Three Videos of Stan Getz


When Stan Gets is playing, I can’t stop listening. No really, I can’t stop him mid-track. His sound is so potent and hypnotic that I have to leave him on. Yesterday, the phone was ringing while I was listening to Stan Getz at Storyville. I let the call go to voicemail when I should have answered it. I almost clicked pause but I didn’t. That’s the influence Getz has over me. So let’s end the week with three great videos of Getz:

Here’s Getz and Byrd playing "South American stuff" on TV’s Perry Como Show

Here’s a half hour of Getz playing great ballads…

Here’s Getz at the London School of Economics in 1966 with the great Gary Burton on vibes…

And here’s a clip of Tony Bennett and Stan Getz on Out of This World


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