2017: Your Horoscope For The Year Ahead

Collage by Chani

2016 will no doubt go down in history as a year that pointed to the beginning of a situation few had seen coming. Astrologically built on the ever-morphing bones of the Saturn/Neptune square, and the anger-inducing injections of Mars retrograde, 2016 defied reality as we had known it, exposing some of the worst aspects of humanity. It made a mockery of human decency. Its intoxicating hooch seeped into the waterways and fueled intolerance, arrogance and fear. It invented one repugnant rule after another, resulting in a complete overhaul of what we’ve known to be our guiding principals.

2016 cheated in plain sight and laughed in our face as it did. It was an exposé on psychopathic behavior that was met with backslapping congratulations, side-scuttling cowardice and band-wagon jumping by far too many in positions of power. Its mirages were flimsy yet fancy enough to send millions packing towards their demise, taking everyone else with them.

2016 was a year that let us know in no uncertain terms that evil is always waiting round the corner, ready to sell us poisoned swamp land and expired lottery tickets. 2016 was a year that taught us that if we don’t take care of each other, outside forces will prey on even the slightest divide between us. 2016 was a year that taught us that we need to be ready, active, and on time to protect what we hold near and dear to our hearts.

The stakes are high as we stride into 2017. The highest that they have been in many of our lifetimes. Gone are any childish notions that any one leader will save us. Arriving is the clarity that we need to commit to the never-ending process of becoming a movement of leaders. 2017’s astrology makes clear the necessity of finding the most creative solutions possible to the very real and present dangers that we face.

Ablaze in fire signs, the planetary activity of 2017 is anything but dull. Inspired, yes. Chaotic, yes. Dramatic, yes. Passionate, absolutely. Obnoxious, most likely. Burning bright, the next 12 months feature many flames of glory and the flames of wild fires gone too far. One of the highlights of the year is a grand trine in fire signs between Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and two eclipses in Leo in February and August. August runs especially hot as Mars and the sun also activate the trine while traveling through Leo.

A grand trine in fire with Uranus in the mix makes clear the need to roll with the unexpected, shocking and revolutionary upheavals that the year is sure to bring. A grand trine in fire featuring Saturn and Uranus makes clear the need to reinvigorate the structures of our life with new and inventive ideas without letting go of the positive aspects of the structure itself. We’ll need to learn how to let new energy into our existing shape of things without shattering what holds us. A grand trine in fire with Leo eclipses in the mix makes clear the need to sort out the truth from the spectacle and the drama from the plot.

This year also features four Mercury retrogrades that end up in fire signs and a Venus retrograde that begins in the fire sign of Aries.

The upcoming planetary alignments bode well for encouraging creative self-expression, spiritual insights and exploration, but will also have the tendency to leave us feeling a little scorched, over-heated and too hot to touch. Too much fire can dry out the system, leaving once firm-yet-flexible structures at risk of cracking. Too much fire can create separations out of what was once bound by moist cohesion. Skin that gets too dry gets inflamed, creating painful cracks in its delicate but much needed boundary.

Any element in excess leads to some kind of imbalance in the system.

Learning how to temper and work with our anger will help us to make use of the fire. The term “burn-out” is an obvious example of the excess of fire-like qualities. We’ll need ample restoration and relaxation to cool down and replenish the fluids lost in battle. Finding ways to respond with emotional intelligence instead of reacting with immature hostility will help us to proactively curb the desire to lash out at one another. Searching for conscious and well-thought-out action will help us to conserve our precious energy so we can use it for the most necessary of pursuits.

On January 28th, 2017, we enter the year of the Fire Rooster in Chinese astrology. Known for its cocky, self-assured demeanor, the rooster is no stranger to dramatic entrances. This zodiacal sign is known for its ability to work hard and never give up. The rooster isn’t afraid to be loud, bombastic and outspoken. As nature’s alarm clock, the rooster is also in charge of waking us up. Whether we appreciate the call to action or not, the alarms will be sounded and our ability to rise to them accounted for. 

Below please find your 2017 horoscopes. They serve as a brief introduction to the year based on the themes of the astrology for your sign. For more detailed information and an intention setting ritual for the year, we’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

*Horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you find inspiration here we love and appreciate donations. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, we really appreciate it and you!

Aries & Aries Rising

2017 is asking what your creative liberation looks like. It’s asking you what it would feel like to be free enough, bold enough, vulnerable enough to let yourself fail. And succeed. And be boring. And be phenomenal. And be everything in between.   

The eclipses in February will highlight what you are creating and what you are leaving behind. The first eclipse makes obvious what you need to breath life into and the second makes obvious what has come to completion, what cannot be carried forth and what needs to be laid to rest.

Venus stations retrograde in March. It begins its retrograde in your sign, asking you to embody all things Venus. Love. Art. Creativity. It asks you to embody the blessings of connectivity. To embody the bold flavor that is Venus in Aries. Its retrograde ends up overlapping with the themes from February’s eclipses in ways that help make obvious the relationship patterns that you’d be well-served to make peace with and peace out of.

The second round of eclipses in August focus again on your creative outlets but also on your social ones. Both what you desire to bring forth and the folks who you bring it forth to will be high on your list of priorities. 

Jupiter continues its journey through your 7th house of committed partnerships until October 2017. Here Jupiter asks you to expand through the possibilities that partnerships bring. It’s not a straightforward path however. Your need for freedom and independence challenge the delicate balance of self and other. What’s needed are the connections that help you defy and ultimately shatter the fearful boundaries that keep you from the sweet vulnerability that sweet unions encourage.

Saturn finishes up its 2+ year transit through your 9th house. This transit wants you to continue to take your studies seriously. It wants you to keep committed to the most challenging self-improvement projects you have embarked on. It wants you to travel to the places both physical and philosophical that stretch your perception and keep you encouraged to develop yourself as both teacher and student.

Uranus, still in your sign, is intimately woven into the astrology of 2017. Acting like an ignition point to many of the patterns that unfold throughout the year, Uranus asks for nothing less than your personal liberation. While Uranus promises breakthroughs, they often come through abrupt shifts and changes. This influence is not at all new to you but this year may be the straw that tips the scales in your favor if you are ready to try walking the high beam that is 2017. 

*For more detailed information about the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

2017 wonders what it would be like to give yourself a break. To not push. To trust life enough. To be lit when the lights are on. To allow yourself to fall into the comfort of the darkness when it comes. To be with what is in deep meditation. To be transformed by the practice of acceptance. 2017 asks you for real transformation. No shows. No spectacles. No faking.

The first eclipse in February brings you much needed information about the foundations of your life. It speeds up the healing process in your family, both chosen and blood. It asks you to find a firm footing and to create from the most stable places of yourself. The second eclipse brings the completion of a lesson you’ve been learning over the past year in regards to your hopes, dreams and visions for the future. The folks that help you hold onto your hope will be of maximum importance and heightened influence.

Your ruling planet, Venus, stations retrograde in March. This review will occur between the realms of your inner world and your social one. Picking up on the theme of February’s last eclipse, this Venus retrograde will put extra emphasis on the people in your world that keep you connected, creatively inspired and passionately on purpose.   

The second round of eclipses occurs in August. The first of which adds the theme of career and reputation. The second of which asks you to keep the focus on your home life and family formation. The deeper you root, the wider your branches will be able to spread.

Jupiter continues its journey through your 6th house of work and health issues. It will be there until October 2017, encouraging the growth of your work projects and your role in them as well as asking you to take part in the physical activities that help you to feel buoyant and free throughout your days.

Saturn finishes up its 2+ year transit through your 8th house of shared resources, debts, loans and collaborative projects. The more serious you are about knowing what is yours and what is not, what you owe and what you’ve paid off, what you come packing and what you need others to bring to the table, the sweeter the deals you can broker. And the more lucrative.

Uranus spends the year cleaning out your psychic broom closets. Though it sometimes does so by stirring up the ghosts of the past, it is ultimately letting you know that a lighter load will help liberate the stifled creative energy that lies in wait of its release. 

*For more detailed information about the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

The astrology of 2017 highlights the parts of your chart that deal with all manner of relationships. Known as one of the most social signs of the zodiac, you’ll have to watch for signs of communication fatigue. While your reputation as The Communicator bears much truth, the opposite is equally important. Remember to take time to digest the information that illuminates each important relationship established and maintained this year. Just because you have a lot to say doesn’t mean you don’t need moments of silence.

The first eclipse in February brings revelations through your daily activities and rituals. Infuse your days with the affirmations that keep you current and connected to the moment. Take time to work on the bigger writing, speaking or teaching projects that punctuate your life’s work. The second eclipse brings some amount of completion in terms of your career goals and accomplishments over the past year. What you begin at this point should be in alignment with your dreamiest ideals for your career and your offering to the world. 

Venus stations retrograde in March, reviewing both your relationship to your social circles and the desires you have yet to fulfill in your career. As the Venus retrograde overlaps with the last eclipse in February we can bet that the first quarter of the year keeps you developing, reviewing and renewing your most important career aspirations and creations.

The second round of eclipses in August has you setting out on a journey, seeking answers to questions you might not yet know. The riddles you will wrestle with are important as they help you to connect with the meaning you make your life out of. The second eclipse re-emphasizes your communications, writing and teaching opportunities. The month may bring publishing opportunities and short- and long-term goals into focus. 

As Jupiter continues its journey through your 5th house of pleasure, play and creative efforts until October 2017, it keeps encouraging you to expand through the act of enjoyment. Here, Jupiter opens up collaborative opportunities through the partnerships that can grow with you in a dynamic but balanced way.

Saturn finishes up its 2+ year transit through your 7th house, making crystal clear the importance of boundaries that are equal parts sturdy and roomy enough to work within.

Uranus, planet of upheaval and awakenings, continues its long journey through your 11th house of community and the hopes and dreams you have for it. Your role as innovator, connector and revolutionary becomes a central theme of your astrology this year. Just make sure that you are rebelling for the cause with the greatest compassion, creativity and long-term potential.

*For more detailed information about the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

2017 asks you to make bold moves in your career life. It asks you to dig deep into your reserves of creative energy and get to know the assets you have formerly been estranged from. Or too timid to try out. Or too fearful to fold into your repertoire.

This is no year to play it safe. Nor is it a year to be too reckless a driver. You’ll have to learn how to fan the flames of your creative desires without letting burn out inhibit your productivity or your ability to be proactive in your professional pursuits. 

The first eclipse of February occurs in the part of chart that deals with your finances, resources and assets. It speaks to letting your creative passions run rampant while harnessing their potential. Much in your career changes this year. This eclipse points to the power of those shifts and the potential that they hold. The second eclipse of February highlights the long-range plans that you have been working out over the past year or so. What publishing opportunities, teaching possibilities or pilgrimages are you setting out on. Whichever they are, make them dream-fulfilling in nature.

Venus stations retrograde in March, beginning its review process in your 10th house of career. This retrograde touches on a theme you lived out 8 years ago. Notice the patterns both then and now. Is there a resonance in terms of your evolution in this area of life? Venus will end up back in the part of your chart that housed February’s last eclipse, putting emphasis on your plans, your journeys and the expression of your most important philosophical ideas.

The second round of eclipses occurs in August, the first of which highlights the importance of your collaborations and combined efforts that bring about a financial loss or gain. The second points back to the lessons you began learning in February about your resources and assets. This duo points to the importance of doing what you love with who you love doing it with.

Jupiter continues its journey through your 4th house of home. Jupiter’s transit here is bumpy, however, asking you to look at all manner of monsters and medicines that lie in the relationships of your past. The more you heal your childhood issues, the more you are able to build in the present.

2017 sees Saturn finishing up its 2+ year transit through your 6th house of work and health. You’ve most likely learned some tough lessons about the nature of how one feeds the other. Set intentions to take care of your health by taking care of business in the most concise of ways.

Uranus continues its long passage through your 10th house of career. Its shocking twists and turns are nothing new for your professional life but its effects this year will most likely stimulate pockets of wild and unpredictable growth. Your work will most likely be relevant in the most unusual and yet interesting of ways.

*For more detailed information about the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Leo & Leo Rising

Wildly creative energy runs through you this year. So much brilliance. So much inspiration. So much that can end up feeling like a chaotic cacophony. But such is the creative process. Your job is to capture the insights that come so you can fill the structures of your life with it. Your job is to know when to plug into the energetic sources of power and pleasure so that you can refuel your tank. Your job is to know what to say yes to and what is worth your time and effort. Your job is to get out of the way of the energy that wants to move through you and respect its force.

Your job in 2017 is to show up.

The first eclipse in February is in your sign. It marks a year of big changes. Hellos and goodbyes. Beginnings and endings. Breaks and breakthroughs. It’s a year that sets you up to succeed if you are able to be fiercely loyal to your truth and take the chances that you know you need to. The second eclipse highlights the lessons that you have been learning through your collaborations, negotiations and financial deals. Use this one to clear up debts, especially the emotional ones that still weigh you down.

Venus stations retrograde in March effecting your long-term desires. You may be reviewing some aspect of your education or need for new experiences. Venus retrogrades all the way back to the place where February’s last eclipse occurred, asking you to review your relationship to those you share your precious assets with.

The second round of eclipses in August focuses on the realm of self and other. It continues to place a special emphasis on you but adds your balancing point: your partnerships. Much healing can happen here, or at the very least, the opportunities for healing will be abundant and clear.

Jupiter continues its journey through your 3rd house of communications and daily rituals. It wants you to expand through your everyday practices and promises that much growth will occur if what you do on the daily helps you connect to sources of inspiration and enlightenment.

Saturn finishes up its 2+ year transit through your 5th house of children and creative projects. This transit has been a long exploration of what to make with the time you have to make it. Spend 2017 learning how to use your energy constructively and you’ll be able to build beyond your wildest dreams.

Uranus continues its lengthy journey through your 9th house, encouraging you to change up your view of the world and your way of moving through it. Long-term plans aren’t interesting unless they leave room to meet the unknown aspects of yourself.

*For more detailed information about the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

2016 had both of its eyes on you. With a dual emphasis of both expansion and release, the last year was epic, to say the least. Whatever good growth you accomplished may have felt equal to what you had to let go of. The year focused heavily on self-expansion, partnerships and home and the compromises that you needed to make with all three. The beginning of 2017, especially, continues with the themes of partnerships and home, but puts more emphasis on what is unseen rather than obvious about you. Out of the spotlight you have more chance of being able to do what you do best: digesting all of the information that you have acquired through your recent expansions.

The first eclipse of February highlights the parts of yourself that you don’t usually get the opportunity to look at. Trapped within what we fear lies the energy to overcome it. Use this eclipse to move beyond your fear so that you can make contact with your more hidden reserves of power. The second eclipse of February will put you in touch with the more familiar terrain of relationships work. This eclipse picks up on the progress you made in intimate relationships in 2016 and possibly points to the final touches that need to be made here. However, the term “final” may be misleading ….

Venus, planet of love and relationship magnetizes what it most wants. Venus stations retrograde in March and while the beginning portion of its retrograde focuses on the assets and resources you share with others, Venus’s final stint ends up where February’s second eclipse occurred, in the domain of committed partnerships. The Goddess of love has much to teach you about who you choose to share yourself with and how to do so successfully.

The second round of eclipses occur in August. They emphasize the balance between inner and outer work, mental and physical health, endings and steady progress. There is much to be gained this year via your ability to take measured steps towards growing your financial life through the opportunities that come knocking.

As Jupiter continues its journey through your 2nd house of assets, income and resources, it’s asking you to expand through your relationship to your talents. There is much wealth to be gained through your knowledge and acceptance of what you have to work with.

Saturn finishes up its 2+ year transit through your 4th house of home, family and inner life. Saturn’s transit through this area of your chart is meant to help you firm up your foundations. However, the skies of 2016 had other ideas. If there was more loss than acquisition in this area of your life last year, 2017 should help you to make more reliable progress.

Uranus is continuing its long journey through your 8th house of shared resources, collaborations and debts. It’s a hot spot in your chart off and on throughout the year, igniting a fire in you to learn more about how to work with the assets that you have and have to share.

*For more detailed information about the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Libra & Libra Rising

2017 focuses on broadening yourself through creating beauty, relationships and bonding with others in honest and sincere ways. You don’t have to make friends with everybody, but you are being asked to open up to the folks who come bearing gifts. You don’t have to be anything but who you are, but you are being asked to allow more of you out into the world. You don’t have to change your tune, but you might want to hum it with a little more gusto.

The first eclipse in February highlights your hopes and dreams for the future and the folks that can help you achieve them. This eclipse calls on the collective creative spirit that you can tap into and asks what possibilities can be made real when you focus on the solution in unison. The second eclipse focuses on the work that you have been trying to dream into being. Put your imagination to use and use this eclipse to give your projects an infusion of inspiration.

Venus stations retrograde in March helping you to review your most important relationship commitments. Venus teaches us about our desires, passions and needs. This retrograde will help you sort out which relationships, both romantic and professional, have the potential to get to the heart of the matter and not crumble.

The second round of eclipses in August looks at the balance between your creative ambitions and those that can help you make them a reality. There is a delicate balance between what you need to manifest and what others need the most in the moment. August helps you to see where the two can meet and where they cannot.

Jupiter continues its journey through your 1st house. Jupiter’s time in your sign will challenge you to deepen your understanding of what it takes to attain balance while expanding. There will be plenty of challenges to our equilibrium in the coming days. Growth is a series of expansions and contractions. Inhales and exhales. Confidence and remorse. You’ll feel all manner of emotions. As long as you take up the opportunities that come your way, and work through the feelings that arise, this year will prove to be one that began a long series of personal successes.

Saturn finishes up its 2+ year transit through a part of your chart that deals with your daily rituals, communications and relations. Whether 2016 gave you grief in this area of life or not, 2017 is asking you to get solid with your daily schedule and have an absolute resolve to say what you do and do what you say. 

Uranus continues its long stint in your 7th house and the extra independent fire sign, Aries. Here the off-beat planet becomes more extreme than usual. Extremely unpredictable. Extremely individualistic. Extremely eccentric. This effects your partners and your partnerships but, as long as all involved are able to take responsibility for their own needs for freedom, exploration and experimentation, Uranus’s effects can be exciting, liberating and endlessly interesting.

*For more detailed information about the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

This year places a special emphasis on your career. While 2016 might have made some financial matters difficult or downright baffling, 2017 brings with it an abundance of inspiration for you to use in all the work you do. Come October, Jupiter, planet of expansion and growth will enter your sign. This will provide an end of year boost to look forward to. In the meantime, keep growing your relationship with what feels both life-sustaining and fulfilling on the deepest, most internal levels. 

The first eclipse in February sets your career ablaze. It is encouraging you to make the most creative strides forward that you can. This flare can help you garner the attention that you need so make sure that you start the year off with a firm dedication to what you most want to see flourish here. The second eclipse of the month points back to the issues that you spent much of 2016 working out in regards to your creative projects and energy. Use this eclipse to use all you have learned from the past year to create what you most desire in the year to come. 

Venus stations retrograde in March, pulling focus on the relationships that most effect your work. Coworkers, employees, and employers will be your greatest teachers this spring. Venus retrogrades back into the area of your life that the last eclipse in February took place in. Here, Venus wants to teach you about healing through pleasure. However, sometimes we need to see all the ways in which we block pleasure in order to experience it.

The second round of eclipses in August illustrate the dynamic tension between your home and career life. This will be an important month in terms of both areas but it will be an especially potent one for you in terms of what you are able to begin in your career.

As Jupiter continues its journey through your 12th house of behind the scenes work, you are being asked to continue to develop your relationship with the aspects of yourself that you don’t normally hang out with. This transit is usually one that helps to ease and soothe the inner world. This year that ease will have some challenges but the challenges will provide lasting and invaluable insights.

Saturn finishes up its 2+ year transit through your 2nd house of assets, resources and what you have to work with. This transit has been asking you to get serious about committing to developing your skills, though it might not have offered you much in the way of rewards. 2017 will be different. It might bring you an unexpected change or help from unknown sources. It might be unpredictable in its ability to help you make something inspired and creatively new out of your work, resources and career opportunities, but it will be anything but dull or draining.   

Uranus, still taking its long and winding journey through your 6th house of work and health, is a key aspect of this year’s astrology. It’s the wild card that influences the game at key junctures. It continues to ask you to break free of any unhelpful habits you have and to give yourself the room to explore new ways of working once you do.

*For more detailed information about the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

2016 was a year that asked you to make one intelligent and well-thought-out adjustment after another. It asked a lot from you and if you showed up like a champ that was unafraid to learn the rough and tumble lessons of self-reliance, chances are you are entering 2017 self-full.

This year builds upon last year’s growth. It frees you up to be more yourself and less what others expect of you. It wants for you nothing short of self-realization. The more you understand who you are, what you are good at and what you were born to do, the more this year will assist you and wow you with its flamboyant affirmations and fabulous flirtations.

The first eclipse in February lights up your 9th house of teaching, traveling, spiritual experiences and long-term plans. By the light of this lunar eclipse, you will be able to see just how far you can take the projects that you have been working on. The second eclipse occurs in the part of your chart that has to do with home, family and foundation. 2016 asked you to let go of the illusions that you had here. This eclipse and the upcoming Venus retrograde revisit some of that terrain, but you get to look at it from a new angle. When you finally get real about your situation, you have the ability to create your dream version of it.    

Venus stations retrograde in March helping you to review you relationship with your desires, your creative energy and the children in your life. This transit opens up new avenues of pleasure if you are willing to look at what has previously distorted your ideas of self-acceptance. You might find a new way of working with the magnetism you posses that is steeped in integrity and transparency. Venus will end up back in your 4th house of home and foundations to help you finish up what February’s eclipse (and the eclipses of 2016) started. Look for ways to help your relationship to home and family heal. Nothing here is perfect, but you can make peace with what isn’t. 

The second round of eclipses in August point to the balance of your short- and long-term plans, your daily life and your big excursions, your communications and your ability to bring your ideas out into the world in a more formalized way. What you believe, think and say has an impact on the world and August will most likely reveal how and why.

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, continues its journey through your 11th house of patrons, friends, communities and hopes and dreams for the future. It’s an especially beneficial transit for you that only occurs once every 12 years. Here Jupiter asks you to expand your sense of self through the connections that you make and through the bonds that you create. Group work is good and staying connected to those that are moving in your direction is great. Especially with folks that have more knowledge, expertise and experience than you.

Saturn finishes up its 2+ year transit through your sign in 2017. This year is a culmination of all of the hard work of individuating that you have done. Though this is a process that lasts a lifetime, the ways in which you have matured between 2014 and the end of 2017 will serve you for the entirety of it.

Uranus is still enjoying its lengthy transit through your 5th house of creative energy and projects. It highlights this year’s astrology by infusing it with the erratic and unpredictable nature it is famous for. You can use this to free yourself from the inhibitions that have distorted your ability to tap into the power of your creativity. The more experimental you get with the mediums you work through, the more likely you are to strike gold.

*For more detailed information about the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

2016 had you traveling, touring and peddling your wares out in the wide open spaces of the world. It was a year of seeing what you could make when you shared your thoughts and philosophies with others. It was a year of letting go of old ambitions to make way for the new. 2017 holds true to the continued release of what no longer serves you but it also punctuates the areas of your career that are working extremely well. Your creative collaborations yearn for an upgrade and your place in the world widens. Just remember that the more consistent you become, the more the world will come in search of you.

The first eclipse in February makes obvious the collaborations that have the potential for great success. Your financial life gets activated during both sets of eclipses, in February and August, and while eclipses can bring both endings or beginnings, be watchful of what works in this area and what no longer does, without judgement. Be focused on getting the information rather than making additional meaning out of something that is plain and simple. The second eclipse points to the experiences that you had with neighbors, siblings and in your communications and daily rituals in 2016. What did you learn about opening up to those in your neighborhood? What can be built upon now? What was lost that still needs to be grieved? What was started but still needs to be finished?

Venus stations retrograde in March. It digs its six-inch stiletto into the most private part of your chart, your 4th house of home and family. While the beginning portion of this Venus retrograde may be particularly tender, it can also point to the progress that you have made over the last 8 years. What kind of home and family were you attempting to build then and what can you now see you have been able to accomplish and heal here? The second part of the Venus retrograde will end up back where February’s last eclipse occurred, in your 3rd house of communication, neighborhood and daily rituals. This portion of the transit will highlight your relationship to all these areas and will be an especially potent time to recommit to the rituals that help you feel loved, accepted and appreciated.

The second round of eclipses in August further highlight the financial aspect of your life that the eclipses in February introduced. This time the balance between your assets and the way you share them is especially emphasized.

As Jupiter continues its journey through your 10th house, amidst the eclipses, it keeps encouraging you to expand in your career through more unlikely or unexpected avenues. This transit can be particularly helpful for getting your work out into the world and understanding its impact.

Your ruling planet, Saturn, finishes up its 2+ year transit through Sagittarius before reentering your sign for the first time in 30 or so years. This means that 2017 is a year where you will straddle the threshold of what was and what it is you are becoming. Like the shedding of an old skin, this process is tender while it is occurring and exciting in its possibilities.

Uranus continues its long transit through your 4th house of home, family and foundation. Uranus  doesn’t do stable, however. It likes to shake things up and keep them fresh. While this transit is, at times, very unsettling, it is also asking you to free yourself of the family patterns that don’t serve your present or future shape. With all due respect for your elders that deserve it, break from the behaviors that keep you from a truer expression of you.

*For more detailed information about the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

2017 focuses much of its attention on your relationships, no matter the type. Your romantic partnerships, business partnerships, friends, groups and allies you hold dear as well as the relationships that you have with your extended family, siblings and neighbors. All these relationships are important areas of exploration this year.

2017 offers you many insights about yourself through the creative ways in which you engage with others. 2017 asks for the release of any false images that you have hidden behind. 2017 brings with it the opportunity to advance through your self-acceptance and willingness to cooperate with those that you are closest to.

The first eclipse of February highlights the partnerships that are the most pressing. It reveals the commitments that are working well and the ones that need to be reinvented. Some structures need new energy infused into them. Don’t be afraid to thoughtfully shake things up with those that are able to roll with the rocking energy of the year. The second eclipse occurs in your 2nd house of assets, livelihood and resources. You’ve had eclipses in this part of your chart off and on since the spring of 2015. Look back at that time span and see what you have learned in terms of your ability to be resourceful, creative and inspired by the gifts the universe has given you.

Venus stations retrograde in March, emphasizing your relationship to your daily rituals and activities. As Venus retrogrades back into your 2nd house, where the last eclipse in February took place, it asks you to take one more look at the resources and assets that you have to work with. Take time to deepen your relationship with an aspect of your financial life or your talents that you have yet to give proper attention to. 

The second round of eclipses in August focus on the polarity between self and other. With an eclipse in your sign, the late summer is especially potent for self-exploration, realization and activation. 

Jupiter continues its journey through the part of your chart that emphasizes the importance of expanding your understanding of the world. This transit encourages you to explore the unknown territories of your philosophical, spiritual and academic lives. It wants you to travel, teach and find inspiration in the most unlikely of places. You’ll have to get out there and risk your comfort to understand the expansiveness of the lessons, though. 

Your traditional ruling planet, Saturn, finishes up its 2+ year transit through your 11th house of friends, allies and communities. Last year’s astrology challenged Saturn’s ability to make firm commitments here. Much was lost collectively and personally. This year has a different tone. This year seeks to fire up your desire to show up with and for the movements that help you to fulfill the roles you must. Manifesting our dreams takes vision and a solid work ethic. 2017 makes it easier to commit to what matters most to you and to see the positive results of your work. 

Uranus continues its lengthy transit through your 3rd house of siblings, extended family, neighbors and the daily rituals that keep you connected and communicating with all manner of folks in your immediate surroundings. This year the unpredictable nature of Uranus can help you to make the breakthroughs necessary in these areas. It also speaks to your need to have space and time for experimentation in your daily schedule as well as your need for creative and innovative communications that spark all manner of new adventures. 

*For more detailed information about the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

2016 was a year relentless in its giving and its taking. Your life at this point must feel, if not also be, very different. With everything you were asked to part with an equally powerful opportunity for partnering was present. Whether that was about reaping the spiritual benefits of the relationships that you worked hard at or feeling the expansiveness of sharing your life with those you love, 2016 brought you all new relationship goals.

2017 offers you a more inspired approach to your career, building upon the work you have done here in the last year and a half. If you have consistently tried to show up for this area of your life, committing to your role in the world and the work you wish to put out into it, 2017 will have you busy creating with a greater freedom than you’ve been able to.

The first eclipse of February lights up the part of your chart that is concerned with your work projects and your ability to work on them. Doing what you can to maintain your health is one of the best investments you can make this year, physically, emotionally and mentally. The second eclipse occurs in your sign. Again. There have been eclipses in your sign off and on for the last 2 years and this is the last of them for a while. This eclipse tries to tie together the lessons that you have learned about yourself, though Venus has more to say on the subject come the spring …

Venus stations retrograde in March affecting first your relationship to your assets and then your relationship to yourself. What supports you? How do you need to better support yourself? This transit will make obvious what you need to take good care of.

The second round of eclipses in August point out the polarity between the internal work you are beginning to do and the external work that you can’t flake on. The balance of effort and self-care are essential to any kind of late summer-time bliss.

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, continues its journey through your 8th house of shared resources and collaborative efforts. This transit is asking you to expand your sense of self by finding the folks that have mastered what you haven’t and joining forces with them. The year is punctuated with this give and take equation. Balance might not always be possible but a conscious attempt at understanding what you bring and what you need from others can be the difference between success and a failed effort.

Saturn finishes up its 2+ year transit through your 10th house of career and reputation. This transit is a process of becoming that only occurs once every 30 or so years. At its end, you’ll be left with a very real understanding of what you are capable of in the world if and when you consistently commit to it.  Saturn always asks us to do the things that will inspire self-respect in the long run. There’s no instant gratification here, but there is a steady realization of your effect and your calling if you put the effort and your whole self in.

Uranus continues its long haul through your 2nd house of resources, income and assets. The erratic, unconventional and inventive influence of Uranus is nothing new to you, but this year it’s easier to appreciate and put to use. Along with the steadying influence of Saturn in your 10th house, Uranus in your 2nd house can offer the right amount of inventive inspiration to bust out and bring what you haven’t before.

*For more detailed information about the astrology of your year and an intention setting ritual for your sign, I’ve got 2017: The Year Ahead for your Sign.


Column: Reflections from the Edge

befunky-design2[Today, the final day of 2016, we welcome guest contributor Tamilia Reed. Reed is a devotional polytheist, spirit-worker, mystic, rune reader, Witch, and traveler of the Otherworlds. Her spiritual work centers on building strong relationships with the denizens of this and other worlds, while seeking an intimate understanding of the magical ties that join all beings. You can find Reed’s writing on her personal blog at Wandering Woman Wondering, at Wayfaring Woman via Agora, or at Daughters of Eve: Pagan Women of Color Speak.]

Story is beautiful in that it grows, transforms, and evolves with us and through us, and there is great power in telling our own story on our own terms. The story of my spiritual path began in northeast Florida on a cool morning as the light of dawn rushed over my grandmother’s brown skin. I was about 8 years old.

[Public Domain / Pixabay]

[Public Domain / Pixabay]

When I managed to wake up before the sun, I had the privilege of watching my grandmother raise her hands to the unfolding day and pray for the health, wealth, and wellness of her eight children and her many more grandchildren. She also prayed for safety and justice for her family in a world that had pushed our Black lives to the margins. In the early morning light, my grandmother muttered prayers from her heart, from the depths of her hope. The Christian God was the one she addressed in her prayers, night and day without cease. My mother followed in my grandmother’s way, praying regularly. It was my grandmother and then my mother who taught me that spirituality is about connection and relationship.

Both my mother and my grandmother had a meaningful relationship with the God of Christianity and I remember wanting that too. For many years I tried to feel the way that they felt about him. I attended church, read the Bible, and prayed. But none of what I felt while trying to build a relationship with the Christian God matched the wonder and magic that I felt when I was 12 years old, conjuring a summer storm with a fist full of fallen leaves and a soggy branch of pine on the very same porch where my grandmother had prayed.

It was with branch and leaf in hand literally dancing and singing up a storm that I felt plugged into the force that connects us all. While calling in the storm, not only did the numinous world unfold, but for a second or two life on the margins fell away. Needless to say, that was a tremendous feeling as a Black girl growing up within arm’s reach of the American south.

After that storm, knowledge of my inalienability dwelled within me. I knew that no matter how society tried to situate me based on my Blackness or my Womaness or my Queerness, from the perspective of the Earth and Sky, the deities and spirits, I was and would always be wholly and thoroughly integral, never marginal. Through decades of American (mis)education, I took that deep knowing with me. I let it hold me as I faced prejudice in my daily life. I allowed that knowing to carry me through the torrential downpour of teachers who couldn’t hear my ideas over the hollow echoes of those same ideas presented by my White male peers, as if they were original. I also allowed that knowing to hold me close through countless peers thundering on about affirmative action as if I’d been unfairly given my coveted seat beside them.

Who I am as a person combined with my sociopolitical situation as a Black Bisexual Woman demanded that I develop my spirituality over the years. I knew that my story had to include spirit in order to make it authentic and intelligible. In search of the next chapter in my spiritual journey, I began teaching myself about Paganism. I was in my late teens.The wonder and magic of the numinous world called to me, and Paganism seemed to understand that call. It had frameworks and ways of understanding the lightning and thunder of connection that I’d danced up in a Florida storm years prior.

And so I learned about Witchcraft, Wicca, and various reconstructionist traditions including those with Hellenic, Roman, and Germanic currents. In addition I learned what I could about African Traditional Religions, which is limited for me as a non-initiate. Each tradition that I explored offered unique knowledge and wisdom. I knew that I’d finally found a confluence of spiritual traditions that could hold more of me than any previous religious tradition to which I had been exposed.

As inclusive and dynamic as Paganism is, it is not impervious to the problems of oppression and marginalization. I found that the deep knowing that I held in my heart was closer to reality within Paganism, but still not fully manifested. In Pagan circles the Goddess rarely looked like me and when she did she was inserted into white and often heterosexual stories of beauty, strength, and empowerment that minimized or completely omitted African-American and other diasporic stories. I had to hold on to my understanding of myself as integral and never marginal as white feminism suffused my Pagan experience.

[Public Domain / Pixabay]

[Public Domain / Pixabay]

I had to endure as the Pagan concept of interconnectedness was twisted into tacit support for racial color-blindness. That deep-knowing had to carry me through Pagans omitting my Blackness, preferring only the Womaness and sometimes the Queerness of me and my story. When I wasn’t being minimized categorically, I was being erased personally, but still based on race. For example, again and again, I had to politely remind my fellow white Pagans that Black Bisexual Women are not interchangeable, and, in fact, (no) I am not the other Black Bisexual Woman at the festival who looks nothing like me in countenance, body size, or body shape.

There were and still are margins among Pagans and within Paganism. This is a frustrating but not unexpected reality. Between my educational trajectory and my experiences within Paganism, I slowly but surely learned the incredible power of story in the creation and maintenance of those central and marginal spaces. It matters exactly who tells the story, how, about whom, and why. As I moved through my twenties I was in hot pursuit of Paganism’s margins, and the spiritual potential of those spaces.

The first from among the deities to rise up to meet me on this journey was the Goddess Hekate. She emerged from the caves and crevices in Samhain 2007, and she has been with me since. Hekate was and is the lady of the crossroads, gateways, Witchcraft, and necromancy. Her might is wrapped up in liminal spaces, the margins of civilization, the restless dead, night-wandering spirits, magic, and real and perceived “others.” Hekate is the twin torch-bearing mistress of the yawning dark, as well as keen guide and ferocious warder on the way through twisted, fearsome, distant, wild, and dangerous territory.

After meeting Hekate, a number of deities and spirits with strong ties to liminality, transition, transformation, magic, ancient wisdom, subversion, and transcendence introduced themselves to me including Mercurius, Odin, Freyja, and Dionysos among others. They helped me to see what beauty and power live on the margins of “civilized” and “acceptable” and “central” spaces.

Now in my mid-thirties, the margins have become the edge. Where the margins are a place of oppression to which I’m relegated as an “other,” the edge is different in that it is a place of agency where I can learn what exists within and beyond me, a place where I can determine what matters and what works and recycle the rest, or store it for later until it makes sense to me.

The edge is a place of powerful potential from which possibilities can be birthed and things that have run their course can be intentionally laid to rest. The margins transformed into the edge are the sharp blade prepared to reshape the world, a tool for transformation and change at both the individual and collective levels. The human beings at the edge have stories and wisdom to share, as do the spiritual beings that live there, and so I call the teeming hordes there the Edge Dwellers.

As a Black Bisexual Woman who exists in a world determined to denigrate, invalidate, or altogether eliminate me, my ears were uniquely primed for the Edge Dwellers’ messages and so my work is largely with them. The Edge Dwellers possess the power of the untold story and the differing viewpoints and lessons contained therein.

[Public Domain / Pixabay]

[Public Domain / Pixabay]

Within those stories, there lives the potential for wholeness and healing. They keep shadows and secrets as well as wisdom and hope. These are the beings who are poised to be wellsprings for growth and change, and that scares people who’ve built a comfortable life for themselves via the status quo. The Edge Dwellers – those who question, challenge, disturb, subvert, and sometimes topple – are my kith and kin.

Tricksters are perhaps the most familiar among the Edge Dwellers.They turn the order on its head while often also affirming it. The Edge Dwellers can and do move beyond the trickster archetype, and there is wisdom and goodness and righteousness in their stories just as much as there is in the stories of more “acceptable” divinities.

For years I shied away from the Edge Dwellers because everything from “bad” to “antisocial” to “evil” is used to describe them. Then I realized that who’s telling the story matters and the agenda that the dominant narrative edifies matters. Suddenly Loki, Lilith, and beings of all kinds including the Titans and Jotnar began to speak to me.

In my work with the Edge Dwellers I don’t see myself as someone who’s out here for “the fun of it.” There’s very little that is “fun” or even safe about this work. I am on the edge because I was pushed to the margins and rather than beg for a place at the center around the fire I put my feet up on the log at the edges of the firelight and got to know the spirits who dwell there and beyond, within the utter dark. In that way, my work is wholehearted willing choice bounded by unyielding socio-political and spiritual circumstance. Because connection is so important to me and the interconnectedness of all beings is a core value, I bring back what I learn on the edge and attempt to make it as clear and useful as possible for myself and other Pagans, while also maintaining respectful relationships with the Edge Dwellers.

Over the years society has taught me all about the crushing pain and exhaustion that emerge from the marginalizing force of multiple intersecting oppressions, but my spirit has taught me another lesson: margins are human-made and edges cut deep. Society may place us in the margins but our spirits do not have to live within that dominant narrative. Spirit is making a way out of no way – as it often does – and harnessing wellsprings of power in the places where oppressive systems and narrow traditions would have us all believe there are none.

*   *   *

The views and opinions expressed by our diverse panel of columnists and guest writers represent the many diverging perspectives held within the global Pagan, Heathen and polytheist communities, but do not necessarily reflect the views of The Wild Hunt Inc. or its management.


A Beautiful Mess—Best of 2016!

Pink Lemonade Jello ShotsHey, friends! I’m here to share our most popular and personal favorite posts of 2016.

On the list of things less shocking than Donald Trump being elected president… jello shots are still crazy popular here on ABM. These pink lemonade jello shots were one of our most popular posts of the year (#10 to be exact) and the most pinned. I predict that after #gummerbaby is born, we’ll get back to a steady routine of jello shot recipes in 2017. 

Sister styleOur most loved Sister Style post this year was entitled "Age Appropriate Clothing". So very appropriate. 

The home editThe number one post of the year was from our collab with The Home Edit, see the post here. Their tips really inspired me, and we’re already planning to collaborate on my BABY CLOSET in 2017. Ugh—are we all going to puke from the cuteness? (Yes! Can’t wait!) 

Wooden Wardrobe DIYThe most popular DIY of the year was this amazing wooden wardrobe by Rachel. I’m not surprised because it’s cute, affordable and a do-able… THAT, my friends, is the holy trinity of DIY. 

Coconut coffee creamerThis year’s top recipe post was a bit of a head-scratcher. I guess you guys REALLY like coffee creamer! (It’s delicious!)

Elsie larsonAnd the news of not ONE but TWO ABM babies coming soon is pretty damn exciting!


Frozen Pisco SoursHere are a few of Emma’s personal favorite posts (that she wrote) from this year! Hot Cauliflower Pizza, Frozen Pisco Sours, Chocolate Snowcap Mountain, My New Pineapple Tattoo and a tour of The Golden Girl Rum Club. (Their one year anniversary is next month!) 

Palm Springs Kids RoomsAnd here are a few of my favorite posts this year (that I wrote)… Rainbow Accent Wall, How I Recolored My Kitchen Appliances, Faux Cement Tile DIY, Watermelon Margaritas, Easy-to-Care-for Houseplants, Palm Springs Inspired Kiddo Guest Room (augh!), Elsie’s Record Player Setup, Fruit + Tonics and My Renovation Mistakes

Love you guys! Thank you so much for your support, love and kindness in 2016! And 2017, we welcome you with OPEN arms. xx! Elsie 


Kanye West Joins Tyga on New Song “Feel Me”: Listen

Kanye West Joins Tyga on New Song “Feel Me”: Listen

To bring in the new year, Kanye West joins Tyga for a new song called “Feel Me.” Stream it below. In September, Kanye welcomed Tyga on stage as a “new G.O.O.D. Music signee.” Kanye’s appearance on “Feel Me” continues a trend of new songs released on New Year’s Eve, following 2014’s “Only One” and last year’s “Facts.” 

See where Kanye West’s 2016 output placed on this year’s Best Music VideosBest Songs, and Best Albums lists.

Revisit Kanye West’s “Wolves” video:


Amy Smart Welcomes Her First Child With Husband Carter Oosterhouse

A photo posted by amy smart (@smarthouse26) on

Amy Smart is a mom! The Sister Cities actress and her husband, HGTV host Carter Oosterhouse, announced the birth of their first child together, a daughter named Flora, on Saturday. "It is with great gratitude and pleasure to welcome our little girl Flora? to the world," Amy captioned a family selfie on Instagram. "What a blessed way to bring in 2017?? Amen and Thank You God for this special new life!!" In the snap, Flora is wrapped up in a blanket while sleeping peacefully in her dad’s arms. Carter also shared his excitement on Instagram with the same photo, writing, "We are so excited to announce the birth of our little lady…Flora! We love you more than you know and can’t wait to experience the journey. What a blessing.." Amy and Carter tied the knot in Michigan in 2011. Congratulations to the new parents!


Pink’s Daughter Is Already a Pro at This Big Sister Thing

A photo posted by P!NK (@pink) on

Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, welcomed their second child, son Jameson Moon Hart, on Dec. 26, and he’s already in such good hands. The singer posted an adorable photo on Instagram on Saturday of her 5-year-old daughter Willow holding her new baby brother. "Happy New Year ? #newlove #newlife #newenergy #newhope #newday the harts thank you for your love ❤️ and we send it back to you in spades," she wrote. Despite Jameson only being a few days old, we’ve already been treated to a few photos of him. In addition to sharing a close-up of his little face shortly after his arrival, Pink also posted a photo of Carey cradling their newest addition. We already can’t wait for the family moments these four will share in 2017.


This Color Test Will Predict Your 2017 Future

    1. Via Getty Images

    2. Via Getty Images

    3. Via Getty Images

    1. Via Getty Images

    2. Via Getty Images

    3. Via Getty Images

    1. Via Getty Images

    2. Via Getty Images

    3. Via Getty Images

    1. Via Getty Images

    2. Via Getty Images

    3. Via Getty Images

    1. Via Getty Images

    2. Via Getty Images

    3. Via Getty Images

    1. Via Getty Images

    2. Via Getty Images

    3. Via Getty Images

This Color Test Will Predict Your 2017 Future

  1. You got:

    You’ll move

    2017 knows you’re in need of a change of scenery. Whether it’s down the block or across the country, you’ll be packing your bags for a better spot this year. Bon voyage!

    Getty Images

  2. You got:

    You’ll go through a breakup

    2017 might be a bit hard on your heart. You’re going to end a relationship. But trust us, in the long run, it’s for the best.

    Getty Images

  3. You got:

    You’ll get in a relationship

    2017 is going to reward your heart. You might meet someone new, or your might notice you love someone who’s been there all along. Regardless, you’re going to be head over heels in the new year!

    Getty Images

  4. You got:

    You’ll get a new job

    2017 is going to be great for your career. You’re going to move up in your chosen field to a whole new position! Congrats!

    Getty Images

  5. You got:

    You’ll get a pet

    2017 is gonna be such a cute year for you! You’re finally going to get the pet you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s a snuggly puppy or a cuddly kitten, a little fuzzy bundle of joy will enter you life.

    Getty Images

  6. You got:

    You’ll change your look

    This new year is going to be all about changing things up. This is the year you’re going to get even hotter. Whether it’s a haircut or a new wardrobe, your new look is going to make heads turn.

    Getty Images

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