Official Trailer for Alastair Orr’s Horror Film ‘House on Willow Street’

House on Willow Street Trailer

"You should really let me go… Or you’re all going to die tonight." IFC Midnight has released the official trailer for an indie horror film titled House on Willow Street, formerly From a House on Willow Street (the full title when it premiered at FrightFest last year). From director Alastair Orr, the film is about a group of kidnappers who take a young woman from a house on Willow Street. They soon find out they chose the wrong person to kidnap, as the girl is actually a demonic killer herself. Sharni Vinson stars, along with Carlyn Burchell, Steven Ward, Zino Ventura, and Gustav Gerdener. This film actually looks totally crazy and freaky and violent and everything. It gets even weirder when the special effects kick in. Have fun.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Alastair Orr’s House on Willow Street, from IFC’s YouTube:

House on Willow Street Poster

After a young woman (Sharni Vinson) is kidnapped, her captors soon come to realize that in fact they may be the ones in danger and this young woman has a dark secret inside her. House on Willow Street is directed by South African filmmaker Alastair Orr, of the indie horror films The Unforgiving, Expiration, and Indigenous previously. The screenplay is co-written by Catherine Blackman, Jonathan Jordaan and Alastair Orr. This first premiered at the London FrightFest and Toronto After Dark Film Festival in 2016 under the original title From a House on Willow Street. IFC Midnight will release Orr’s House on Willow Street in select theaters + on VOD starting March 24th in just a few weeks. Who’s interested in this film?


Dwayne Johnson Was Ready to “Take Down an Oscars Producer” After That Best Picture Mistake

Dwayne Johnson’s Reaction to Oscars Best Picture Mistake

Dwayne Johnson Was Ready to “Take Down an Oscars Producer” After That Best Picture Mistake

The Academy Awards are usually one of the most prestigious and esteemed award shows in existence, but one of the craziest moments in Oscars history went down on Sunday night. This year, La La Land was crowned best picture, when in reality, it should have been Moonlight. Fortunately, the mistake was quickly rectified, but a few stars with prime seats just couldn’t believe their eyes. One of the stars in question was Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne — who attended the ceremony with longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian — shared a photo of himself sitting in the audience on Instagram and penned his reaction to the entire fiasco in a lengthy post that reads as follows:

“? You can literally see my wheels spinnin’ on whether or not I should hit the stage and take down an Oscars producer who I thought went rogue and was trying to sabotage our final moment of the night as La La Land was accepting for Best Picture. Seconds before this I saw out of the corner of my eye, the producer saying loudly, ‘NO IT’S MOONLIGHT, the winner is MOONLIGHT!’ as he walked up onto the stage. When he walked on stage, I remember sitting up and saying to @laurenhashianofficial, ‘What the f*cks he doing?’. She grabbed my arm and said, ‘Oh my God, they made a mistake’. The rest was history. In crazy moments like that, we need leaders to step up and take charge… I give La La Land producer, Jordan Horowitz much respect for stepping up to the mic and calling the Moonlight filmmakers and actors to the stage to accept their award. Thankfully, Jordan gave us the clarity we needed, because as much as I love and adore Meryl, I was willing to rumble over her to take down the producer going rogue. ? No business like show business. #Oscars #ThatLook #MattDamonWasReadyToGoBourne #IWasReadyToGoHobbs #LetsDoThis”

We’re just glad he didn’t lay the smackdown on anybody.

Image Source: Getty / TOMMASO BODDI

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Trailer for Spielberg’s Docu-Series ‘Five Came Back’ About WWII Films

Five Came Back Trailer

"Western civilization was at stake, and we’re going to fight until we win." Netflix has unveiled a trailer for a new three-part documentary series titled Five Came Back. I’m breaking our rules to share this trailer, because it’s a docu-series about filmmaking (and filmmakers) and specifically about WWII movies, which is one of my favorite genres. Five Came Back is executive produced by Steven Spielberg (also interviewed in the doc), Scott Rudin and Barry Diller, featuring narration by Meryl Streep. The title refers to "five" filmmakers who helped change the way the American people saw and understood World War II. Those five filmmakers were: John Ford, George Stevens, John Huston, William Wyler, and Frank Capra. The footage in this looks amazing, and I’m super excited to watch this series when it airs in March. Check this out below.

Here’s the first trailer for Steven Spielberg’s docu-series Five Came Back, direct from Netflix’s YouTube:

Five Came Back

The extraordinary wartime experience of five of Hollywood’s most legendary directors — John Ford, George Stevens, John Huston, William Wyler, and Frank Capra — all of whom put their stamp on World War II and were changed forever by it. Based on the nonfiction book by Mark Harris, and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, Scott Rudin and Barry Diller. Five Came Back is a three-part documentary series produced by Netflix. The series is directed by filmmaker Laurent Bouzereau, a veteran producer who has been creating the "The Making of" videos for all of Spielberg’s movies since Jaws and E.T. (which were made in 1995/1996). Netflix will release Five Came Back streaming starting March 31st this spring.


9 DIY Projects Fit for EDC

Putting time, effort and passion into creating something makes it that extra bit special. Something you want to hold onto. Not to mention that warm, fuzzy feeling of pride every time you use it. ? Perhaps you’re a seasoned DIY pro, having honed your skills over countless hours of trial and error. Maybe you’re just getting started, fingers itching to trace patterns or pick up a needle and thread. Wherever you are along the DIY journey, these fun projects are a good way to expand your skills – with the added bonus of an addition to your EDC. And even if the final piece isn’t so neat, the story behind it will be…

Ikea Ultralight Backpack

Ikea backpack

The creator behind this DIY project was on the hunt for a way to reduce his carry weight. Finding a lot of ultralight backpacks were expensive to purchase, he made his own using Ikea bags.

Leather Wallet

Make a leather wallet

Fancy a minimalist leather wallet that’s compact enough to fit in a pocket? This Instructable teaches you how to make your own, with enough space for folded cash and EDC cards.

DIY Bike Panniers

DIY bike panniers

Bike panniers are a handy carry option if you have bulky items to transport. Plus they can help keep you cooler than wearing a bag on your person. There are a lot of great panniers out there, but you can save some money (and enjoy some personalized bike carry) by making your own with this DIY Instructable.

Cuben Fiber Backpack

Cuben fiber backpack

Cuben Fiber backpacks are a popular choice when it comes to ultralight bags, but their lightweight strength comes with the downside of a pretty hefty price tag. However, you can keep your costs down by purchasing the material and making the bag yourself – just like this pack that takes long-distance hiking in its stride.

Bifold Leather Wallet

How to Make a Wallet That Will Last the Rest of Your Life

If you’re looking for a leather wallet with slightly more organization than the one mentioned above, this bifold is a good one for testing out your maker skills. Slim and stylish, the wallet design and tutorial is from the folks behind Bison Made (now Ezra Arthur).

DIY Backpack

Simple and versatile, this DIY backpack suits both work and play environments. As a bonus, the urban-friendly aesthetics can be tweaked to your preferences depending on the fabric you choose to use. Understated or vibrant, it’s a pack you can put your own stamp on.

DIY Zipper Pouch

This multifunctional DIY zipper pouch is handy for organizing small EDC items within a larger bag, and also doubles as a Dopp kit or makeup bag for your travels. As with the backpack above, you can decide what fabric to use to express your own personal tastes.

Silicone Phone Case

Your phone is probably one of your more expensive EDC items. Unfortunately, it’s probably one of your more fragile items too, but this DIY silicone phone case can give it some much-needed protection on the go. The case can be crafted for any phone, making this a useful alternative if you’re struggling to find a case that fits your particular phone. Plus with the addition of dye, you can have it in pretty much any color you want.

Leather Phone Case

Leather iPhone Case

If leather is your material of choice for phone cases, this tutorial will teach you how to make a simple and stylish case of your own. The case in the tutorial is for an iPhone, but like the DIY project above, you can tailor the case to any phone.

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Podcast #282: How a Man Develops His Sense of Style

You’ve probably encountered a man who has an impeccable sense of style. The way he presents himself —  down to the smallest details — creates an impression that seems confident, but not fastidious. How does a man develop this type of a style sense? Is it something innate or something acquired through lots of trial and error? 

My guest today explores those questions in his book, Men and Style: Essays, Interviews and Considerations. His name is David Coggins, and he’s written for Esquire, The Financial Times, and Traveler. In Men and Style, he interviews some of the biggest tastemakers in menswear today to figure out the alchemy of the sartorial arts. Today on the show, David and I discuss how a man’s father leaves a lasting influence on his taste in clothing, the style mistakes even the most dapper of grown men made as teenagers, and how the goal of style isn’t to religiously follow rules, but rather to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Even if you’ve never thought much about how you dress, this is a fun podcast. And it’s your chance to hear about the goofy clothes I wore in high school. 

Show Highlights

  • Why David decided to write a style book of tastemaker interviews rather than a how-to
  • How fathers influence the style of their kids — especially as they become adults
  • Where tastemaking men in the world of style got their taste from
  • The lasting impact of men’s magazines like GQ, Playboy, and Esquire
  • The age at which one defines their style
  • How your style changes as you get older and the phases of style one goes through
  • Garish mistakes that even style experts have made
  • Combining style, authenticity, and presentation
  • Reasons to dress better than you probably do right now
  • What David wears at home, and how what he wears impacts his mindset
  • Why dressing like Don Draper is bad idea
  • Addressing young men’s complaints about “dad style” and looking too old
  • How women like to see men dress
  • Items that every guy needs in his wardrobe
  • Where can men express their style besides clothing?

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

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YouTube Announces Live TV Service

YouTube Announces Live TV Service

YouTube has announced a new alternative to cable or satellite television, CNBC reports. YouTube TV is a live and on-demand TV subscription service. The service will feature a DVR-style recording service with unlimited cloud storage. Subscriptions will cost $35 per month, and subscribers will have access to up to 40 networks and original content from YouTube Red. All four major networks will be included (ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC) as well as channels like ESPN, USA, FX, and more. Other channels like Showtime will be made available for an additional fee. YouTube TV does not have a set arrival date, but it’s set to launch in the U.S. within the next few months. Get notifications about the service’s launch date, and watch a demo below.

Naturally, there are gaps in the service. Viacom and Turner networks such as Comedy Central, MTV, TBS, CNN, and Cartoon Network weren’t listed in the launch announcement, The Verge points out. AMC Networks, Discovery Communications, and A+E Networks are also missing from the announcement. While Showtime is listed as an add-on premium channel, HBO is not. Hulu previously announced plans to launch a similar service.


First Teaser Trailer for Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Okja’ Featuring Tilda Swinton

Okja Teaser Trailer

"I took nature, and science – and I synthesized." Ooooh this looks good. Netflix has debuted a teaser trailer for the new film from Bong Joon-ho, titled Okja, another movie (like The Host) about a young girl and her monster/creature friend. I’m a huge fan of Bong Joon-ho, and I’ve been waiting to see some footage from this new film and I’m pretty damn excited. Tilda Swinton is back (from Snowpiercer) in the cast, along with Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, Lily Collins, Steven Yeun, Giancarlo Esposito, Devon Bostick, Shirley Henderson, Daniel Henshall, and Choi Woo-shik. The main girl, named Mija, is played by Ahn Seo-hyun. She’s trying to keep a "multi-national company" from kidnapping her friend – the creature known as Okja. This is a nice tease, an intriguing introduction that makes me extra curious to see more.

Here’s the first official teaser trailer for Bong Joon-ho’s Okja, direct from Netflix’s YouTube:

Okja Movie Trailer

Meet Mija, a girl who risks everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend — a massive animal named Okja. Following her across continents, the coming-of-age comedy drama sees Mija’s horizons expand in a way one never would want for one’s children, coming up against the harsh realities of genetically modified food experimentation, globalization, eco-terrorism, and humanity’s obsession with image, brand and self-promotion. Okja is directed by Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho, of the films Memories of Murder, The Host, Mother, and Snowpiercer previously. The screenplay is by Bong Joon-ho and Jon Ronson. Netflix will release Okja streaming starting June 28th this summer.


Here’s How Late Night Comics Mercilessly Mocked the Oscars’ Best Picture Mixup

By now you’ve probably heard about a little, insignificant, teensy-weensy event that took place at the end of Sunday night’s Oscars, but in case you have managed to go without internet for 40 hours straight, we’ll recap: The accountant who hands out the winners’ envelopes got distracted and gave Warren Beatty the card for Best Actress instead of Best Picture, which caused Faye Dunaway to accidently crown La La Land Best Picture winner instead of rightful victor Moonlight.

As you might expect, late night hosts, probably grateful to have something un-Trump-related to mock for a change, had a ball with the news on Monday.

Conan O’Brien got an "exclusive look" at what was written on the card, revealing that the mixup really wasn’t the fault of the award’s presenters—not even poor Beatty, who clearly realized something was wrong when he opened the envelope but didn’t speak up. After all, who could possibly decipher what MoonLaLalightland is supposed to mean, or follow that godawful flowchart?

The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert felt sorry for the La La Land cast and crew, but not as sorry as he did for Team Moonlight. “It should have been a great moment for African-Americans, but there’s always a catch,” said Colbert in his monologue. “Here’s your Oscar, but some white folks get to touch it first. To make matters worse, while they were up on stage Ryan Gosling had to explain jazz to them.”

Colbert also took jabs at PwC, the firm responsible for the envelope mix-up in the first place, for not keeping better track of the results. “Thank god they don’t run an STD clinic.”

But no one took the joke quite as far as The Late Late Show’s James Corden, who not only dropped a few solid quips about the very public snafu in the monologue (“March is usually a busy months for accountants but I feel it’s gonna be pretty slow for this guy”), but also went above and beyond. Corden dressed up as Emma Stone’s La La Land character—the one she won an Oscar for playing—and digitally inserted himself into the movie’s audition scene for a full-blown parody of “Audition,” rewritten to match the movie’s unfortunate Best Picture fakeout.

Some sample lyrics: “This result doesn’t seem right/ Oscars used to be so white” and “Here’s to the ones who lose/God, I need so much booze.” Kudos to the Late Late Show writers, costume department, and technical crew for pulling that off in just 24 hours.