Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert Respond to Trump’s Attacks Against John Lewis, Agree That “This Is Not Normal”

On Monday night, late-night comics finally had their chance to respond to president-elect Donald Trump’s MLK weekend crusade against civil rights hero John Lewis. After Lewis explained his plans to not attend Trump’s inauguration by calling him an illegitimate president, Trump lashed out on—where else?—Twitter, erroneously describing Lewis’ congressional district as “in horrible shape and falling apart” and the man himself as all talk, “no action.”

Seth Meyers couldn’t quite get past that “no action” part. “All talk, no action?” he asked Trump incredulously. “John Lewis was getting beaten by police for protesting for voting rights while you were starting your first failed business.” Trump’s habit of hitting back at his critics was, according to Meyers, taken “to a whole new level” with Lewis—one that, given the impulse to paint Lewis’ district as poor and “crime infested” without checking the facts, was also “super racist.”

Stephen Colbert didn’t disagree. The Late Show host saw the entire sequence of Trump-related events over the weekend—attacking John Lewis, canceling his scheduled trip to the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture, mulling drastic changes to White House press access—as, well, a little disturbing. “In case you’re wondering,” he half-joked at one point, “this is not normal.” Colbert did manage to find one silver lining, at least. On Trump’s decision to skip the African American museum: “The last thing we need is Trump learning more about segregation.”

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