack 3 – Briefcase 3

Look & Feel

“Men’s backpacks have gotten more executive […] That means fewer sad-sack shapes in cheap polyester and more finely crafted designs in sumptuous leather.” (WSJ)

Stuart and Lau Backpack Strap

Both of these bags from Stuart & Lau look gorgeous. They’re both constructed from the same materials so really this one comes down to personal taste (in our case we like the Capstone Backpack for its sweeping lines and graceful profile, but we’re always a little partial to a backpack). And so if we zoom out and talk ‘professional carry’ universally, there are still very few backpacks that nail it. And in comparison there are hundreds of beautifully crafted briefcases on the market…so we’re giving this to the briefcase, ‘universally’ speaking, that is.  

Backpack 3 – Briefcase 4


“A briefcase, he mused, used to confer legitimacy on its owner, but that staid symbol of corporate success seems to have lost its mojo.” (WSJ).

Stuart and Lau Backpack Buckles

The Capstone Backpack tries really hard to make up ground on its more formal brother, the Cary Briefcase. It’s got a thick leather top handle so it can be easily carried at your side when you enter the office. It’s got a very slim and discreet profile so will never look out of place. And its hardware and leather accents give the bag a good touch of elegance. But that said, unless you’re working in a tech or startup culture, even a formal backpack still feels informal compared to a briefcase.

Stuart and Lau Backpack Back

The Cary Briefcase is built on a tried and true platform. Stuart & Lau have added some excellent modern touches and given the bag some minimalist styling cues to update its profile. But like a well-fitting suit, a handsome briefcase will always be more dapper, and more at home sliding across the boardroom table. 

Unless you work in a laidback office environment, a briefcase is your best bet.

Backpack 3 < Briefcase 5


Based on our scorecard, and despite the trend of professional backpacks taking the corporate world by storm, we still give the nod to the classic briefcase over a backpack as our professional bag of choice. Will it remain there for long? It just might…it’s always hard to beat a classic.

Stuart and Lau Briefcase Carry

This article is sponsored and presented by Stuart & Lau.


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If you enjoy the Workout app on the Apple Watch, you might want to check out Workouts++. Version 2.0 has just launched, and it packs a punch.

The biggest addition to the app is the ability to download podcasts directly to your Apple Watch. If you have the LTE watch, you can even download directly to the Watch and bypass the iPhone app. The app also adds maps for outdoor workouts (this wasn’t allowed until watchOS4). I also absolutely love the custom interfaces you can set up for different types of workouts.

It really lives up to the name. It’s just as good as the Workout app, and adds even more goodies. It’s a free app, so there’s no reason not to try it. Workouts will save right to the Health app and the Activity app.

Downloads Workouts++ on The App Store for free.

Update: The update to 2.0 is propagating to the App Store as of 16:00 CST

Download Now


Unity Technologies and Game Developers Conference Partner to Present the Unity 3D Game Art Challenge

unity 3d

Unity Technologies and Game Developers Conference Partner to Present the Unity 3D Game Art Challenge

Winners to receive passes to GDC 2018 and see their work showcased during the conference at San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Center in March

Unity Technologies (, creator of the world’s most popular creation engine that reaches nearly three billion devices worldwide, and the Game Developers Conference (GDC) have partnered to curate and host an environmental 3D art contest for artists using Unity, with the winners to be displayed at a co-organized showcase during the Game Developers Conference, taking place March 19 through March 23, 2018 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California. Free contest entry is now open at

Organizers of the Unity 3D Game Art Challenge are looking for the most beautiful and skillfully-created 3D game environments created in Unity. The most spectacular worlds will win their creators All Access Passes to GDC 2018, and will have their games displayed all week at a special lounge, with entry open to all GDC pass holders.

The judges of the Unity 3D Game Art Challenge include notables from the world of video game art and design and key Unity staff. The entry deadline is December 31, 2017, and the 12 winners will be notified in late January 2018.

More information about the guidelines and rules for entering the contest are available at For more information about GDC 2018, including the GDC Conference, Summits, Expo, and VRDC@GDC, and attendee pass options, please visit and follow @Official_GDC on Twitter.

About Unity Technologies

Unity Technologies is the creator of a flexible and high-performance end-to-end development platform used to create rich interactive 2D, 3D, VR and AR experiences. Unity’s powerful graphics engine and full-featured editor serve as the foundation to develop beautiful games or apps and easily bring them to multiple platforms: mobile devices, home entertainment systems, personal computers, and embedded systems. Unity also offers solutions and services for creating games, boosting productivity, and connecting with audiences including Unity Ads, Unity Analytics, Unity Asset Store, Unity Cloud Build, Unity Collaborate, Unity Connect and Unity Certification. Unity Technologies serves millions of registered developers including large publishers, indie studios, students and hobbyists around the globe. For more information, visit and to see the latest games and experiences created in Unity, go to

About the UBM Game Network

A core provider of essential information to the professional game and VR/AR industries, the UBM Game Network drives community and business partnerships through market-defining content. Its award-winning lineup of events and digital products and services include the Game Developers Conference®, the Virtual Reality Developers Conference,,, GDC Play, the Independent Games Festival and Summit, and the Game Developers Choice Awards. Visit for more information.

About UBM

UBM plc is the largest pure-play B2B Events organizer in the world. In an increasingly digital world, the value of connecting on a meaningful, human level has never been more important. At UBM, our deep knowledge and passion for the industry sectors we serve allow us to create valuable experiences where people can succeed. At our events people build relationships, close deals and grow their businesses. Our 3,750+ people, based in more than 20 countries, serve more than 50 different sectors – from fashion to pharmaceutical ingredients. These global networks, skilled, passionate people and market-leading events provide exciting opportunities for business people to achieve their ambitions. For more information, go to; for UBM corporate news, follow us on Twitter at @UBM, UBM plc LinkedIn.


Unity Technologies PR
Amanda Taggart, 310-980-9587
fortyseven communications
UBM Game Network
Joey Yazzolino, 415-947-6158

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Noteworthy New Release: Dango C01, P01 and D02

It’s not easy to set yourself apart in the everyday carry world. But Dango Products have succeeded in doing just that. Based in San Francisco, the brand is passionate about creating EDC solutions that are tough, functional and unique in style. Real conversation starters that stand out for their thoughtful fusion of distinct aesthetics and practical features. And their noteworthy new releases are no exception…

Dango C01 Civilian Wallet

Slim and intuitive, the C01 Civilian Wallet is a great compact option for carrying cards and cash. A choice of front and back pockets allow you to easily organize cards, while the silicone band keeps cash handy and secures the contents.

Dango C01 Civilian Wallet

The wallet is assembled by hand in the USA, featuring handsome Italian leather and a CNC’d 6061 anodized aluminum tab that’s useful for attaching the wallet to a belt or lanyard or securing keys.

Dango C01 Civilian Wallet

You can comfortably fit up to 10 cards in the wallet. And for a little added versatility it’s also compatible with Dango’s MT02 Multi-Tool (available separately) if you want the benefits of a multi-tool within easy reach. Added bonus? The C01 Civilian Wallet includes a 550 paracord lanyard that’s 3 feet in length when unraveled.

Dango C01 Civilian Wallet

Dango P01 Pioneer Wallet & Dango Pen

Cards, cash, a pen and paper are solid staples in EDC setups across the world. But try carrying them all in a pocket and things are going to get bulky quickly. You could store them in a bag, but small items such as these are infamously good at disappearing into dark recesses. So Dango got thinking on how to solve this tricky problem. And they came up with a nifty solution: the P01 Pioneer Wallet, Dango Pen and Dango Notebook.

Dango P01 Pioneer Wallet & Dango Pen

The bifold wallet is a sturdy and stylish piece crafted in the USA with beautiful Italian vegetable-tanned leather. The wallet includes a silicone band that’s great for carry versatility – use it to secure both halves together, just one side, or remove it if you prefer. The wallet keeps your personal details safe with RFID-blocking material, and fits up to 20 cards as well as the Dango MT02 Multi-Tool (available separately).

Dango P01 Pioneer Wallet & Dango Pen

But Dango didn’t just stop at an eye-catching and functional wallet. They designed a custom pen that fits inside the wallet, made with durable and sleek CNC’d 6061 aerospace grade aluminum featuring an anodized finish. The pen includes a Schmidt 4889M pressurized ink refill and also works with Fisher Space ink refills. Silicone o-rings provide useful grip, and the slotted end is ideal for securing the likes of a lanyard or keyring.

Dango P01 Pioneer Wallet & Dango Pen

But how about taking things one step further? No problem. The 48-page Dango Notebook comes with the Dango P01 Pioneer Wallet and Pen and fits easily into the wallet too, so you’re always prepared for to-do lists, writing down meeting notes, or capturing that awesome lightbulb moment idea. If you appreciate all-in-one portability for EDC essentials, with a compact design that fits easily in a pocket for ready access, this is the set for you.

Dango P01 Pioneer Wallet & Dango Pen

Dango D02 Dapper Wallet

A suave blend of compactness, contrasts and long-lasting functionality makes the D02 Dapper Wallet a smart choice for the daily grind and your downtime alike. Handmade in the USA, the wallet offers a striking contrast of eye-catching materials and enticing textures to spruce up your EDC. Top-grain leather in a choice of three colorways is combined with 6061 aerospace grade CNC’d aluminum, nickel plated and hand polished for added durability and style.

Dango D02 Dapper Wallet

Dango D02 Dapper Wallet

The RFID-blocking D02 Dapper Wallet is slim enough to slip into a pocket, yet still offers space for up to 12 cards. Additionally, it’s TSA compliant for easy travels, and also fits the MT02 Multi-Tool (sold separately). If you’re after sharp style that doesn’t sacrifice everyday practicality, the Dapper Wallet delivers.

Dango D02 Dapper Wallet

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15 Essential Everyday Carry Gifts

Everyday carry gifts need to tick a lot of boxes to be worthy of a place in someone’s daily setup. Functional design and durability are right up there, but they should also add a little style to the setup too. After all, if you’re going to be using something regularly, you should enjoy the way it looks and feels. Luckily, these 15 essential everyday carry gifts deliver on all of the above, so rest assured that special someone is going to be stoked…

Key solutions

Big Idea Design TPC Titanium Pocket Clips (from $40)

Big Idea Design TPC Titanium Pocket Clips

Compact, multifunctional and built to last, these titanium pocket clips come in LED and Classic options to suit different needs. Both feature a 1/4″ hex bit driver, bottle opener and keyring opening. Additionally, the LED version includes a water-resistant 22-lumen LED flashlight, while the Classic version features a 1-inch / 2.5cm ruler.

KeySmart Pro (US$ 59.99)

KeySmart Pro

The KeySmart Pro is great for keeping keys tidy and jangle-free on the go. But it also offers a range of other handy features in a design that slips easily into a front pocket. Can’t find your phone? Press the integrated Tile button to make your missing phone ring. Lost your keys? Make your keys ring through your phone to find them easily. Additionally, an inbuilt LED flashlight and bottle opener add further functionality to this versatile EDC piece.


Pioneer Ion Wallet (US$ 60)

Pioneer Ion Wallet

Sleek, strong and simple, the Ion Wallet is a great choice if you like minimalist wallets that endure everyday demands with ease. Made with 10XD™ ripstop fabric, this tough and waterproof wallet is backed by a 10-year guarantee. The Ion holds 6 to 8 cards and folded cash, with two slots for organization.

Bellroy Minimalist Set (US$ 99)

Bellroy Minimalist Set

Slim, stylish and practical, this suave set looks and works equally great in business environments and about town. The set includes the Slim Sleeve, a compact and chic bifold for cards and cash with quick-access slots and convenient storage for infrequently used cards too. Also featured in the set is the Key Cover, a classy way to carry 2 to 4 keys in a pocket-friendly, clink-free design with a straightforward and efficient magnetic closure.


Olight M2R Warrior Bundle (US$ 99.95)

Olight M2R Warrior

Rugged and reliable, the Olight M2R Warrior is a rechargeable LED flashlight that offers up to 1500 lumens for visibility in a variety of urban and outdoor environments. The falshlight features both a side switch and tail switch, and comes with a USB magnetic cable, removable pocket clip, lanyard and holster.


TEC Accessories PicoPen Keychain Pen (US$ 19.95)

TEC Accessories PicoPen Keychain Pen (US$ 19.95)

A pen is always handy to have in your EDC setup, and the pint-sized PicoPen won’t weigh you down with its compact and lightweight design. Small enough to attach easily to a keychain or slip in a pocket, the pen includes a magnetic cap for one-handed use. It utilizes a D1 style ink refill but is also compatible with Fisher pressurized refills SU1F, SU2F and SU4F.

Böker Plus Tactical Pen Cid Cal .45 (US$ 46.01)

Böker Plus Tactical Pen Cid Cal .45

If you’re after an EDC pen with a tactical edge, scope out this rugged option from Böker which can double as a self-defense tool. The bolt action pen features an inbuilt pocket clip and is made with anodized CNC milled aluminum for long-lasting durability.


Gerber Dime Multi-Tool (US$ 14.65)

Gerber Dime Multi-Tool

Small in size but big on functionality, the Dime packs ten tools into a design that’s compact enough to fit easily in a pocket or secure to a keyring. Tools range from pliers and scissors to screwdrivers and a blade, so you’re prepped for a variety of day-to-day and DIY needs.


Bellroy Notebook Cover Mini (US$ 79.95)

Bellroy Notebook Cover Mini

Carry your EDC and travel essentials in tidy style with Bellroy’s Notebook Cover Mini. This elegant piece is crafted with premium leather and holds 4 to 6 cards, a notebook and passport, with space for a pen too. And with its magnetic closure you can access items easily and quickly on the go.


Leatherman Skeletool KBx Pocket Knife (US$ 25)

Leatherman Skeletool KBx Pocket Knife

Lightweight, small enough to fit in a pocket, and backed by a 25-year guarantee, the Skeletool KBx is a solid choice if you want a reliable and versatile pocket knife. The combination blade handles a variety of cutting needs, and the inbuilt bottle opener gives you ready access to a refreshing brew after a hard day’s work.


Seiko SKX007J1 Analog Diver’s Watch (US$ 299) with NATO Strap (US$ 17)

Seiko SKX007J1 Analog Diver's Watch

Water resistant up to 200 meters, durably built, and featuring luminous hands and markers, this is a great choice if you want a watch with everyday dependability and functionality. Plus you can make it extra special by swapping out the strap for a NATO strap (available in a choice of sizes) for increased personalization and awesomeness.


Mystery Ranch Urban Assault (US$ 139)

Mystery Ranch Urban Assault

Built tough to take a beating, the Urban Assault will endure years of demanding use whether you’re roaming city streets or outdoor wildernesses. The pack features a choice of pockets and a laptop sleeve that fits up to 15″ tech, with the legendary 3-ZIP opening providing ready access to gear throughout the pack.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L – Exclusive (US$ 259.95)

Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L - Huckberry Exclusive

Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack combines great top and side access, expandability and flexible organization into a sleek pack that looks good in the office but is durable enough to embrace outdoor photography trips or travel use. And this exclusive Huckberry colorway looks darn fine wherever the day may take you.

Black Ember V4M – Huckberry Exclusive Bundle (US$ 325)

Black Ember V4M - Huckberry Exclusive Bundle

Black Ember’s V4M bundle employs modular design to let you quickly and easily tailor your carry setup to changing needs. The bundle includes the V4M pack and two Compression Cubes that are great for storing camera, EDC and travel gear securely and neatly. And with a lifetime guarantee, you can relax knowing your carry gear will stand up to a demanding lifestyle.

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NYX Professional Makeup Partners with Samsung to Launch Innovative Virtual Reality Makeup Tutorial

vr makeup

NYX Professional Makeup Partners with Samsung to Launch Innovative Virtual Reality Makeup Tutorial

A new, immersive experience using Samsung Gear VR with Controller powered by Oculus allows consumers to shop for beauty in an entirely new way 

NYX Professional Makeup and Samsung Electronics America, Inc. today announced the launch of an innovative virtual reality makeup tutorial, merging the world of beauty and technology like never before through Samsung Gear VR. The partnership allows both brands to push the boundaries of shopping at the intersection of beauty and technology.

The “Impossibly NYX Professional Makeup” experience, created in collaboration with VR production agency Cubicle Ninjas, leverages several key technologies, including lightfield capture, to bring NYX Professional Makeup fans closer than ever to their brand ambassadors. The experience includes three visually stunning makeup tutorials lead by top beauty vloggers Kristen Leanne, Mykie (also known as “Glam & Gore”), and Karen Sarahi Gonzales. Consumers can use the Gear VR Controller to select products they would like to learn more information about, and at the end of the experience, users will receive a special offer to purchase the products featured in the tutorial at a special price.

“NYX Professional Makeup is a digitally-native brand with millions of followers across our global social media platforms,” said Mehdi Mehdi, VP of Digital at NYX Professional Makeup. “We aim to seamlessly incorporate digital into everything we do, and see virtual reality as the new frontier in the beauty industry. Our community is passionate about their connection to beauty influencers, and Samsung’s Gear VR technology provides our customers with a level of immersion and proximity to their favorite beauty vloggers that they’ve never experienced before. We are thrilled to continue to push the envelope using cutting-edge technology, and are ecstatic to partner with a best-in-class company like Samsung.”

Rachel Weiss, VP of Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship at L’Oreal USA – the parent company of NYX Professional Makeup – was instrumental in helping shape the experience, as well as facilitating the partnership with Samsung. Weiss added, “The retail landscape is rapidly evolving, and we’re evolving with it. We have been reinventing the future of beauty services for years, and we see this partnership as the natural evolution to that. Through VR, we’re creating more dynamic, personalized experiences that add value for our customers in a new and personalized way.”

The “Impossibly NYX Professional Makeup” Gear VR experience will be available in select NYX Professional Makeup stores on December 18, 2017, followed by a nationwide rollout across the brand’s 42 retail stores over the course of 2018.

“Technology is changing the way we live our lives: people and brands are experimenting and accomplishing things in ways we never thought possible, in part due to immersive, accessible technologies like Gear VR,” said Marc Mathieu, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Electronics America. “Together with L’Oréal and NYX Professional Makeup, we are transforming the beauty retail experience with virtual reality and reinventing how brands connect with their consumers.”

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NYX Professional Makeup is a modern, digitally-native makeup brand on the forefront of today’s emerging beauty trends. A leader in the global color cosmetics industry, NYX Professional Makeup is an affordable professional makeup line with every shade, color and tool needed to create makeup artistry at every level. Rooted in a professional artistry heritage, NYX Professional Makeup boasts a successful multi-channel approach at the forefront of digital and retail. A social media pioneer, NYX Professional Makeup is one of the most influential and top-ranked brands, and is followed by top beauty vloggers, Instagram stars, and their millions of fans. While headquartered in the heart of Los Angeles, NYX Professional Makeup is a global brand available in more than 70 countries at thousands of retailers consisting of specialty beauty and fashion stores, freestanding shops and beauty supply stores, as well as on

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