Your Pizza Preferences Will Reveal A Thing You Do But Don’t Tell Anyone About

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      Green pepper

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      Just cheese

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    1. Green pepper

    2. Bacon

    3. Jalapeños

    1. Pepperoni

    2. Onions

    3. Pineapple

    1. Sausage

    2. Chicken

    3. Ham

    1. Black Olives

    2. Mushrooms

    3. I said JUST CHEESE

Your Pizza Preferences Will Reveal A Thing You Do But Don’t Tell Anyone About

  1. You got:

    You have imaginary arguments in the shower

    There’s always someone who you want to give a piece of your mind, but you’ll probably never do it. So instead you just argue with them in your head while you’re in the shower. It’s therapeutic, right?

  2. You got:

    You feel awkward leaving a store without buying anything

    You didn’t steal anything. You’re a law-abiding citizen. Yet every time you walk through a store’s security detectors without having purchased anything, you have to tell yourself to act natural. But then you worry that they’ll think that you’re hiding something because you look nervous.

  3. You got:

    You hate having to make phone calls

    God, why does anyone ever still use the phone? Texting and emailing is just easier and faster and you don’t have to panic about talking to a human. It’s a miracle you ever manage to make a dentist appointment.

  4. You got:

    Sometimes people say something and you don’t want to make them repeat it so you just nod

    OK, so you know when you’re at a party, and somebody says something to you, but you can’t hear them? So they repeat it, and you still can’t hear them? It’d be so awkward to make them say it a third time, so you just nod and maybe give them a little laugh and hope to god that’s the right response.

  5. You got:

    You need to watch something happy/funny after a horror movie even though you’re an adult

    If you watch a horror movie alone in your apartment, especially right before bed, you need a little palate cleanser after it’s done. Yes, you are a grown-ass adult and you shouldn’t be afraid of monsters, but your apartment is very dark at night, OK?

  6. You got:

    You panic when you’re putting change back into your wallet and there’s a line behind you

    You know that you always side-eye people who take up too much time at the register, so when you pay with cash and get change back, you try to cram it into your wallet as fast as you can so that the people waiting behind you don’t hate you. Of course, this means that you inevitably drop a dime or two, which means it just takes longer and your panic builds. Sigh.

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