Recommended Reading: Laurent Ferrier Talks About His History Racing Cars

If you thought you loved Laurent Ferrier solely for his incredibly refined timepieces, be prepared to love him even more. Ferrier, who spent 35 years at Patek Philippe before opening his own independent manufacture, continues to stun and amaze us with his beautiful creations like this year’s Galet Tourbillon with open dial and Montre École. But something that you may or may not know is that Ferrier used to race cars. Like, serious cars. In fact, he raced the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1979…and came in third place. Yeah, this guy is seriously cool.

Ferrier’s first race car was a Lotus 18 that he purchased with his friends when he was 20, and it got pretty intense from there on out. So, it should come as no surprise that our friend Ted Gushue of Petrolicious interviewed Ferrier about his racing experience. What’s most interesting are the connections he draws between watches and cars.

laurent ferrier auto racing

Read the full story over on Petrolicious.

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