It’s Entirely Possible That Kylie Jenner Never Learned How To Wear A Coat

1. Today we are discussing whether or not teenage makeup wearer Kylie Jenner understands the mechanisms of wearing a coat.

We hope a closer look at the evidence will satisfy the question, “Does Kylie Jenner know how to wear coats?”

2. Exhibit A: No.

Overwhelmed by the intricate process of wearing a coat, Kylie Jenner does her best impression of a coatrack, hoping it will trick onlookers.

3. Exhibit B: Not really.

Here Kylie Jenner manages to get her arms into the sleeves — a huge improvement — still, the coat hangs off of her like a drugged-up python.

4. Exhibit C: Still no.

Kylie Jenner attempts to distract onlookers from her coat inadequacies by gesturing to her hair. It doesn’t work.

5. EXHIBIT D: Where are your pants?

In her extreme concentration to put on a coat, Kylie Jenner forgets one crucial step: pants.

6. Exhibit E: Again, no.

Kylie Jenner’s coat slips off her arms like a greased-up shower curtain. The cries of children can be heard in the wind.

7. Exhibit F: No.

Kylie Jenner attempts a look that can only be described as Construction Tarp Flapping Against the Side of a Building.

8. Exhibits G1 and G2: Maybe?

Kylie Jenner self-consciously tugs at a coat that looks like it ended up on her body by complete accident. The unwieldy coat makes onlookers nervous.

9. Exhibit H: Kind of.

Kylie Jenner, embarrassed by her inability to keep a coat on both shoulders, hides her face behind her cell phone. Her shame is enormous.

10. Exhibit I: Almost!

Kylie Jenner succeeds in keeping a coat halfway on. She stands very still as not to disturb it, the way one might act around a baby bird.

11. Exhibit J: No. 🙁

In a huge set back, Kylie Jenner holds a coat adjacent to her body. And in the distance, sirens.

12. Exhibit K: Sort of!

Kylie Jenner uses the sink to steady herself against the unfamiliar weight of a coat on her body. She takes a picture to commemorate the moment in her personal scrapbook.

13. Exhibit L: Nearly.

Kylie Jenner takes a second to contemplate how many hours of practice have gone into getting her coat fully on. She thanks her coa(t)ch, off camera, for the many years of training.

14. Exhibit M: Yes!!!

She can do it! She can wear a coat! Both shoulders are shod, her arms are armored. Kylie Jenner is wearing. A. Coat.

And the crowd goes wild.

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I know, right? Will your friends agree?

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