Concert Review: LCD Soundsystem, Dec 3, ACC

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LCD Soundsystem is awesome live. This was my assessment of them before their show on Sunday and nothing has changed about that since.

Returning to Toronto for the first time since their “retirement”, expectations were high among the all aged group. The ACC was an interesting choice for a band which finds themselves at the point in their careers where they are too big for small indie venues but not big enough to fill out an arena. As a result the upper level was tarped off and the general admission area had plenty of space. I guess I was at the front on the floors so that is how I experienced the show.

Taking a hint from the title of their documentary, LCD Soundsystem more or less “shut up and play the hits” and it was great. Much like all their other albums, American Dream popped out live. All the songs you had doubts about on that album just made sense with a live gand. Assessing LCD Soundsystem just by listening to their album doesn’t serve the band right. In concert, everything just sounds … right. The pounding percussion, the bass lines, the dabs of synth … It all just melds together into something that makes you want to dance. Of course it’s all led by James Murphy, tightly holding the mic and spitting out lyrics that sound intimate despite being in a cavernous arena.

It’s a testament to the band that they can skip songs like Daft Punk, Losing my edge, Drunk girls and New York and it didn’t really affect my feelings about the night. Every song sounds like a hit under the helm of the group and that fact actually makes you appreciate their music more.

Having said that when those first notes of All My Friends hits, I still get goosebumps. It’s an euphoric song, and one of the best set closers you can have. When the chrous hits, and me and the entire crowd are dancing and singing along, I really do wonder where all my friends are because I think they all deserve to see a LCD Soundsystem show once in their life. It’s that great.

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