Lena Dunham Sticking With Same Material for 2017

You could imagine Lena Dunham’s unattractive fat girl oppression theme isn’t working because ninety-nine percent of people find her abhorrent. But Dunham knows the other one-percent are rich connected women in New York and Los Angeles who provide her magazine covers and a… read more


Who Will Take the Throne After Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth II is the United Kingdom’s longest-reigning British monarch, but we can’t help but wonder who will take on the crown after her. If her royal highness were to abdicate (give up the royal throne), retire, or pass away, her eldest son Prince Charles would become king – making him the oldest heir to accede to the British throne. Of course, he also has the option to immediately pass the crown on to his oldest son, Prince William, who is second in line to the throne, followed by William’s two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Even though Elizabeth II recently celebrated her 90th birthday, it appears she isn’t ready to give up her royal title quite yet. Sarah Bradford, the author of Queen Elizabeth II: Her Life in Our Times, revealed that she’s never even contemplated abdication, adding, "The queen simply feels she must do her duty."


The Sad but Beautiful Reason the Golden Globe Awards Were First Created

The 74th Golden Globe Awards will take over Beverly Hills on Sunday when Jimmy Fallon hosts the iconic show. But while we’re used to obsessing over every red carpet dress, celebrity couple, and acceptance speech from the glamorous night, there are two facts about the show that might surprise you. While the focus has obviously always been on honoring achievements in filmmaking, the reason the show was created in the first place is both heartbreaking and beautiful.

The show is run by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and the group of journalists that formed the organization back in the 1940s wanted to do something to distract the American people from the war. After the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the journalists formed the organization and gave it the slogan "Unity Without Discrimination of Religion or Race."

While they faced a few hardships at first with low membership and lack of support from the film industry, it eventually grew, and the first Golden Globe Awards were held in January 1944. Over the years, the Golden Globe Awards have also enabled the HFPA to donate more than $23.9 million to entertainment-related charities, as well as funding scholarships and other programs for future film and television professionals. In 2015, donations reached over $2 million in grants destined for nonprofits, institutions, and charities. While we still look forward to all the red carpet fashion and celebrity run-ins every year, this just makes the glitzy show that much brighter.


Ashley Graham Topless Because You’d Be All Over This, Don’t Lie

It’s been almost a month since I reminded everyone that if Ashley Graham gave them the green light, their face would turn into a cartoon wolf despite what god-awful shit they’re about to say in the comments from the safety of a keyboard. So here’s her latest topless photo, and c’mon. This is how Vikings want to die. That water could be poison, and I’d be all like, “Gargle gargle, would you be so kind to knock me out with the left one?” because I believe in manners.

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Madison Beer Wet Swimsuit Outlaw

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How Kate Middleton Has Celebrated Her Birthday For the Past 10 Years

Image Source: Getty / William West

No sooner have the party poppers and champagne corks been cleared away from New Year celebrations than it’s time for more merriment over at Anmer Hall. The Duchess of Cambridge turns 35 on Jan. 9, and Prince William, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte are sure to have big plans on how to make her big day special. So how has Kate celebrated in previous years? As she evolved from girl about town to princess-in-waiting and mum of two, the way she’s chosen to mark her day is an indication of what else was happening in her life at that time, as well as giving insight into what makes her tick.


On her 24th birthday – around two years into her relationship with William – Kate celebrated with her family, but her prince was nowhere to be seen. William had enrolled at Sandhurst military academy two days earlier, however, the pair had just returned from a ski break in the Swiss resort of Klosters with Pippa and some friends. Since William and Kate usually took their ski breaks in March and April it’s likely this was a little pre-birthday break for Kate.


Again Kate spent her birthday without William by her side, as he had recently joined his first regiment. There had been increasing speculation that William was about to propose on Kate’s 25th birthday, and when she left her flat in the morning she was swarmed by paparazzi. An impending proposal was at that time far from the truth, as this was just a couple of months before the couple’s breakup, but William was furious and released a statement. "Miss Middleton should, like any other private individual, be able to go about her every day business without this kind of intrusion. The situation is proving unbearable for all those concerned," it read.


Once again, William was not around on Kate’s birthday (as he’d recently enrolled in further military training), but the pair were in a much happier place and committed to a future together. Kate piled into a taxi with her mom and sister, and they all went out for the evening in London together.


William was certainly by Kate’s side when she turned 27 – much was made of the fact his car was parked in the driveway of her parents’ home, marking the first time he’d publicly stayed over with his future in-laws. Kate celebrated at the Middleton’s home with her family and boyfriend of five years.


Once again, Kate celebrated her big day at her parents’ home with William.


The last birthday Kate celebrated before she got married was a low-key affair. She and William had just returned from the wedding of their friends Sarah Louise Stourton and Harry Aubrey-Fletcher in Yorkshire.

Image Source: Getty / Jon Furniss


The night before Kate’s 30th birthday, she spent the evening with Steven Spielberg, Tom Hiddleston, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Not bad for a rainy day in January! She and William attended the royal gala premiere of War Horse, and it was reported that Spielberg’s wife Kate Capshaw passed her a tissue when she noticed Kate was feeling the emotion of the film. The following day, Kate elaborated with dinner in the private dining room of a Kensington restaurant with friends and family.


The following year, when she was pregnant with Prince George, Kate took in the Cirque du Soleil show Kooza at the Royal Albert Hall with William, friends, and family. It was only the second time she’d been seen in public after being hospitalized with hyperemisis gravidarum.


Her first birthday with Prince George was a relaxed one. William was studying agriculture at Cambridge University, so she spent the day with her mother and sister.


Kate was approaching the last trimester of her pregnancy with Princess Charlotte, and spent her birthday quietly at home with William and George.

Image Source: Getty / Max Mumby/Indigo


Last year Kate celebrated at home in Anmer Hall friends and family. They all stayed overnight and were up bright and early with Kate and William the following morning for a church service with the Queen and Prince Philip.


Doutzen Kroes in A Bikini

Doutzen Kroes is the first chick to ever marry a DJ and be happy. That comes from being a skinny model who takes home five million a year whether or not your husband has a real job. read more


Doutzen Kroes in A Bikini

Doutzen Kroes is the first chick to ever marry a DJ and be happy. That comes from being a skinny model who takes home five million a year whether or not your husband has a real job. read more


Kenya Moore Pulls a Gun

In the old days, three people trespassed on your property and you shot them and everybody went about their business. An old dude brought by the wooden coffins by sundown to clean up the mess. read more