Reading Aloud

I don’t remember my parents reading aloud to me, though I’m sure they did. I do remember reading to my kids. In fact, I still do if I can talk them into it. Or hogtie them. I also used to be the audiobook when traveling, reading over long trips to my husband and the kids. In fact, that’s how I introduced them to Harry Potter. Before that I’d read just to my husband, often reading mysteries and thrillers.

I really enjoyed reading out loud. I also enjoy audiobooks, but I liked being the reader. In the ‘good old days,’ people frequently read aloud to each other and that sparked conversations, shared experiences, shared jokes, and many other things. . Maybe books, maybe scripture or sermons, maybe letters, maybe magazines and news, and anything else they could lay hands on. It was part of the family life–though not so much in the classes who couldn’t read or afford reading material. That got replaced to some extent by radio, and then by TV and other electronics. It’s a shame. They don’t result in the same kind of bonding experience. More than that, it’s just fun.

When I was a kid, we used to listen to Mystery Theater on the radio on the way to 4H meetings and home. I loved those shows. I wish I had access to them still. Does anybody remember it?

It’s funny how we stop reading to kids and having that experience when they reach a certain age (it differs for everyone) and then most of us just never pick it up again. I sometimes feel a little awkward reading, but I enjoy it. Not sure I can get my teen kids to sit still for it, or my husband, but I think I might bring back the tradition. Maybe one night a week. A short story would be a good choice. Something short enough not to have to continue week to week might keep them involved better. Or maybe just read every night for a little bit.




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