Lots of Lilac


This sweater is from last winter (you can see where I first wore it here!) and it’s a favorite from Rebecca Taylor. I bought it because I was trying to hide my pregnancy on the blog at the time and the loose-fitting sweater was just right. It’s funny at the time I thought I was just SO noticeably pregnant — which makes me laugh now because I just looked like I had a big lunch in the first trimester. I had NO idea what I was in store for with those last few months of the bump. But as someone who lives and breathes for clothes that don’t touch my body, I am saying thank you past Kendi for taking a chance on this lilac sweater. It’s been a favorite this winter. I found this sweater that is a very very close similar and it’s well under $50! Find it here or look below for more options.

Isn’t it funny when you like something when you buy it but later you re-discover it and it becomes your very fave? That’s how I feel about this sweater. I think more than anything it’s the color — this lilac is muted and when paired with black or grey denim it takes the sweet down a notch. Speaking of denim, these are my Levi’s Mile High jeans again. I’m telling you  — one of the best pairs of denim I’ve found under $100! You can find them here.

Since this sweater is a past style, I’ve found a few options to fulfill that lilac lust you are bound to be having by now! See the fun options below! (And if you just love the shape of this Rebecca Taylor sweater, it’s available this season in blue!)

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