Just Because: A Solid Chocolate F.P. Journe Vagabondage III – The Best Swag Of SIHH 2017

So F.P. Journe just gave out a few dozen Vagabondage watches to selected press. No joke. The freebie was handed out after a presentation of Mr. Journe’s latest model, which you can read all about here, and they were carefully distributed by the man Francois-Paul himself. Ok, so technically speaking they’re made out of chocolate, but that only makes them even cooler – and possibly even more Swiss.

The chocolate bars were one-to-one scale models of the Vagabondage III, made from delicious milk chocolate, which we can confirm after having taken a large bite out of the left side of the case (all in the name of responsible reporting, of course). Each was elaborately decorated with edible gold leaf too, because this is a luxury chocolate watch we’re talking about. They were also made in Switzerland, of course, just like the less edible watches bearing the FPJ signature. 

I’m not sure if the chocolate watches were meant as a slight dig on another independent watchmaker which recently presented a piece made out of actual cheese (that costs more than $1 million to boot). I doubt it, but it’s almost something out of a joke that SIHH 2017 saw watches made of both cheese and chocolate. 

In any case, it was a very cool gift and it definitely wins the contest for the best swag this year’s SIHH.


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