6 (More) Reasons Why You Should Write With a Fountain Pen

6 (More) Reasons Why You Should Write With a Fountain Pen

why-write-with-a-fountain-pen-1You all really, REALLY liked the “8 Reasons Why You Should Write With A Fountain Pen” article. Since publishing, it’s been viewed nearly 60,000 times and continues to be one of my top posts. Reading through the comments, there were a ton of other reasons that you, the readers, stated why you use a fountain pen. I’ve picked six more and broken them down in the post below. Make sure to let me know if there’s anything that gets you writing that hasn’t been mentioned!

why-write-with-a-fountain-pen-2Less Hand Fatigue

Hand fatigue can be killer, especially when writing or drawing for long periods of time. It’s made even worse with arthritis or other physical problems that we may encounter. How does writing with a fountain pen help your hands? Well, you don’t have to press the nib into the page. By gripping the pen lightly, and writing only with a light touch you can give your hands some relief. The ink flows onto the page much more easily. You can leave that white-knuckle writing experience behind!

Pen in photo: Nakaya Neo Standard in Kuro Tamenuri – $650 on nibs.com.

why-write-with-a-fountain-pen-3Teaches You Responsibility

Would you rather spend $100 on a hundred pens that you’re likely to lose, or $100 on one pen that you care about? It’s a tough argument, and spending a bunch of money on a single pen isn’t for everyone. Think about it though, pens are hanging out in every junk drawer, car glove box, and eventually even the garbage. By buying a nice pen, you can teach yourself to hold onto things. I often refer to a famous quote by Mitch Hedburg: “I bought a seven-dollar pen because I always lose pens and I got sick of not caring.”

Pen in photo: Pilot Vanishing Point – $135.51 on Amazon.

why-write-with-a-fountain-pen-4Inspiration To Write

Have writer’s block? It’s a very real thing. There’s no guarantee that a new pen is the key to unlocking the door between you and a NY Times best-selling book, but it can help. New stuff inspires us to do a variety of things. Don’t feel like going for a run? Pick up a new pair of shoes. Not in the mood to write? Snag a new pen. At the very least, you’ll want to fill it up and write just to test it out! 

Pen in photo: Lamy Lx Graphite – $28.64 on Amazon.

why-write-with-a-fountain-pen-1-2Consistent Writing Experience (always the same nib)

Admittedly, I was on the fence about this reasoning until last week. I bought a cheap pack of 45 gel pens that were in a bunch of cool colors. Each pen wrote to a differing degree of terrible. I’ve spent the last four years surrounding myself with great stationery, and sometimes you forget how bad a pen can be. One of the best parts about a fountain pen is the consistent experience. If you have a buttery smooth nib, it’s going to stay that way. Like how a pen feels in your hand? Keep reusing it over and over because you know what to expect.

Pen in photo: Nakaya Neo Standard in Kuro Tamenuri – $650 on nibs.com

why-write-with-a-fountain-pen-5Handwritten Notes Help You Learn and Remember Better

Yes, it really does. It’s pretty fascinating why. To TL;DR it for you, instead of typing every single word out verbatim, the act of handwriting forces your brain to cull down to only the necessary words, while using critical thinking. The extra effort of recording notes by hand helps cement it in your memory, and while it’s slower than typing, it accelerates learning. Here’s a link to the fascinating study. Instead of zooming through notes, slow down and only write down what’s necessary.

Pen in photo: Lamy 2000 – $124.95 on Amazon.


This is a big one. The online fountain pen community is one of the most positive ones out there. Between the various forums, blogs, slack chats, facebook groups, subreddits, and social media accounts there’s a lot going on. I’ve met plenty of people through it, got a job, made friends, and have had an enjoyable time. When I was struggling to find inspiration to blog, I cited community as one of the main reasons that kept me in it. It’s cool to know that there are other people out there who love the same thing as you. Not involved in any of them? I’d highly suggest checking out the links above and hitting up the nearest pen show!

 Pen in photo: Lamy Vista – $20.09 on Amazon.

There you have it. Six more reasons why you should write with fountain pens. Is there anything that I missed? Make sure you tell me why YOU write with a fountain pen in the comments below!

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Pen Review: Visconti Wall Street Limited Edition Green Pearl Celluloid Double Broad

Visconti Wall Street Green Pearl Limited Edition

The Visconti Wall Street Limited Edition Green Pearl is the first Visconti that I’ve ever had the privilege to use. In terms of looks, its probably the exact model I would have picked for myself. The layered green celluloid catches the light similarly to vintage Parker Vacumatics. As someone who’s heart is perpetually stuck in a 1940s film, this is an easy way to win my heart. The unique, rounded square shape is also quite appealing too. For starters, its far less likely to roll off the table and it actually feels quite nice in the hand.

Visconti Wall Street Green Pearl Limited Edition

Visconti Wall Street Green Pearl Limited Edition Cap branding

Visconti Wall Street Green Pearl Limited Edition Cap

Aesthetically, my one sticking point is the Visconti branded scimitar clip. I have just never liked this design decision and Visconti sticks it on almost every pen they design. Its like the un-design decision. Can’t think of how to design the clip? Stick the scimitar on it. Where the layered celluloid is supposed to create the illusion of floors of a skyscraper and the twinkle of lights in the windows and the shape of the pen is supposed to be reminiscent of the shape of a building, why stop at the clip? Could it not also evoke the decorative filigree on buildings like the Carbon and Carbide Building or other great historical architectural marvels? I didn’t mention the Chrysler Building because that seemed obvious but you know what I mean… right?

Most of the weight of the pen is in the cap and the clip, weighing an impressive 42 gms capped but uncapped and filled, it weighs a more manageable 25 gms. The chart below includes capped and/or posted weights for common budget-priced pens for comparison.

Fountain Pen Weights

In regards to length, the Wall Street can be used posted at an impressively long 7″ or unposted at a more diminutive 5.25″ which fit comfortably balanced in my small hands. Closed and capped, the Wall Street is 5.75″ which is only about 0.25″ longer thank your average Lamy Safari so its not a small pen but its not out of the ordinary size-wise.

Visconti Wall Street Green Pearl Limited Edition nib BB

This nib on this particular model is the BB, double broad “Dreamtouch” 23K gold. It is a soft, slightly flexible nib and is quite smooth though I had a bit of a learning curve finding the right angles to  get the best performance from the nib. The BB required being held at a slightly higher angle if I was writing from below the baseline (from my left handed angle) though writing from above, I had no issues with writing at all except that the pen laid down so much ink that dry time became an issue and I kept sticking my hand in wet ink. It’s a bit flexy but I would certainly not be inclined to use it as a flex nib.

In order to take full advantage of the flexibility of the nib though, writing from below the baseline was my best option. Just the weight of one’s hand and the movement and passion with which one is writing is enough to add some character and flair to the strokes.

However, when writing overhanded, I needed almost no contact with the paper to get ink to flow. The lightest of touches was needed and ink just appeared on the paper which was really nice. It meant that writing was easy and I wasn’t having to push or pull or will the ink out of the pen. It just flowed.

Visconti Wall Street Green Pearl Limited Edition Writing Sample

I did not talk in depth about the filling system which is a double reservoir power filler. The best information I could find to clarify what a “double reservoir power filler” was came from Inks and Pens who succinctly explained that its a glorified vacuum filler. Oh, well. That’s much easier to understand. The challenge is getting a full flush. Since this is not my pen, I did my best to fully flush the pen clean but it left a bit of clean water in the reservoir. Rather than disassemble a loaner pen, I’m going to leave the water in the pen than risk disassembly. It actually arrived with a bit of water in it so it seems to be an issue coming and going.

I confess, I waited until after I did all my testing and writing and experimenting to find out exactly how expensive this pen was. I know that Visconti pens are not inexpensive but I did not want the price of the pen to factor into my opinion of the pen. As many of you already know, I’m not a fan of the hype and fanfare around the Homo Sapiens line (see Pen Addict podcast episode 238) so I went into my Wall Street experience a little skeptical to begin with. However, I did warm to the pen in general. I did gasp a bit at the price.

If I wasn’t such an ink changer and didn’t think the clip was phoned-in, I might actually consider this pen as a possibility for my collection, with an extra fine nib of course. But with those caveats, I think I might rather put that kind of money towards a refurbished Parker Vac instead.

PS: I didn’t go into detail about the packaging because it was just fancy packaging. If you’d like to see photos of the box, check out this review for a different version of the pen, but the same packaging.

Big shout out to Casey (AKA Punkey) for loaning me this pen to try out. He is, as always, my enabler, my comrade and my favorite troublemaker.


Song of the Day: The XX – On Hold


The XX are back, and as you can already tell from their album cover (it has SO MUCH MEANING) they are a happier bunch. No longer depressed loners, the fame and wealth of stardom has clearly consumed the trio. Their new record I See You dropped last Friday and it’s quite good. Nothing will ever top their debut record, just because that record was so amazingly different. Sadly it also spawned bands like Alt-J, but that’s what happens.

Still, this track is a good example of how they are slightly less sad and combined with Jamie XX’s exponential improvement as a producer, becomes easily one of the better singles of the new year*.

*I know this was released in November, but I was hiking in Chile, so screw that.

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Stream: Drowned in Sound’s Guide to 2017


As you may be aware, DiS now has a monthly radio show on Soho Radio and we’re currently looking to evolve it a little and get a sponsor. Our latest radio show is guide to 2017 is archived here to stream on demand, right here:

Danielle Perry and I recorded the show this week, which is now available to stream on-demand. ‘Twas a guide to 2017 with loads of acts we know have albums due, and some we hope are back.

Plus Independent Venue Week’s founder dropped by for the last half hour, but before that we played some brand new acts, pondered what it means to break a band nowadays, I confessed to my current obsession, and Danielle shared her theory that Netflix trailer music is now a genre.


Autolux – Soft Scene
The Shins – Dead Alive
Brian Eno – Reflection
Jesca Hoop – The Lost Sky
Chromatics – Kill for Love (Drumless)
Katy Perry – Firework
Sløtface – Shave My Head
Artificial Pleasure – I’ll Make It Worth Your While
Uffie – Difficult
Broken Social Scene – 7/4 (Shoreline)
Nadine Shah – Stealing Cars
Duke Garwood – Cold Blooded (Bloodline Version)
Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks
Temples – Keep In The Dark
Fever Ray – Triangle Walks
I Break Horses – Denial
LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends
Lorde – Tennis Court
Juanita Stein – Stargazer
Girl Band – Pears for Lunch
The Charlatans – Then

Our 5th radio show is online here.

DiS returns to Soho Radio on February 6th from 2-4pm.

Main photo: Uffie by Majid Moussavi.


The DiS Podcast – Sean and Danielle interview everyone from Mogwai to Metric plus special quarterly guides.
More DiS Radio Shows and Mixes – our Mixcloud Archive



The 5 Best Podcasts on Balance

You’re reading The 5 Best Podcasts on Balance, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’re enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

Putting one foot in front of the other and trying not to fall off a balance beam, requires a similar type of focus that is needed to achieve balance in our work, relationships, health and well being. The key is not view balance as yet another task to check off our wellness list, but to wholly incorporate it in every aspect of our life’s never-ending list of choices. These podcasts stress the importance of discovering the psychological reasons why we need balance in our lives and how this one factor can change our lives permanently, for the better.

  1. This unconventional podcast interviews ex minor league baseball player turned design entrepreneur, Ben Jenkins. His ideas posit that when contemplating how to create more balance in the life-work arena, one must never start with all your thoughts and ideas at the table, but instead allow for them to present themselves in the process of achieving balance. To effectively create your life’s aesthetic at your own pace and trust your instincts is at the core of a balanced life-work relationship.


  1. “All the research shows that every decision you make depletes energy from your brain that can be put to better use.’ This quote by Kory Kogon sums up this podcast quite succinctly. We all strive to achieve productivity in our work life, but at what cost? Kory suggests that in order to achieve truly extraordinary productivity there are actions one can take, such a fueling your fire so you don’t burnout (never forget to put yourself and your mental and physical health first), and not being reactionary to urgent things, and instead handling them with focused action.


  1. In this podcast, they concentrate on finding a sustainable action plan for achieving balance in your work life. The advice here is to work by an 80/20% rule. Meaning, you really only attempt to achieve 20% of the most important tasks for that particular month, the releasing of the stress to attain the whole 100% does wonders for us to focus and free out time to be the most productive. Always ask yourself ‘what do I want my lifestyle to look like’, as opposed to ‘how profitable can I be’.


  1. “Even Eagles need a push.” This inspiring podcast interviews single mother, and former homeless, now successful entrepreneur Elayna Hernandez, as she shares her story and her ideas about how to overcome hardships and move forward out of a victim mentality and into a reality of owning your life. She is moved by her purpose of gratitude toward her most cherished gift, her children. Once she began to live in acceptance of her circumstances, she then began to discover balance was about changing her perception of herself and choosing to focus on what she could attain positively, step by step.


  1. This podcast is particularly interesting as it tackles the idea that we take on to much in our lives. In order to find true balance, we must de-clutter our minds and our lives by doing less. There is a feeling in society that if we are not overwhelmed or exhausted, we have no personal value and significance. It is a great myth to think that we can do it all, we are not meant to live with this kind of stress and something will break if you do not choose what to focus on. It’s unrealistic to accommodate all of the commitments life presents you. Be intentional in your actions.

Gaining more control over our lives by choosing to prioritize our tasks according to what reduces stress, is the most practical way to attain equilibrium. However, this cannot be reached without first discovering what balance means to us personally in terms of our mental and emotional wellbeing. Creating balance can help us live our lives with meaning and purpose, and this is the greatest result of a well balanced life.
Do you read a great blog about balance that’s not on the list? Leave a comment on FB!

Larissa Gomes is a breast cancer survivor and single mom to her spirited baby boy! Originally from Toronto turned Angeleno, she has worked in roles from writer, actor and producer for well over a decade. In that time, she’s developed concepts, film and television screenplays, short stories, along with freelance articles, blogging and editing work.

You’ve read The 5 Best Podcasts on Balance, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.


Bro Zach Nation

What a flaming Slouvakian dumpster fire. I don’t just mean this pic of Zach and his Bro, K-Whizz greasing up on Marissa as if her derriere is hosting a bake sale featuring a trenbolone sandwich. I’m talking bigger ‘bags to fry. Yes, even douchier than these spectacular meatwads.

In four days a tangerine uvula will spittle across our collective national identity like an angry, castrated llama gnawing on a Jolly Rancher.

For shame, America.

You have given in to the dark forces of greasy pec butt fondle spikewank.

HCwDB may be no more.

But the time for mock has never been more important.