The Best Food In New York City Under $10

Not to get all “good old days” on ya, but $10 doesn’t go a long way in New York anymore. You could buy five bodega coffees. Or two nice lattes. Or less than one-eighth of the most expensive Starbucks drink ever.

You could go see a comedy show at the UCB (though they recently raised the prices of their most expensive shows to an eye-watering $12).

You could also check out these great snacks and meals, all in New York, all under $10.


Cinnamon Roll at L’Imprimerie ($4)

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L’Imprimerie is fast making its name as the best baked goods spot in Brooklyn, and, despite their incredible breads and croissants, the cinnamon rolls are the main event. They only make them on weekends, too. Exclusive!


Pork Belly Ramen At Kuu Ramen ($10)

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A tiny spot with seating for fewer than ten people, optimistically. The *exclusive* vibe Kuu puts out is well deserved. Everything on the menu is served up fast and well, but the flagship pork belly ramen is impossible to beat.


Bento/2 Roll Specials at Ako Sushi ($9.50)

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Ako has a prime location locked down on the tourist-swarmed Bedford Avenue. It’s also reasonably priced and actually good, meaning it is not long for this world. Get over there and grab one of their insane specials before it’s too late.


Burrito at Dos Toros ($8)

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Dos Toros is, hands-down, the best burrito chain in the city. Everything is fresh, made on the spot, and puts other taquerias in the area to shame (and we shan’t even discuss Chipotle here).


Sliders at Mark Burger ($2.75+)

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The sliders Mark Burger (AKA St. Mark’s Burger, or Mark’s Sliders, honestly the branding is all over the place, you guys) serves up are worth the trip to New York’s worst street. Their “Guinness Milkshake” is an effective gimmick, but they nail the basics in their burgers and fries, and the pulled pork version isn’t half bad either.


Anything at Vanessa’s Dumplings

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Vanessa’s is one of the wildest, most delicious, most fun times in a restaurant you’ll have all year. The rapidly moving line, the yells of the chefs, the chaotic scramble for seating, they’re all worth it for the experience. On top of that, everything on the menu is good, well-made, and cheap as all hell. Good drunk food, good sober food. Just straight-up good food.


Screw It, Nearly Anything At Subway

Oh what, you’re too good for Subway? No you’re not.

Of all the major fast food chains, Subway deserves a shout-out now and then. Their commitment to customization is admirable when every possible sandwich combination tastes pretty much the same. Also it’s nice to have a fountain soda now and again that isn’t served in a huge bucket for $8 at a movie theater.

The crown jewel of Subway, though, remains the cookie. If you’re lucky enough to get a *really* fresh one, it beats just about any other cookie in the city. Don’t fight me on this.

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