Exploring the Stunning Western Australian Coastline from the…

Exploring the Stunning Western Australian Coastline from the Sky

Find more of Jampal and Michael’s work at @saltywings on Instagram.

“Our passion for photography and filmmaking came first, then drones,” says Jampal Williamson, who runs @saltywings with friend Michael Goetze. “In late 2015, we had an idea to explore and photograph the West Australian coastline with aerial technology,” says Michael. That idea grew into a video production house in Perth, where the duo works on daily posts. Using their experience as surfers to wait for perfect weather conditions, they fly and film just before sunrise or after sunset to capture a warm glow on the landscape. “Aesthetically, we are looking to capture a sense of wonder in our photographs,” says Jampal. “We want our work to provide people with an escape to a beautiful place — an eternal summer holiday.”


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