Podcast #282: How a Man Develops His Sense of Style

You’ve probably encountered a man who has an impeccable sense of style. The way he presents himself —  down to the smallest details — creates an impression that seems confident, but not fastidious. How does a man develop this type of a style sense? Is it something innate or something acquired through lots of trial and error? 

My guest today explores those questions in his book, Men and Style: Essays, Interviews and Considerations. His name is David Coggins, and he’s written for Esquire, The Financial Times, and Traveler. In Men and Style, he interviews some of the biggest tastemakers in menswear today to figure out the alchemy of the sartorial arts. Today on the show, David and I discuss how a man’s father leaves a lasting influence on his taste in clothing, the style mistakes even the most dapper of grown men made as teenagers, and how the goal of style isn’t to religiously follow rules, but rather to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Even if you’ve never thought much about how you dress, this is a fun podcast. And it’s your chance to hear about the goofy clothes I wore in high school. 

Show Highlights

  • Why David decided to write a style book of tastemaker interviews rather than a how-to
  • How fathers influence the style of their kids — especially as they become adults
  • Where tastemaking men in the world of style got their taste from
  • The lasting impact of men’s magazines like GQ, Playboy, and Esquire
  • The age at which one defines their style
  • How your style changes as you get older and the phases of style one goes through
  • Garish mistakes that even style experts have made
  • Combining style, authenticity, and presentation
  • Reasons to dress better than you probably do right now
  • What David wears at home, and how what he wears impacts his mindset
  • Why dressing like Don Draper is bad idea
  • Addressing young men’s complaints about “dad style” and looking too old
  • How women like to see men dress
  • Items that every guy needs in his wardrobe
  • Where can men express their style besides clothing?

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