So Maybe Stop Getting Your Hopes Up For ‘Wonder Woman’

It’s no exaggeration to say there is a lot riding on Wonder Woman after Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad were back-to-back shit-shows that barely made money. On top of that, Hollywood has been chasing Wonder Woman for years, and DC is beating Marvel out of the gate with the first female-led superhero of the two competing universes, so it really has to be great and not a rambling, boring-ass funeral like Batman V Superman. Except Zack Snyder still has his fingers in these things, so guess how well that’s going, according to a DC insider. Via MovieWeb:

“So, I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus. We have somebody within our community who has gotten insider information that broke my effing heart this week, because I have tremendous belief that Wonder Woman is gonna be awesome and I heard it stinks from the same person who told me that they heard that BvS stinks… The person who I spoke to… their response was ‘I’m very disappointed in what I saw, and it seems like all the problems are the same problems. It’s discombobulated, it doesn’t have narrative flow. It’s just very disjointed.”

However, there’s still hope for the DCEU thanks to Justice League being just around the corn- no, wait, Zack Snyder’s directing that one, too. Shit, um…

So how about that Ben Affleck Batman movie, huh? He seems really pumped about that and not walking around yelling, “Batman, Batman, Batman! Batman’s such a pain in my ass!” at all the gawd-damn nerds ridin’ his gawd-damn nuts. Could you imagine?

Holy shit, Chahleen, freakin’ Batman said freakin’ “ass” on da red cahpet! We totally need to bang under my Tahm Brady postah. This is a once in a lifetime thing, Chah. Like a freakin’ cahmet! Where ya goin’?

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Photo: Warner Bros.

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