Tile, counters and paint in the new house!

Hello hello! I’m excited to share the latest house updates with you! These are brand-spanking-new photos, just taken this morning. Let me tell you…the drywall/paint process was literally like watching paint dry. It felt like it took for.ev.er. For about two months it seemed like not a whole lot was happening, even though we knew plenty was getting done.

But the past couple of weeks we’ve had a TON of progress! Something new happens every day and it’s something we can SEE. That’s always fun. 😉 
The paint was finished this week and I went with Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams in the whole house. I loved it SO much in my winning Design Dash room and was planning to paint our old family room and kitchen in it as well. It is a lovely neutral color. 
This is my office and it doesn’t look like much — but it’s going to be awesome when I’m done with it. I have big plans in this space!:
future office space
The best part? This room is done other than flooring and outlets. I’m taking a light from our last house to put in here. 
I don’t think I’ve share our bathroom yet? Lots of progress in here! We were at the house yesterday evening and went in this morning to see all of this tile!:
ceramic tile that looks like marble
That tile is ceramic but looks like marble. Love it. It’s going in the mud/laundry as well. Most days we stop by in the morning and then at night, and it’s been fun to see so much get done every day. These crews work their butts off! 
It’s funny because some of the areas I’m most excited about in this house are the smallest — our storage/coat closet in the mud room, the pantry, and this shower in our master. I’ve shaved my legs balancing like a (not-so-graceful) flamingo for more than 13 years. I can’t even imagine having this much space in a shower!! 
Another spot we’re really happy with is the covered porch:
covered porch with big windows
We have been day dreaming of future evenings out here for months. I LOVE the detail on the ceiling! We didn’t even notice it was finished till we looked at these pictures. So much has been done lately, it’s almost hard to keep track. It will get painted white (I think it’s white anyway, I need to check on that).  
The cement was poured last week — funny how exciting a driveway is when you’re waiting on your house to be finished! 🙂 

The kitchen doesn’t look too different from last time, but the granite was installed!:

gray island white cabinets
The island will be butcher block and I’m not sure when that will be in. Can’t wait to see that! Some of the trim was wrong (the island end piece and some crown) so we’re still waiting on that. The hardware is supposed to be installed soon and that’s another one I’m excited to see! (As you can tell, there isn’t much I’m NOT excited about!)
I’ve always wanted to add a barn door to our house, but our old home didn’t have a good spot. I’ve been eyeing this wall for months:
white five panel doors
The wall to the right is really long and I’m already stumped at what to do with it. I think the door will give it some interest. (It will need to clear the switches obviously.) I’m thinking of building something with a slightly more modern look instead of the traditional barn door. 
I didn’t go with black interior doors for two reasons. The costs were adding up and it was a project I knew I could do myself at some point. And like our last house, I want to live in this one before I make big decor decisions. I know they would look fantastic, but I don’t know yet if this house calls for it — we’ll just have to see!
The railings are in and the spindles are painted — they wait till the end to install those and the steps: 
dark stair railings with white balusters
As much as I am dying to see it all in, I appreciate that they do that. Too much traffic up and down these for the next few weeks and we don’t want them damaged. The treads have been stained and look  BEAUTIFUL! The stained steps were one thing I knew I wanted in this forever house — our wood steps and white risers are one of my favorite parts of our old one. 😊
And finally, the room that is already our favorite…the family room: 
two story fireplace
I have big plans in here and so far they do NOT include built ins! Can you believe it? I may change my mind — I have an idea of what I want to do but that may not be what we end up with. That’s the fun part of a new house! Who knows what will happen? 🙂 
You can see all of the finishes we picked for the house in this post. Next up is flooring — I keep saying when the hardwoods go in it will be so close to done! The next big thing after that is lighting. It feels like we’re getting close…I’m so excited I can barely stand it! I would LOVE to decorate this house for Halloween…we’re crossing our fingers that will happen. 🎃

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