Star Wars Propel Battle Drones: One of the holiday season’s most popular gifts still has plenty of force behind it

It’s safe to say that the last few weeks have been very good for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and, entirely unrelated, drone sales. Images of and from the latter filled up social media post-holidays as new owners tested out what can be called a toy for all ages. For anyone who hasn’t already acquired a high-flier, a recently released three-product range combines both of the aforementioned wonders—though references the original Star Wars trilogy and not the newest release. The Star Wars Propel battle drones travel at speeds up to 35mph and go from 0-30 in three seconds. And with a patent-pending reverse propulsion system, each of these hand-painted quadcopters delivers an almost invisible blade flying experience.

Whereas we are often drawn to drones with photo and video capturing implements, these Propel pieces offer something quite different. Up to 24 pilots (according to the official site, though most publications have reported the game works for only 12) can bring their drones together and battle in air, launching “lasers” at one another. Each drone has three lives, and upon being struck the third and final time, it crashes to the ground (safely). Drone-maker Propel took inspiration from Darth Vader’s Tie Advanced X1, an Endor moon Speeder Bike and the Rebel Alliance X wing. All three versions have been accented with incredible detail and arrive in collectible boxes (something Star Wars fans know the true value of). Drones frequently occupy only one person’s attention—or a group focusing on the activity of one device. Here, drone flying become a collaborative game.

The three Star Wars Propel battle drones retail for $199 each and can be purchased online for global shipping.

Images courtesy of Disney

Kendall Jenner’s Butt Tattoo Is News Because God Is Dead

Because a seven-headed dragon tells Kris Jenner that the first week in January is a goddamn dead zone where literally anything passes for #content (“Home Alone With Blood,” anyone?), here’s Kendall Jenner’s butt tattoo in V Magazine that everyone’s geeking out about even though it’s clearly fake and not even on her actual butt. Which is probably surprising for me to say considering how many times I’ve posted something like, “Here’s Celebrity X’s Naked Part,” and I wasn’t even close. One time it was a foot, and that’s definitely not where babies come from. — Or is it? HOLY SHIT, EVERYBODY STOP WALKING! STOP WALKING RIGHT NOW! Ohmygod their little faces…

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Photo: V Magazine

Deadpool Transitioning from Pansexual to Gay

Deadpool film director Tim Miller took great joy during the run up to movie release by referring to the lead character in the film as the first pansexual superhero. Miller demanded to be quoted on that. Nobody knows what pansexual means as it was largely invented in some… read more

A 4K Tribute to Storms in Haunting Black and White



Mike Olbinski kicks off the new year with his latest storm timelapse, PULSE. A breathtaking compilation of monsoons and supercells he’s captured over the years and re-rendered in haunting black and white. In his video description Olbinski adds:


“For quite a few years now I’ve been wanting to do something different with my time-lapse films. I love color. Storms are full of color. The blues, the greens, the warm oranges and reds at sunset. The colors are sometimes what make a simple storm into something extra special.
But black and white speaks to my soul. I love it. There is something when you remove the color that lets you truly see the textures, movement and emotion of a storm.” [source]


The video was also produced in a wider aspect-ration. I highly recommend you view in the highest resolution your screen is capable of displaying and turning up the volume! For those interested, the song is “The Way Home” by Tony Anderson.


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Final US Trailer for Action Comedy ‘Railroad Tigers’ with Jackie Chan

Railroad Tigers Trailer

"I started this mission. I will finish this mission." Well Go USA has revealed a new official US trailer for the action comedy from China titled Railroad Tigers, about a "ragtag" group of freedom fighters who ambush a military train. Jackie Chan stars, playing a railroad worker who leads a team of skilled fighters trying to take out the Japanese in order to get food for the poor. Also starring Huang Zitao, Wang Kai, Darren Wang, Alan Ng and Sang Ping. The first teaser trailer for this was goofy, and this trailer isn’t that much better, but at least the VFX aren’t as bad. I really, really wished this looked better than it does, because it would be nice to have another fun Jackie Chan movie, but I’m not sure this is one. In theaters starting today.

Here’s the new full-length trailer (+ poster) for Ding Sheng’s Railroad Tigers, direct from YouTube:

Railroad Tigers Poster

In this action-comedy caper harkening back to Jackie Chan’s classic Hong Kong films, a railroad worker (Chan) and his ragtag group of freedom fighters find themselves on the wrong side of the tracks when they decide to ambush a heavily armed military train filled with desperately needed provisions. Unarmed and outnumbered, they must fight back against an entire army using only their wits, in a series of a dazzling set pieces and action scenes rivaling anything seen on the big screen before. Railroad Tigers is directed by veteran Chinese filmmaker Ding Sheng, of the films Underdog Knight 1 & 2, Little Big Soldier, Police Story: Lockdown and Saving Mr. Wu previously. Well Go will release Railroad Tigers in select US theaters starting January 6th, 2017 – arriving this week. The film has already opened in China as well. Interested?

Link About It: Fluorescent Bio-Art at MU Artspace, Eindhoven

Fluorescent Bio-Art at MU Artspace, Eindhoven

on 06 January 2017

“Fluid Matters,” an exhibition running at Eindhoven’s MU Artspace through 26 February presents the vibrance of bio art by way of a diverse array of award-winning pieces. All artworks were projects from the Netherlands’ Bio Art and Design Award 2016. Here, researchers and artists united for curious visual takes on the science of fluidity. A favorite, “Estuary,” focuses on bioluminescent algae decaying—which yields a remarkable pink and red shifting color palette that begs to be seen in person.

A Brief Compendium of Vintage Caravan Brochures

A Brief Compendium of Vintage Caravan Brochures

There’s a certain “je ne sais quoi” about the kind of person who owns a caravan, isn’t there? So you would expect the sales brochures for a caravan to be a little more … let’s say colourful than your average marketing material. In fact, they’re kind of a blast. I’ve spent just about my whole afternoon trawling through an online caravan museum– my new happy place.  From the outrageously kitsch polyester prints to the over the top photo staging, I’m about ready to move the Messy Nessy HQ into a velvet-trimmed cherrywood camper and conquer the world!

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