He might be the chef!

We've found a little way to make a big difference


Have you seen Ratatouille?

It’s a cute movie. There’s a rat in a restaurant, and it’s not gross because the rat is a chef.

Moral: Sometimes small things have big impact.

Big companies have a habit of putting tons of money and manpower into projects, only to call them off because they’re too small. But everything starts small.

Great small things can turn into great big things. Don’t kill the little ones – they might be the chef.

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Sustainable passion

you're either doing what you're most passionate about


Maybe being passionate about our work doesn’t mean what we think it means.

Passion doesn’t mean neverending love. Passion means…well, passion.

We’re all passionate about something. There’s something that we love talking about, thinking about, even doing — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, or it’s perfect.

It certainly doesn’t mean it will make you want to work 70-hour weeks or sleep in your office.

In his post, Screw Finding Your Passion, Mark Manson writes that we need to stop searching for our passion, because we’ve already found it; what’s left is to stop fearing our passion.

When you love doing something, it’s worth the struggle. It’s worth the difficult days and long nights and sore muscles.

And that’s what will push you to be better. That’s the thing that will get you through.

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Light Up Paperwork with New Sailor Moon Pens

Retailer Bandai has announced they are releasing 5 Sailor Moon themed ball-point pens through their Gasha-Depa online store.

They are currently taking pre-orders from August 10th until the sets sell out and are expected to ship January 2018. It will run you 7,344 yen, roughly $68 U.S. Tax is included, shipping and service fees are not.

The set includes 4 Transforming Pens and 1 glowing Moon Stick. Each pen comes with its own stand and parts, so you can display them as a set or choose your favorite and show it off individually.

Pushing a star button lights the moon up

Are you thinking of adding these exclusive pens to your office desk or pencil case?


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Here’s The Only Playlist You Need For Your Solar Eclipse Viewing Party


In case you found yourself too busy re-watching Game of Thrones, know the first solar eclipse in decades happens this Monday. People want to treat it as something like the Super Bowl of astronomy, and the viewing parties being held across the country need to know the best songs to listen to while watching the eclipse. Any good viewing party requires the proper solar eclipse playlist in order to evoke the suitable witchy and apocalyptic vibes that arise when the sun disappears. A bit different from the perfect moon songs, the best songs to play for the eclipse capture the meeting of both the sun and moon along with the supernatural elements such an occasion calls for.

So as you plan your eclipse viewing party, don’t forget to put together a playlist for the event. Spoiler alert – looking at a solar eclipse directly damages your eyes, even causing blindness! But if you prepare with solar eclipse glasses and a sick set of tunes, you may watch all the excitement without any risk to your corneas all while Bonnie Tyler wails in the background. Curate your solar eclipse playlists well, because if you don’t, people will be talking smack about your playlist for all 40 years it takes to get to the next one

Here’s The Only Playlist You Need For Your Solar Eclipse Viewing Party,

Black Hole Sun

Ain’t No Sunshine

New Moon on Monday

Bad Moon Rising

Spirit in the Sky

Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me

Blinded by the Light


Total Eclipse of My Heart


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