Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Adorable Family Christmas Card Is Finally Revealed

We look forward to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Christmas card every year, but it seemed that a holiday greeting from the royal family wasn’t happening in 2016. On Thursday, however, a handful of Twitter users revealed they’d been the lucky recipients of a card from Will and Kate, which featured a cute photo from one of their outings in Canada in September. The sweet snap, which shows both Prince George and Princess Charlotte looking awestruck in their parents’ arms while waiting for balloon animals, was taken at a children’s party held at Government House in Victoria, British Columbia. Though the candid photo is from Getty photographer Chris Jackson rather than one of the official royal portraits the family has favored in the past, it’s certainly just as adorable, don’t you think?


Apparently I’ll Laugh At Blood Being Added To ‘Home Alone’

“Wait! I need my Jesus Juice first!”
“Jesus Juice? Whoa! Slow down, kid. Joe Pesci just wants to bite your fingers off like it says in the script. Jesus Juice, wow. I’m honestly offended.”
“I don’t even want to do it now. That’s how hurt I am. We’re people too, kid.”
“I’m sorry…”


I don’t post a lot of “viral videos” unless they really make me a laugh, which is a horrible metric because I’m usually watching them late at night after I’m dizzy from sifting through such journalistic gems as “Why Does My Daughter’s Toy Horse Have A Giant Human-Like Cock?” – Don’t question my methods. – So the fact that I actually chuckled at Home Alone With Blood is probably a good sign that I shouldn’t post these, but too late! We’re in too deep now. (Read: I’m already onto the next post and forgot what this one is even about. I’m what the French call les incompetents. Also, if I drink too much Pepsi, I’ll wet the bed. Liking these references? I could do this all day, you little jerk.)

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Adam Driver Says Star Wars Costar Carrie Fisher “Burns Very Bright”

Adam Driver went from quirky Girls actor to Hollywood superstar practically overnight in late 2015 when he played Kylo Ren, the villain at the heart of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. While we imagine being on the set of any Star Wars film would be an incredible experience, Adam had the special pleasure of working with the late Carrie Fisher, who returned to reprise her iconic role as Princess Leia. Adam opened up about the tremendous loss of Carrie while appearing on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Thursday night. "As you can tell from meeting her, she burned very bright, and had such a great, very generous energy," he said. "For that suddenly not to be on set, and we’re talking about it and all publicity, or just in life when you see her at a Star Wars event . . . to have her character – not just her character in the movie, but her character missing from that very small unit – is a tragedy." Watch him talk more about her at the 6:36 mark.


Actors Are Not People

W Magazine published a spread of actresses young and old who will likely be up for awards this January and February when Hollywood stands in a circle and jerks off on one another. Not the black people obviously. read more


We Fully Support Ellen DeGeneres’s Pick For 2017’s Sexiest Man Alive

Dev Patel stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday to talk about his critically acclaimed new movie, Lion. After chatting about his experience getting in shape for the film and the amazing people he got to work with, Ellen turned the conversation toward another very important topic: how adorable Dev is. The host made the actor blush when she revealed that she made a People‘s Sexiest Man Alive cover for him for 2017. "Because you look so good and people are saying you look buff and everything, I had this made for you," she said. "If you print this out, you can hand this out. It’ll help your career. You print these out and hand them out as you’re doing interviews [at the Golden Globes]. There’s no limit to what can happen." See Dev’s sweet reaction above.


John Travolta Healthy Marriage

John Travolta discussed his marriage in a recent interview with Closer Weekly. How could this not be awkward? Spare the poor woman some dignity. Travolta explained that he and Kelly Preston have a very healthy marriage, something only a gay guy would think to say. read more


Nicole Kidman Damaging Her Children

Nicole Kidman did a radio interview with two yentas who call themselves The Moms. You can be a mother or a father, but when your entire identity lies in the fact that you’ve reproduced, you’re a loser. read more