Uptown Meets Downtown

If you glanced quickly at this apartment featured on Architectural Digest, you might think it’s located on the Upper East Side of New York. Turns out, it is actually located in a brand new building in the West Village. Designer Alexander Doherty did a wonderful job adding wood moldings and traditional details that give the spaces a perfect backdrop to the great mix of contemporary furniture and modern art. After checking out Doherty’s website, I realized he’s also great at elegantly using color in his projects which makes me eager to watch his career progress.
alexander-doherty-weat-village-apt-ad-habituallychic-002 alexander-doherty-weat-village-apt-ad-habituallychic-003 alexander-doherty-weat-village-apt-ad-habituallychic-004 alexander-doherty-weat-village-apt-ad-habituallychic-005 alexander-doherty-weat-village-apt-ad-habituallychic-006 alexander-doherty-weat-village-apt-ad-habituallychic-007 alexander-doherty-weat-village-apt-ad-habituallychic-008 alexander-doherty-weat-village-apt-ad-habituallychic-009


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