6 Trendy LA Workouts to Sweat it out in 2017

Body By Simone

Straight from the buns of the stars, Body By Simone is the workout designed by celebrity personal trainer Simone De La Rue. Simone has worked with A-listers like Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Watts, and Emmy Rossum, and brings her workout secrets to the masses at her West Hollywood and Brentwood studios. The four signature classes—dance cardio, full body, hips, thighs, and buns, and trampoline cardio—emphasize dance basics, sustainable lifestyles, and injury prevention, all while artfully balancing fun and fitness.


Barry’s Bootcamp

Let’s be clear: Barry’s Bootcamp will kick your ass. But you will enjoy it, or at least enjoy the effects once the lactic acid settles. This studio schedules daily workouts that focus on different parts of the body: arms and abs (Monday), butt and legs (Tuesday), chest, back, and abs (Wednesday), core and abs (Thursday), and full body (Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday). The hourlong workouts includes 25-30 minutes of treadmill cardio and 25-30 minutes of free weight strength training. If you can get yourself into a groove with regular classes (and push past the initial uphill), you’ll look and feel better than ever. Angelenos can get their burn on with Barry at their Venice, WeHo, Sherman Oaks, and Hollywood studios.


OrangeTheory Fitness

If you can survive circuit workouts, then you’ll love OrangeTheory Fitness. The fast-paced and competitive environment—”zones” are posted publicly on a screen in the room—appeals to people serious about fitness, like former college athletes and aforementioned Brentwood moms. In addition to the studios’ signature combination of interval exercises, OrangeTheory Fitness’ secret to success lies in the heart monitors passed out to class attendees; these devices monitor output and help class participants stay at an exertion point that will maximize results. The nationwide chain of studios is quickly quickly getting close to having one on every corner; the LA’s area five main outposts are in Santa Monica, WeHo, Brentwood, Sherman Oaks, and Fairfax.


Pole dancing

Turns out, pole dancing is a killer full-body workout—and a lot more fun than another hour of flailing on the elliptical. But the benefits are beyond physical; pole dancing is also empowering, and can help women (and men!) become more comfortable in their own skin. Pole dancing is officially mainstream, and we’re in the city leading the charge; beginners can choose from local studios like S Factor, BeSpun, and Evolve Dance Studio.



Aerial yoga

Nothing can get you out of a plateaued yoga funk—and take your flow to the next level—quite like a touch of Cirque du Soleil. The class meshes classic flows with innovative incorporations of silk hammocks, a stress-relieving and entertaining workout that still helps to improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Curious LA yogis can try out this whimsical variation at a specialized studios such as AIR, D&A Flying Yoga, and Up Flying Yoga.


Tracy Anderson

It doesn’t get more quintessentially LA than the Tracy Anderson Method, a workout designed by the woman who’s trained the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicole Richie—to name just a few off her extensive list of celebrity clientele. It’s both the movements and the methodology that differentiates the Tracy Anderson workout from others; the in-person and video classes focus on accessory muscles groups instead of target muscle groups, helping women tone and shape without bulk. Unlike some of the larger, more corporate studios, Tracy Anderson only has eight in person locations in the world; we’re lucky enough to have two: one in Brentwood and one in Studio City.

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