10 Things I Love Sunday

Or as my niece would say, “10 Sings I Love Sunday.” 🙂

1. “What my home really looks like” by Justina Blakeney. Definitely one of my favorite posts in my blog reader for quite some time! What I took away from this post was a lot of encouragement that a home can be both beautiful and “real” at the same time.

As a blogger I am used to the fact that my home is more perfect in photos than it is for real, but I enjoyed seeing someone else’s everyday home SO much. I am going to follow Justina’s lead and photograph one of these “real life” home tours for you soon.

2. Just pulled out my HOCUS POCUS hoodie for fall. (You can get a hoodie here or a tee here—they GLOW in the dark too!)

3. A rainbow mirror. I would totally buy this, but I am running out of walls! Maybe it’s perfect for your home?

4. I love baskets like this one to hide my plastic planters in. This one too.

5. So happy for our friend Ashley of Sugar + Cloth! And loving these beautiful maternity portraits.

6. How cute are these dinosaur pillows?

7. My friend Andi’s book came out this week! It’s called Wanderful.

8. We visited New Orleans this past weekend! Our favorite spots were Cane & Table, Cafe Amelie (you have to go at night and when it’s nice enough to sit on the patio—totally magical!) and Pisco Bar. But honestly, we had SO MUCH good food—it was insane. It was definitely one of the best foodie trips we’ve ever been on!

We didn’t stand in the Cafe Du Monde line because it was bananas. Respect to anyone willing to wait in that line, but I don’t think my marriage could have survived it. Haha!

I truly loved New Orleans and already cannot wait to go back!

9. These panda shoes don’t come in the right size for Nova, but someone needs them for their baby. SO CUTE!

10. I just sent this book to China for Nova and it makes me the happiest knowing she’ll be getting a package from us soon. I asked if I could send her a Halloween costume too (hahaha), but they said no.

Outfit details from the photo above: Dress/Free People (size down), Sandals/Seychelles, Sunglasses/UO, Bag/Ceri Hoover.

Happy Sunday! Elsie

Source: http://ift.tt/17lPWE9

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