‘Logan’ Has A New Trailer, Who’s Up For Some Adorable Stabbing?

Here’s the new trailer for Logan that makes it abundantly clear that we’re getting an X-23 story and not “Old Man Logan” as previously hyped. Which was impossible from the jump because that would’ve required Wolverine murdering all of the Marvel characters that Disney owns in the face. Look at how much useless shit I know. I’m on top of the world!

Anyhow, given today’s political climate where dumbfuckery reigns supreme, I’m sure the top reaction to this trailer is going to be, “Oh, man, there’s a girl Wolverine now? Stupid social justice.” Except that character’s been around a solid decade and change before asslords start tweeting rape threats over video games, so simmer down and just enjoy Hugh Jackman in a wife-beater stabbing people in the woods. Again. For the I’ve lost count how many times. (Wait. Is the point of this movie to make me feel like an old man? I get it now.)

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Photo: 20th Century Fox/YouTube


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