Ask Alan: What’s The Best-Looking TV Show Ever?

Time for another installment of Ask Alan, as I take your questions about the past, present, and future of TV.

It’s a three-question week, and I promise I did not choose the first question — about the best-looking TV show of all time — as an excuse to plug this week’s release of Breaking Bad 101: The Complete Critical Companion. Well, not entirely, anyway. But just as The Simpsons is hard to beat for me with any kind of comedy superlative question, when you want to know about the show with the greatest cinematography ever, you’ve gotta start out down in ABQ.

Up next is a query about what comic book I might like to see adapted next into a TV series. Given some of TV’s recent struggles with both traditional superhero stories and wilder epics, I went in a different direction with some praise for a longtime favorite: Kurt Busiek’s life in a superhero world anthology Astro City. If my description sounded intriguing, you can start out with the first volume, Life in the Big City, which is a collection of short stories, and the second, Confession, a serialized tale of how a civilian teenager becomes a superhero’s sidekick.

And we close things out with a holiday-related question: Is the Columbus Day episode of The Sopranos the only universally agreed-upon worst episode of a great series?

As always, you can email me questions at, or tweet at me with the hashtag #AskAlanDay.


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