Coco In A Bikini, Anyone?

When we last left Coco, she was being attacked by mommy bloggers, the scourge of the internet. But like the radiant beast of battle that she is, she emerged triumphant to spend another day in a bikini. Which is why Warner Bros. really missed the boat casting the waif-thin Amber Heard as Aquaman’s wife when Coco would’ve been a more formidable match for Jason Momoa’s nu-metal Fish King. Just check out how natural this scene would flow:

coco bikini
“Mother of manatees, look at my bride…”

aquaman chugging justice league
“WOMAN! *swigs bottle* Ready thyself for my harpoon!”

aquaman waves
“Oh, Aquaman!”

(Normal people think like this, right? This is normal to do.)

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