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As we reported a few months ago, Tim Burgess is the 2017 Independent Venue Week Ambassador.

The frontman of The Charlatans – who is also a solo artist, author and record label boss – will follow in the footsteps of previous ambassadors Wolf Alice, Frank Turner and Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood, to spread the word for the event which takes place 23-29 January, 2017 to celebrate venues across Britain.

“Independent venues are where every band starts and where music fans get to see emerging talent,” declares Burgess. “Without them bands would not get a chance for their all-important first hometown gigs and subsequent tours. These venues and bands need our support and the best way you can do that is by having a night out. Lots of venues are closing – we definitely need to stick together and stop this happening.”

As part of Independent Venue Week 2017 Tim will perform live at the Royal Albert Hall’s The Elgar Room on Monday, 23 January 2017 with at the with support from Tear and Pheromoans. Plus under the banner of Tim Peaks – which has hosted stages at a variety of festivals – Burgess is also organising a series of Independent Venue Week shows across the UK.

Independent venues are where every band starts and where music fans get to see emerging talent – Tim Burgess.

The first of these kick off on Thursday, 26 January 2017, at The Exchange in Bristol, with local gigging legend ‘Big’ Jeff Johns has put together a bill featuring Bristolian favourites Yama Warashi and Kayla Painter.

Tim’s O Genesis label then takes up the baton staging a mini tour, which kicks off at Belfast’s Voodoo on Friday, 27 January 2017, featuring a headline set from Northern Ireland’s Documenta. Following a short hop across the sea, Yucatan will top a bill at the Bethesda’s Neuadd Ogwen venue in North Wales on Saturday, 28 January, before the jaunt reaches Manchester’s Soup Kitchen on Sunday, 29 January with Horsebeach topping the bill. Across the dates the bands will take it in turns to support and open for each other.

“I worked with the Independent Venue Week organisers last year on a gig in Manchester,” explains Ambassador Burgess of why he is taking a hands on approach to his role. “So it was an honour to accept their offer of being this year’s ambassador – I’ve picked some of my favourite bands to play in England, Wales and Northern Ireland for Independent Venue Week. Hopefully see you at one of the shows.”

Not only is Tim Burgess Ambassador for Independent Venue Week 2017, The Charlatans frontman has curated a special IVW Tim Peaks tour which will showcase new talent at shows in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (26-29 January), AND he will play his own headline show at the Royal Albert Hall’s The Elgar Room on Monday, 23 January 2017 with at the with support from Tear and Pheromoans – get tickets now. Ahead of a very busy week Ambassador Burgess talks us through his solo show plans, Lego aspirations and much more…

Tell us about your plans for your IVW shows?
I last played a solo show at Festival Number 6 so it’ll be great to meet back up with the band – Mark Collins from The Charlatans is on guitar so I’ve seen him and played gigs with him more recently. We play a mix of my two solo albums and a couple Charlatans tracks. I recorded an album with Peter Gordon last year so we’ve worked out some of those songs too. I’m really looking forward to the day as it means I get to see The Pheromoans and Tear too.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?
Not sure I’d want to build it up or want to sound too cocky. It’s up to them to make their mind up. I know that might seem like dodging the question but it often means comparing your music. Like those bands who say they sound like The Beatles crossed with Stevie Wonder, and then you hear them and they don’t even sound like they’re all playing the same song…

What was the first venue you played as a musician?
It was with my first band The Electric Crayon Set – although we became The Electric Crayons on the cover of our first single, courtesy of the designer – at Northwich Vic’s Club. It was a little bit awkward as our mates were fans of their non league rivals Witton Albion. In terms of the performance though, it made me realise it was what I wanted to do but it also made me realise I had to learn how to write decent songs.

What’s the most extravagant or strangest thing you’ve asked for on a rider?
We’ve never been that big on rider demands. Not sure if it’s news to other bands but you do end-up paying for everything on a rider! I’d like to say that in our crazy days we asked for ice sculptures of Keith Richards, or whatever, but it was more about large quantities of booze and fags.

What one quality makes for a great live venue?
People! Those who run the venue and the audience at the gigs – everything else is workroundable. The Brudenell Social Club is a great building and stage, but Nathan who runs it makes it one of the best venues you can play. He’s cool, so the staff are all cool too and the audience is the final piece of an amazing jigsaw. Like most things, it’s all about the people.

Who would be your dream collaboration and why?
I really love a band called King from LA so I’m going to say them. I just love their sound and it’s so different from my style that it would make for an interesting collaboration.

What’s been the best gig you’ve played? So far…
The Charlatans played at Castlefield Bowl in 2015, it was a beautiful July day and it was on the centre of Manchester with 8000 people singing along to every song. Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert from New Order joined us for Sproston Green and it just felt like the perfect gig.

What are you working on next?
Lego is currently the big thing in our house, so a helicopter… or maybe a dinosaur.

What is your resolution for 2017?
To up my Lego dinosaur game!

Check out the other names who have signed up for IVW 2017 so far, on http://ift.tt/1aXKtqo right now.


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