Samantha Bee Says Kellyanne Conway Would Make a Better President Than Donald Trump

Just days before the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States, Samantha Bee has finally turned her attention to the woman who made it all happen: Trump’s “omnipresent spokes-cobra” and master deflector, Kellyanne Conway. The Full Frontal host, while no fan of Conway’s, did have to congratulate her for doing the seemingly impossible—namely, turning Trump’s “upended port-o-potty of a campaign” around.

But Conway doesn’t seem to be getting the credit that conservatives want her to, noted Bee, playing clips of Fox News hosts celebrating her as the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign. “A woman pulls off the feat of electing a sexual predator who thinks women should be punished for having abortions, and feminists don’t celebrate her with a Vogue cover,” mocked Bee. “Although she did get the cover of Pussy-Grabber Enabler Monthly, so I guess that’s something.”

Bee’s main question was why Conway was even running Trump’s campaign at all when it’s so obvious that she’s the more competent of the two. “Kellyanne is the soulless, Machiavellian despot America deserves,” she said. “Not this undisciplined, Hobbit-handed omni-shambles.” But as of Friday, Trump will be president, so Conway will just have to settle for the next-best thing. No, not acting as his counselor—being inducted into Bee’s Great Feminists in Feminism Herstory Hall of Lady Fame.

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