Horoscopes for the Week of November 20th

Collage by Chani

Astrology of the Week

Tuesday, November 21st   

Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn, both at 17°

Sun enters Sagittarius

Wednesday, November 22nd    

Neptune stations Direct at 11° of Pisces

Saturday, November 25th     

Mercury in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries, both at 25°

Growth isn’t easy. It requires discomfort. It requires that we navigate around our expectations that things should be easy. It requires that we hold our reactions to what is uncomfortable.  Long enough to learn something about ourselves. Long enough to get to know what has remained hidden until now. Long enough to learn how to love ourselves through the process that we are in.

As Scorpio season comes to a close (though lessons from these waters will not run dry entirely, as Jupiter will remain there all year), Venus lines up to form a sextile with Pluto. This transit encourages us to integrate the lessons that Scorpio season flooded us with. This transit helps us to honor the intensity of our love. This transit reminds us of the transformative power of connection. This transit can reawaken our commitment to reducing harm by understanding how and when we tend to perpetuate it.

We heal a little bit of our hearts each time we witness ourselves in our entirety. We all must learn to love the hardest parts of ourselves back into softness.

On the same day as the Venus/Pluto sextile, the sun moves into Sagittarius. From the regenerative subterranean escapades of Scorpio season, the sun’s entrance into Sagittarius inspires us to make leaps and bounds above ground. Flying through time and space, Sagittarius is the seeker, the journeyer, the teacher, the wisdom-carrier.

The sun meets Mercury and Saturn while in Sagittarius. Both planets are currently undergoing incredibly important journeys here. Mercury, already slowing down to station retrograde on December 3rd, will cross paths with Saturn not once, but two times. Saturn, about to end its 2.5 year journey through Sagittarius, is tying up the lessons we have learned here. In the coming weeks we will be reviewing them. Lessons of faith and fortitude. Explorations and practical innovations. Building structures sturdy and flexible enough to be home to our ever-expanding understanding of the world and our place in it.

This Saturday, Mercury will trine Uranus, asking us to receive and deliver the ideas that see life beyond the boxes we are taught to put ourselves into. It’s a transit that helps us find new strategies to old problems and, as Mercury moves more slowly, this wisdom reminds us that it isn’t about how fast we move, but how thoughtfully we do.

Wednesday pulls focus, however, as Neptune stations direct at 11° of Pisces. Any planet changing direction will tend to do that. Neptune, deity of the oceans and seas, in Pisces, the mutable water sign, reminds us of the fluids that connect us all. Oceans. Tears. Waters of the womb. We are dependent on water. Indebted to water. Descendants of water.

Neptune is a planet that infuses whatever it touches with idealism. Escapism. Fantasy. It reminds us of the incredible power of suggestion. Of imagery. Of intoxicants. Neptune works through images, dreams, and illusions. Sometimes we need a little make-believe in order to get into the groove of manifesting something into being. Sometimes we have to fake it until we make it. With Neptune stationing direct, this aspect of our personal and collective world gets amplified.

Look to see if you have any planets between 10° – 12° of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius as they will be most effected by this transit.

*Your weekly horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, we really appreciate it and you!

Aries & Aries Rising

This week’s astrology pulls focus on your long-term plans. As the sun moves into Sagittarius, issues with travel, teaching, learning and publishing opportunities surface. This moment isn’t about barreling ahead, however. This moment is best spent gathering information about which of your adventures have been the most satisfying, and which have been more taxing than they were worth.

These next few weeks will ask you to review the lessons of the past 2-3 years. Lessons about your faith. Philosophies. Strategies for the future. Take some time this week to investigate what propelled you onto the path that you are currently on. Why did you decide to move in this direction? Which of your intentions for doing so are still solid and sustaining? Which were based in fear? A feeling of lack? The need to fill in a gap?

Notice what intentions lie at the center of your current plans for the future. How in-line are they with your integrity? Do they amplify it? Do they contradict it? How does the thought of your future strategies strengthen you? Increase your energy? Inspire your best to come forth? If the thought of them doesn’t, the reality of them won’t. Remember to keep orienting yourself towards all that wakes you up, and keep divesting from all that keeps you numb to your soul’s desires.

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Taurus & Taurus Rising

It’s a good time to contemplate why you’d do it. It’s a good time to question if you really have it to give. It’s a good time to ponder if it’s a fair trade.

For both sides.

As the sun enters Sagittarius, joining Mercury and Saturn, it highlights the progress and the prickly edges of your exchanges. It asks you to contemplate what you give your energy to. And why. Allow time to investigate your reasons for giving others your time, energy and talents. Investigate what you are actually asking of others when you need their efforts and exchanges.

Make sure that every investment you make, or ask others to, is aligned with motivations you can write home about. Make an effort to remember the boundaries that keep you feeling firmly rooted in yourself. Remind yourself that your power is amplified every time you enter into partnerships that honor your limits and support your steady growth.

This week highlights the hopefulness that friends can fill you with and the importance of sharing your dreams with those that weave the same kind of reflective reverie. Find yourself in the places that support your visions and your aspirations for the future to keep you buoyed in the present.

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Gemini & Gemini Rising

What dreams do you have for your career? What visions do you hold for your professional life? What do you most wish your work to be infused with?

Brew your potions. Intoxicate your profession with them. Seduce your aspirations into reality. 

This week, as Neptune stations direct it encourages you to believe in the power of invoking all that you want to experience in your career.

You are a powerful creator.

Place your awareness on all that you wish to experience more of so that you will naturally veer towards creating it. Make a point of praising your desires. Invite them into your consciousness so that you can experience their emotional impact on you. Whatever we feel strongly about, we tend to make more of. Feel your way into the creation of your success.

Take some time this week to daydream about the kind of impact you wish to make in the world. The kind of sentiment you wish to inspire in others. The kind of kindness you hope gets paid forward. Take note of the relationships that help guide you, inspire you and support you in your journey. The relationships that hold you accountable to your goals. The relationships that serve as good containers for your concoctions. The relationships that require your commitment and your dedication to moving through the process of becoming. A good relationship will pull every poison from our system. The trick is learning how to hold the experience without shutting down, blaming others or shaming ourselves for being human. The coming weeks will teach you many lessons along these lines. Stay open to learning something entirely new about you and your partners. 

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Cancer & Cancer Rising

This week give yourself some room to move around. You don’t have to have a good reason for an adventure. Needing one is enough.

Get some fresh air in your lungs. Sunlight on your skin. New environments that inspire you.

With an incredible amount of work to get done over the coming month, you’ll need to fortify yourself with all that keeps you inspired to engage in your growth process. Practices that have you developing your spiritual strength. Routines that keep your awareness on the bigger picture. Whatever helps you to stay connected to yourself, do a little more of it everyday.

There is more to this moment than you can make out. More to this time than might make sense. More to the events that are unfolding than you might understand. Your work is to trust the process that you are in. Your work is to stay with it until the end. Your work is to know that whatever you leave prematurely will have to be dealt with in another form. You can choose to learn the lessons somewhere else, but you can’t opt out of them completely. Choosing to support yourself through any discomfort can be key to moving more efficiently towards resolution. Towards a clearer understanding of what is needed from you in the moment. Towards a more integrated understanding of what life is helping you to develop internally, in spite of how it might appear on the outside.

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Leo & Leo Rising

Your creations need you. Wait for you. Work your last nerve sometimes, but the efforts that you put into your creative projects come back to you a million fold over the following weeks and months.

Whatever you have learned about focusing your talent to grow your potential is your golden ticket to fulfillment. Every small thing you do, every seemingly insignificant skill you master, every mindful moment you give your projects adds up to a major accomplishment. It adds up to a life spent in relationship with your potential. It adds up to proving your talents are worth the effort to work on. It adds up to giving yourself the opportunity to find out how you shine.

As you work to reclaim the right to take up space, be encouraging with yourself. As you begin to integrate recent lessons about healing the wounds of your past, be gentle with your process. As you continue to learn what it means to meet your own needs, congratulate yourself every time you do. Most of us are still waiting for someone somewhere to give us a little nod of appreciation. Some of us are still awaiting thunderous applause. Give yourself a little of both. Cheer your sincere efforts on. The worst that can happen is that you start to enjoy the effort it takes to create your life as you need it to be.

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Virgo & Virgo Rising

What are you learning to let your partners help you with? Hold you through? Carry with you? What softening has your heart been yearning to melt into? Embrace? Experience?

Ask for help. Allow yourself time to express, experience and witness your vulnerability. It is powerful. Intelligent. Full of information to unpack. Vulnerability is a virtue. It is a portal through which we can connect to the moment more fully. Find the spaces where it is safe for you to be so. Spaces that are strong enough to hold your tenderest parts. Spaces wise enough to reflect the truth of your experiences.

Opening to the moment reminds us that success isn’t always in the accomplishing of things. It is also (and maybe mostly) in our ability to learn along the way. Give yourself permission to take this time to honor what you are being taught.

As the sun, Mercury and Saturn sink down to the root of your chart, you’re asked to take notice of what you have as a foundation. What homes you have been able to build over the past 3 years. What family dynamics you have to review your relationship to.

You are closing in on understanding, in a much deeper way, the needs that you have and how to fulfill them. Stay with that process as it is bound to bring you information over the next month that will reveal to you things you didn’t know you needed.

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Libra & Libra Rising

The next month asks you to take an in-depth look at the ways in which you use your days. The ways in which you structure your time tells a tale. Where you put your conscious awareness has an impact.

The planets are suggesting a mental cleanse. A media diet. A boundary to help reclaim your attention. To protect your intellectual energy. To encourage your ability to think on your own terms. The planets want to help you move into a deeper relationship with your intuition. Your internal way of knowing. Your gut reaction.

Give yourself some time to experiment with what disciplines help you access this wisdom within. Which help you attain mental clarity. Which bring you moments of calm. Which help you tap into the power of your thoughts when directed towards where you have agency. Keep oriented towards the moment. The future is a fine thing to ponder, but right now you are being asked to be incredibly intentional about how you spend the moment that you are in.

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Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

The material realm is a wonderful teacher. Financial consequences generally grab hold of our attention immediately. The trick is to take the lessons seriously without getting tricked into thinking that material objects hold more power than we do. Or any power save for what we give them.

Over the past 3 years you’ve been asked to make what you can from the assets that you have access to. It’s been a test of your tenacity. Creativity. Ability to dedicate yourself to the incredible task of building yourself a bridge to the support that you need. 

Now it’s time to review that bridge. Making sure it is steady. Making sure it is reliable. Making sure that you know it is still a work in progress. The point of this work hasn’t been to make any one immovable decision about your work. The point has been to make your dedication to your spiritual growth, through your experiences of the physical world unfaltering. Unwavering. You are not what you earn or amass. You are what you feel about yourself as you do so.

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Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

The consequences of what you say yes to are extra impactful over the next month. Say yes to what you want to help take shape. Say yes to what you are willing to struggle with. Say yes to what you are prepared to work hard with and for.

The ripple effect of what you say no to has a defining quality that cannot be underestimated at the moment. Give yourself time when you need to negotiate. Ask for a moment to sit with things. Sleep on them. Mull them over.

You have the right to take your time.

You need never rush a right decision. What isn’t yours isn’t going to work out no matter if you hurry it or run circles around it. But what is yours will always be. Look for what is effortless to say yes to.

As the sun, Mercury and Saturn all come together in Sagittarius you get to reflect upon the incredible work you’ve done on yourself over the past 3 years. What you have said yes to is now nothing short of the foundation that holds you. What you have said no to is nothing short of having helped you self-actualize. Your current form is no mistake. What you have been able to define for yourself, what you have been able to bring into form, what you have been able to make real needs to be honored. Bless the efforts you have made. Make sure that you keep yourself on the same kind of growth-enhancing track. Remind yourself that the process of becoming is a daunting one, but one that is never-ending in its gifts.   

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Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Your secret life is one to protect. Honor. Accept as it is. Your experience of this part of yourself is incredibly important. The insights that it brings to light. The long-lost information that it helps to resurface. The long-forgotten realities that drive you in one direction or another.

The shadow self holds incredible power.

Over the next month you are likely to experience this power. The parts of yourself that you either haven’t ever been aware of or parts of yourself that you haven’t bumped into in a while will make themselves known. These introductions come bearing gifts of self-knowledge and affirmation, but they might appear more monstrous than friendly at first.

As humans we tend to project our greatest fears onto whatever is a convenient target. Instead of buying into feelings of fear, shame or blame, take note if there is another way to move with the feelings that come up from moment to moment. Get very curious about what you might be projecting outwards that can only be resolved inwardly. Stay with what you are experiencing and keep asking how you might address it with more awareness, compassion and perception.

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Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Spend some time clarifying what dreams you are directing your energy towards. What goals of common good are you applying your talents to? What futures are you learning to redefine for yourself?

Your visions for upcoming possibilities have never been conceived by anyone else. They need not be judged by any other standard save their own. They need not be devalued because they have never known the light of day.

They need only know the light of your love, encouragement, effort and appreciation.

Over the coming weeks these visions for the future will be both tested and encouraged. Those around you may misunderstand the potential that your ideas bear. Those around you might dampen some of your optimism. Those around you will provide you with some much needed feedback sparking interesting spin-offs for you to try out. Don’t be dissuaded by those that don’t get it but don’t be too proud to take in the suggestions that are supporting the ultimate growth of what you’ve got going on.

This is a time that, in general, encourages your professional empowerment. Part of the way in which you’ll be supported in this is by learning how to move through what used to stop you. Confuse you. Derail you. Over the past 3 years you’ve been able to develop better boundaries around all of this, but the next month will review their strength and structure, helping you to ultimately be a better accomplice to your wildest dreams. 

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Pisces & Pisces Rising

What part of you needs to be witnessed this week? Understood? Embraced? Given a place? What yearning in your heart needs to be noticed? Acknowledged? Integrated into consciousness?

With the sun, Mercury and Saturn all in Sagittarius and the most elevated area of your chart, some part of yourself wants to be made known. Given a job to do. Pay attention to when you start to crave attention. What part of you is in need of praise? Give it to yourself with as much generosity as you can muster. Give it to yourself with as much encouragement as you can collect. Give it to yourself with as much power as you can access.   

Most of us are in constant need of encouraging redirection. Most of us need to be reminded that we are enough, as is. Most of us need to be constantly reconnecting to the possibility that the moment holds, not just the problems that it is revealing.

Find ways to do that in both your personal and professional life over the next few weeks. Keep asking yourself what you most wish to be possible for you professionally and then encourage yourself into taking actions to make it a reality. 

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