Rob Schneider Lectured John Lewis On MLK, There Is No God

♩Ebony and ivory, live togeth–♩
“Someone get his white ass outta here or we’re all going to jail.”

By now you’ve probably seen or heard about President Splash Mountain’s feud with civil rights leader and U.S. Representative, John Lewis. If you haven’t, I’ll get you right up to speed. Rep. Lewis is skipping the multiple days of games Trump is holding to congratulate himself on his shady-ass victory. Trump tweeted about it like a bitch and included some of that meaty dog-whistle racism about “inner-cities” that his constituency goes nuts over, because thinking black people ruin neighborhoods is just sound economics. Cue Rob Schneider piling onto Rep. Lewis, because who better to lecture a civil rights leader on the teachings of MLK than Adam Sandler’s go-to guy for when every member of the ethnic group he’s devolving into a fart joke goes, “No thanks, I’d rather get my head cut off by drug lords than take your money to put a maraca in my butt.”

So John Lewis shouldn’t use the exact form of protest Martin Luther King used to express his opposition to Trump’s policies? You know what? This is so blatantly idiotic, we don’t even need to discuss Schneider. I’d rather go right to the reactions, because I found this gem in the Twitter thread and it pretty much sums up how we got here as a country. (White people rapping, I said it.)

HAHA, get it? America’s great again because we’re allowed to call people who disagree with us “faggots” again! USA! USA! USA!

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