VR Bangers Now Introduces 8K VR Porn Video Sample

8k vr porn

VR Bangers Now Introduces 8K VR Porn Movie

Two years ago, VRBangers.com launched and became the first 4K resolution VR adult movies website on the planet. Offering the most intimate and immersive experience, they have continued to pursue new filming techniques, technologies and hardware innovations with the same insatiable approach that their fans take toward finding the best virtual reality entertainment online. The technology has finally moved on, and so did the VR Bangers’ capabilities, because now they can finally publish their productions in 8K Ultra HD.

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“We’ve always been producing our videos in the highest possible quality, which until recently was too high for most of the devices, so not everyone could enjoy our movies at their peak performance level,” said Daniel Abramovich, the CEO of VR Bangers. “Now VR hardware has finally caught up with our high standards, so we can at last release our movies in their true glory – 8K Ultra High Definition.”

The example of VR Bangers’ use of such technology can be found in this Youtube video:

“We’re using the H.265 (HEVC) video compression standard now, which is designed to substantially improve coding efficiency,” said Boris Smirnoff, the CTO of VR Bangers. “It will reduce bandwidth usage, while increasing compression quality for every VR Bangers’ movie – all our productions for Oculus Rift, Gear VR and modern smartphones are now converted to H.265 with true 60fps and 8K UHD. Naturally, we’re still keeping the H.264 versions for older devices, because we want the owners of older hardware to still be able to enjoy what it’s like to be in one room with a top VR adult movie performer.”

“The problem is that 360 VR videos have a 2:1 aspect ratio format for each ‘eye’. For 3D you need to pack 2 ‘eyes’ in 1 file, which changes it to a 1:1 aspect ratio. Earlier our 3D 360 videos were available in the regular 4K format only (3840×1920 resolution), yet losing a lot of precious quality – each eye was scaled down by 2 to meet the requirements of H.264 video codec. Now we can deliver the maximum resolution of each eye in one video, which is possible thanks to the new H.265 solution,” Boris explained. “Our 3D 360 videos are now 7680×3840 pixels, with 60 frames per second, which is an 8K resolution for a video file.”

“The 180° videos have 1:1 aspect ratio for every eye, since you can’t look behind you, so they’re much easier to handle – stereo movies can be easily packaged into a 4K 2:1 video files without losing any quality,” CTO added. “Yet, since we have the biggest collection of 3D 360 degrees VR adult films, we want our customers to enjoy our videos at the maximum possible quality.”

“Now, when we’re finally using the HEVC technology, thanks to the possibilities of the UHD 8K, we can at last use a 4K per eye resolution in 360° movies with no sacrifices, and without the need to create huge files – waiting for the download can be a true mood killer,” Daniel said. “We’re the very first to introduce the 7680×3840 pixels resolution, which is a whopping amount of almost 15 million pixels for our customers. You don’t take our word for it – YouTube is calling our videos 8K, too. Just check it for yourself at our YouTube channel.”

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Digital ArtForms Wins NIH Funding to Develop Virtual Science Lab

virtual science lab

Digital ArtForms Wins NIH Funding to Develop Virtual Science Lab

Digital ArtForms has been awarded Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to build and test a prototype for a next-generation Virtual Science Lab (VSL), system that could change the face of elementary school science education.

Supported by this NIGMS SBIR award and working in collaboration with Wake Forest School of Medicine and Mars Hill University, Digital ArtForms will build and validate a prototype of the VSL, comparing it to traditional laboratory teaching methods in afterschool programs with real elementary school students.  The technology offered through the VSL platform will put students in control of two virtual hands that allow them to carry out complex tasks that exactly mirror their real-world counterparts – pouring liquids, measuring ingredients, or lighting a Bunsen burner with a striker, just to name a few.  The VSL will also put students in a virtual outdoor world from which they will gather samples for testing back at the lab.

“One of the more challenging aspects of science education for public elementary school teachers is the lack of a dedicated science laboratory space. Teachers conduct science experiments in the same room where they’ll be teaching literature or math the very next period. For many teachers this severely limits the kinds of experimentation that can occur in a laboratory course,” said Paul Mlyniec, president of Digital ArtForms. “By moving experimentation to a Virtual Science Laboratory space, we can expand the kinds of experiments that elementary students are able to conduct.”

By moving experimentation to a Virtual Science Laboratory space, we can expand the kinds of experiments that elementary students are able to conduct.


About Digital ArtForms

Digital ArtForms, Inc. was formed in 1998 to create new applications and markets based on its two-handed interface (THI) technology. The VSL is their second project with NIH, the first being Motion Gaming for Neuroscience Education, a highly successful project that gamified elementary school science curricula.  Digital ArtForms has also developed MakeVR (immersive CAD design) for Sixense Entertainment, Handscape (immersive landscape design), and iMedic (collaborative medical visualization). Digital ArtForms is based in Los Gatos, California.

About Wake Forest School of Medicine

Wake Forest School of Medicine, a recognized leader in cutting-edge research and experiential medical education, is a part of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, (www.wakehealth.edu) a nationally prominent academic medical center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with an integrated enterprise incorporating hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and other primary and specialty care facilities that serve the residents of 24 counties in northwest North Carolina and southwest Virginia.

About Mars Hill University

Mars Hill University is a premier private, liberal arts institution offering over 30 baccalaureate degrees, as well as master’s degrees in criminal justice, elementary education, and management. Founded in 1856 by Baptist families of the region, the campus is located just 20 minutes north of Asheville in the mountains of western North Carolina. The university’s Asheville Center for Adult and Graduate Studies is located on Airport Road in Arden.


About the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) of the NIH

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) supports basic research that increases understanding of biological processes and lays the foundation for advances in disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention. To assure the vitality and continued productivity of the research enterprise, NIGMS provides leadership in training the next generation of scientists, in enhancing the diversity of the scientific workforce, and in developing research capacities throughout the country.

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Seek Unveils “Augmented Reality Anywhere,” Launches World’s Leading Mobile AR Community

seek ar community

Seek Unveils “Augmented Reality Anywhere,” Launches World’s Leading Mobile AR Community

Until now, Augmented Reality (AR) has mainly been for gaming and adventurer enthusiasts, with Pokémon Go giving us just a hint of what mobile AR can deliver. But with mobile AR becoming the primary driver of a $108 billion virtual reality (VR)/AR market*, it’s obviously a much larger market, poised to hit $96 billion by 2021. ** That’s why Seek, the world’s leading AR community, today announced the general availability of its free mobile app, which lets consumers and brands easily discover, experience, and share AR content in one social platform. Seek is available for download today on iPhone and Android devices.

Obstacles to Widespread AR Adoption
As technology companies and brands continue to struggle with an AR strategy, they have not been able to overcome challenges for mass consumerization by delivering lasting content engagement and brand value. Seek brings Mobile AR Anywhere to your smartphone, offering brand channels that enable businesses to build rich, lasting content and deliver it to an audience of 500,000 active users and growing, across 70 countries. Building on its success in location-based scavenger hunts during Beta, Seek is today unveiling its platform strategy for leveraging the smartphone as the gateway to untethered AR experiences.

Seek for Consumers
Seek lets Gen Zers, Millennials, families, and adventurers easily discover, experience and share AR content all within one app. There is no need to purchase expensive glasses or download multiple apps. Seekers can discover AR content on their personal newsfeed and create rich AR profiles, avatars, videos, and portals that friends can explore and interact with.

Pop culture and social media phenom Danielle Cohn has more than 10 million followers across musical.ly, Instagram and YouTube, and is the first digital-first celebrity and pop culture influencer to join and welcome her fans around the world to experience her music, videos, and other premium content on Seek. “I’m always aiming to be on the cutting-edge as an early adopter of exciting emerging technologies, discovering new ways to share my passion projects and favorite brands with my followers and bring them into my world,” said Danielle Cohn. “I am working closely with Seek to create special and exclusive content and immersive AR experiences for my amazing fans.”

Seek for Brands
With new sponsored landing pages and channels, Seek provides brands with one central place for all of their AR content. Lionsgate and Samsung recently signed on to create their own channels on the platform and lead the way in offering meaningful AR content to their customers and fans. Brands can use Seek’s software development kit (SDK) or its world-class development team to build custom AR content to publish to their page or promote a location-based campaign using Seek’s map.  Brands can also sponsor content that lives long term in Seek. From branded clothing and objects to other customer AR content, Seekers can adopt brands and integrate their content into their identities. Companies like Cinemark and Universal Pictures already trust and use Seek to drive engagements, including movie trailer views, shopping decisions and foot traffic to physical locations like movie theaters, retailers and amusement parks.

“Seek is the ‘YouTube of AR’,” said Jon Cheney, CEO of Seek. “We are delivering on the promise of AR by making it easy for any smartphone owner to discover, publish and share rich AR experience. We are thrilled to be working with Lionsgate, Samsung and Danielle Cohn to offer AR experiences that drive fan visits, sales and engagement to a new level. At the same time, we give users the ability to make their own AR space as only they can.”

About Seek
Seek is the only platform dedicated to publishing, discovering and sharing rich, mobile augmented reality (AR) content that delights and excites users. It enables brands and creators to unlock the potential of AR by acting a single hub for content to be published, explored and enjoyed on an ongoing basis, creating meaningful lasting engagement opportunities with customers and fans.  With a community of 500,000 users and growing, Seek combines the sharing capabilities of social networking with the meaningful experiences of mobile AR to provide a destination for any smartphone owner to experience all AR has to offer.

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Koss Porta Pro Headphones


First released back in 1984 (a year before I was born) and still going strong 33 years later, the Koss Porta Pro headphones have stubbornly stood the test of time, and for good reason. These on-ear, open-backed headphones offer crystal-clear sound and a far more comfortable wearing experience than you’d think by just looking at them.

That comfort comes from a pair of “temporal pads” that rest on your head above your ears to keep the ear pads from putting too much pressure on them. For glasses-wearers like me, this feature is a lifesaver. It can even be adjusted between light → medium → firm pressure to suit your preference.


As for the sound — and I know this is going to be a weird reference to some — if you’ve ever been to Animal Kingdom in Disney World and visited the Conservation Station at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, you may have sat in one of their “Song of the Rainforest” rooms, where you put on a pair of Koss Porta Pros and listen in the dark as Grandma Willow from Pocahontas guides you on an audio journey through a rainforest. Every noise heard through those headphones sounds incredibly detailed, from falling rain to animal growls and even to chainsaws.

They work just as well for music and gaming. Everything comes through punchy and clean without being overly bassy. As open-backed headphones however, they do leak a fair bit of audio, so I wouldn’t use them in a quiet public place or anything — but for home use and even jogging? Oh yeah, they work just fine. Plus they have a cool 80s vibe about them that you don’t get from a lot of headphones these days.

Get the Porta Pro headphones in black & silver or just black for $42 on Amazon. A great deal indeed.

Buy Now

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Pico Interactive Announces Climax Studios VR Collection

pico vr headset

Pico Interactive Announces Climax Studios VR Collection

Pico, Climax, and WEARVR make Climax Studios mobile VR titles available in one place for the first time. Pico Interactive, maker of high-end ultra-portable virtual reality (VR) headsets , has teamed up with Climax Studios, a veteran game development studio based out of Portsmouth, Hampshire, and WEARVR, the leading independent Virtual Reality App store, to deliver four new VR experiences on Pico’s Goblin platform. The titles include: Bandit Six, Salvo, Gun Sight and Hunters Gate.

“We are very excited to be bringing our mobile VR catalogue to Pico’s Goblin all-in-one headset. With Bandit Six, Salvo, Gun Sight and Hunters Gate you have a great mix of titles and it’s the first platform that you can play all four in one place!” said Climax Studios CEO Simon Gardner.

With this announcement, Climax and Pico add affordable, top-tier VR games for users to easily play on-the-go.

“We are thrilled to add more awesome content to the 60+ titles on the Pico platform and allow people to experience Pico’s insanely easy-to-use headsets,” said Pico Interactive VP of Business Development Paul Viglienzone.

WEARVR will manage the porting process and facilitate the publishing partnership.

“WEARVR is delighted to be working with Climax Studios, in partnership with Pico, to bring their incredible VR games to the all-in-one headset,” said WearVR CEO Nic Mitham.

The games will be available soon on Pico Goblin and Neo headset thereafter.

About Pico Interactive

Pico Interactive focuses on creating amazing VR entertainment platforms for consumers and businesses alike. Our mission is built around the principle of “user first design” and we design all our products with this principle in mind. Our hardware products are designed to be instantly accessible and ultra-portable (no phones or wires needed). Our software platform is designed to deliver VR gaming and entertainment directly to users wherever they may be. For more: http://ift.tt/2lfntkp.

About Climax Studios

Climax was founded nearly 30 years ago and is located in the coastal city of Portsmouth. We have an extensive history in developing all kinds of digital experiences across all formats, delivering entire games through to co-development and technological problem solving and we’ve won many awards along the way. We’re continuing to be involved in new technologies and build our lead in AR and VR and have several projects currently in development, as well as console projects. For more: http://ift.tt/2kdx5bT.


Founded in early 2014 as an incubator project between Dubit and KZero and seed funded in February 2015, WEARVR is the leading independent Virtual Reality App store. We host and promote over 2,000 VR games and experiences, across a wide range of genres. From rollercoasters, driving and flying sims through to 360-degree videos, social apps and jump scares, you’ll find them all on WEARVR. For more: https://www.wearvr.com.

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Catalina Cruz Announces Launch of New VR Porn Site SpinnersVR

spinners vr porn

Catalina Cruz Announces Launch of Spinners VR

Catalina Cruz has announced the launch of Fantasy Girl Entertainment’s third virtual reality website, SpinnersVR.com.

According to Cruz, Spinners VR features hardcore virtual reality content of petite framed women usually under 5’4” who can easily “spin” around on an erect cock, saying, “fans can enjoy the niche of petite, tiny women all in one place and get an intimate virtual reality experience.”

Members of SpinnersVR.com also receive free access to StuffedVR.com, FantasyGirlVR.com, CatalinaCruz.com, and the whole Fantasy Girl network of 27 sites.

Virtual Reality Adult Entertainment Report

Cruz says members of her site really love petite women, which inspired her to create Spinners VR.

“I am proudly a spinner too at 5’3,” Cruz says. “I know the fans will love this new site [and] I will be inviting spinners to join me live on cam for special events for members.”

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 VRCosplayX Debuts ‘Star Wars VR: A XXX Parody’ Porn Video

star war vr porn parody

 VRCosplayX Debuts ‘Star Wars VR: A XXX Parody’

 BaDoinkVR’s VRCosplayX has announced the debut of its biggest release of the year, “Star Wars VR: A XXX Parody.”

According to the studio, the new title allows fans to fulfill their intergalactic fantasies by taking on Rey from “Star Wars” (played by Taylor Sands, who is joined by co-star Emilio Ardana).

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“[Sands] is very skilled with your lightsaber and makes you come to the ways of the Backside,” says a studio spokesperson. “As the first ‘Star Wars’ adult themed VR experience, ‘Star Wars VR: A XXX Parody’ is out of this world!”

“Put on your VR headset to become a pivotal character in our adult-themed parody of this classic battle between the forces of light and dark,” the spokesperson adds, noting the title was “Shot remotely on the Canary Islands to capture the expansive desert landscapes and futuristic horizons we’ve all grown to love from this iconic story.”

“Star Wars VR: A XXX Parody” was produced in 4K 180-degree stereoscopic VR for what the studio calls “the ultimate POV one-on-one experience!”

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VR Industry Leaders Team to Launch World’s First VR Bundle for Innovation and Research

vr first

VR Industry Leaders Team to Launch World’s First VR Bundle for Innovation and Research

VR First, the global initiative for enabling VR/AR innovation, along with a team of VR/AR industry leaders, announced the launch of the world’s first VR Academic Purpose bundle, consisting of hardware, services and support/mentorship by key industry organizations, designed for academic research, development and innovation purposes. Announced at the VRX Conference & Expo in San Francisco today, the bundle will allow academic institutions and science parks to engage with immersive technologies and grow their VR/AR labs.

VR First’s Academic Purpose VR Bundle

VR First’s Academic Purpose VR Bundle is being made available in partnership with Intel, HTC Vive, Leap Motion, CDWG, Futuremark, MixCast, SpringboardVR and Senses Global. Created to lower entry barriers for students, developers, entrepreneurs and researchers to access the latest VR/AR technologies, the bundle includes:

  • HTC Vive’s VR headset with accessories such as the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap and Vive Tracker, as well as education-related content through the Viveport store;
  • Intel® Core™ i7: VR Ready PCs powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processors to deliver the best experience and performance for VR content creation and development;
  • Leap Motion hand tracking technology directly attached to VR/AR headsets;
  • VRMark Professional Edition benchmarking software for VR performance from Futuremark;
  • MixCast by Blueprint Reality, which enables blending of real people with virtual worlds to create compelling 2D content from VR applications in real-time;
  • SpringboardVR‘s VR management software for automating storage, distribution and launch of VR Content;
  • The Academic Bundle catalogue of procurement and logistics services by international technology solutions provider CDWG;
  • Access to technology solutions & services in VR, AR, Human Augmentation and Smart Robots by Senses Global;
  • Guidance based on standards and recommended practices developed by the IEEE VR/AR Working Group;
  • Access to VR First’s extensive network of industry partners for expertise insight on building powerful communities equipped with cutting edge technology and knowledge.

The Academic VR Bundle is now available through VR First as part of its Regional Growth Services program. VR First is inviting all academic institutions, science parks and innovation centers to join and learn about special bundle rates and opportunities available through VR First’s industry network.

“Starting early 2018, we will add further hardware devices and software solutions to the academic bundle. By that, VR First also expands the addressable market for partners through global academic and developer reach,” said Ferhan Özkan, CEO of VR First.

“Education and academia are pushing the forefront of what’s possible in VR today,” said Daniel O’Brien, GM US, Vive. “VR First has created a bundle of hardware and software that serves academic needs, educational requirements and increases the accessibility HTC Vive globally. We’re happy to support their efforts to bring VR to more educational institutions.”

“As the core innovators of technology, Intel is constantly working on new ways to incentivize VR/AR development on a global scale. It is only right that we cooperate with VR First, IEEE and other industry and network partners to strengthen early adoption and reiterate our shared commitment to the democratization of VR/AR innovation,” said Frank Soqui, General Manager for VR at Intel.

VR First’s Regional Growth Services

The new Academic Purpose VR bundle is a key component of VR First’s Regional Growth Services that include renovation of existing facilities or end-to-end solutions for establishing new VR/AR facilities, as well as training, mentorship and crowd-based online competitions.

As an enabling organization, VR First provides not only expertise but also access to the VR/AR industry and community network on a global scale. This network access is essential to the development of regional strategies and industry vertical clusters centered around these growing facilities.

In this regard, mutual partnerships have been initiated between VR First and global network partners who share the vision of democratizing VR/AR innovation. They include IEEE (the largest technical professional organization in the world with more than 423,000 members in 160 countries), E&I (Cooperative of Higher Education Institutions in the US with 4,100 members), IASP (International Association of Science Park and Areas of Innovation covering close to 400 members in 77 countries), IGDA (The International Game Developers Association with 12,000 members), SMARTlab-IDRC (global research institute for social change based on innovation), WBAF (World Business Angels Investment Forum with 267 angel networks and investors from 52 countries), and VRARA (the VR/AR Association with 51 chapters in 24 countries and 3,900 companies).

Growing interest in VR First’s Regional Growth Services is a result of its Lab Seed Support program started two years ago. Through the program, VR First has sponsored many hackathons and meetups through equipment support, and has established to date more than 50 labs worldwide. New labs currently being added include University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa), HOWEST University (Belgium), European College of Kosovo (Kosovo), Hacettepe University (Turkey), Eastern University (Bangladesh), DuyTan University (Vietnam), Tsinghua University (China), Nueva Granada Military University (Colombia), and University of São Paulo (Brazil). To view the latest VR/AR projects by VR First Labs.

 For more information, please visit http://ift.tt/2nICcWK.

About VR First

VR First is a global program designed to provide state-of-the-art facilities to creators, companies, and governments interested in exploring the power and potential of immersive technologies. VR First Labs and facilities are key locations for nurturing new talent in VR/AR development and converting ideas into business opportunities. Furthermore, VR First offers competition services to prepare companies for the challenges of tomorrow. For more information, visit https://www.vrfirst.com or follow us at https://twitter.com/VRFirstOfficial or http://ift.tt/2pjyZJV.

Intel, the Intel logo, and Intel® Core™ i7 are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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vr porn traffic


Want to Become a Part of Google’s Top Search Results? VRB are Looking for New Affiliates and Partners!

Today, VR Bangers, one of the first adult entertainment sites in the world to produce Virtual Reality adult movies in full 360 degrees, announced, that they are now selling the high quality traffic and tabs for their newest VR Tube website Laidhub.com. The company has succeeded in running the premium VR adult movies platform before, so it is no surprise that their latest tube project with thousands of both classic and virtual reality films got on the first page of Google’s results in a snap.

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“Laidhub is growing in numbers every day, so we have made a decision to sell some traffic and earn new affiliates,” said Daniel Abramovich, the CEO of VR Bangers. “We have carefully thought about the whole thing and took our time, so it is refined in every aspect, and thanks to the experience gained while working on VR Bangers’ network websites, we are ready to cooperate with new people, offering them some excellent traffic and tabs.” 

The offer is quite straightforward: the company is selling desktop and mobiles tabs, and the VR traffic for new affiliates interested in cooperation. Since the website is under a really good positions in Google under the keywords like “VR Porn” and “Free VR Porn”, the deal is ever sweetened, because it consist of both direct and organic traffic.

“Right now, we are selling the desktop and mobile tabs at special end-of-the-year prices,” said Adam Gecko, the Co Founder of Laidhub. “We are calling out for everyone that is interested in such a cooperation, since very soon it is not going to be as cheap, when the limited time offer ends. What do we propose? We have direct deals for banner spaces, VR traffic of the highest quality.

Laidhub.com is a project separate from VR Bangers, since it is a tube site with both regular 2D content and adult movies in virtual reality. Thanks to such a wide variety of materials, everyone can find something for themselves – the site is a kind of a hybrid between premium exclusive VR contents offered by VR Bangers so far and regular tubes with millions of videos of all types and tastes.

“Website consists of thousands of movies of all tags and categories,” Abramovich explained. “We are working with hundreds of producers, and we are willing to cooperate with even more of them. We encourage all studios – both 2D and virtual reality ones – that are interested to be highlighted in our newest project, to become our premium members for both our own and their benefits in the future.”

To contact the VR Bangers for both traffic-related queries or to become the Laidhub’s premium member, visit http://ift.tt/2nOy2g3.

For more information about VR Bangers, visit https://vrbangers.com.

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Sexy Asian Girl in 360 Youtube VR Video Part 13

asian girl 360 vr video

Sexy Asian Girl in 360 VR Video Part 13

Main Archive: Beautiful Asian Women 360 Video


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