Win a Star Wars Galactic Necklace From ThinkGeek!

Here’s a Labor Day treat for you all – a Star Wars Galactic Necklace from our friends at ThinkGeek.

I have no doubt you already have a nice collection of Star Wars jewelry, but you there’s always space for one more necklace, isn’t there? If not, then get a TARDIS.

This piece of Star Wars jewelry won’t take up a lot of space, though, and you’ll definitely want to have one – whether you wear it or give it to someone special.

The Star Wars Galactic Necklace is a new ThinkGeek release, so you’ll probably be the first among your friends to have one. Imagine how much Star Wars cred you’ll rack up when you show up with an entire galaxy dangling down your neck.

Brilliant is the word.

star wars jewelry

This piece of officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise is a ThinkGeek exclusive. It features 9 celestial bodies from Star Wars: Coruscant, Alderaan, Yavin 4, Tatooine, Sullust, Dagobah, Hoth, Endor, and Bespin PLUS the Death Star, an X-Wing, a TIE Fighter, and an asteroid belt.

It comes in a box, so you’re all set if you’re going to give it as a gift. When you open the lid, you’ll see a guide identifying the planets.

The necklace’s dimensions: 17″ long chain with 3″ extender for a total of 20″.

The image below shows you all the planets and the material each is made of.

star wars necklace

If you need to buy one now or get more than one, shell out $39.99 for the silver-plated necklace.


So, on to the giveaway…

It starts today, September 4, Monday, and ends on September 7, Thursday. The winner will be announced on September 8, Friday.

You can tweet once a day, every day, to increase your chances of winning.

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May the 4th (of September) be with you. Or something like that.


26 Replies to “Win a Star Wars Galactic Necklace From ThinkGeek!”

  1. I love the moon. I love that we can see the craters, that at different times of the year it is closer and larger plus different colors.

  2. Of course I love Earth but I’m fascinated with Mars!! Is there really water there or was there ever water there? If there’s water, there has to be life!!!

  3. My favorite planet is MARS! I have pretty much been obsessed with seeing it in the sky every night. i think its pretty cool that someday we could possibly live there!!!

  4. My favorite planet in the Star Wars universe is “Hoth”, probably because everyone has badass snowsuits and Empire is my favorite movie. If we are talking planets in our solar system, I think Uranus is interesting because it lies on its side.

  5. Pluto is still a planet to me darnit,so Pluto,lol! Though Saturn has always fascinated me.I think the rings are super cool.

  6. My favorite is Jupiter, it’s the largest, it’s a gas giant, and it’s got that giant red spot storm which is huge! It’s also really pretty to me.

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