People Somehow Care If Lindsay Lohan Converted To Islam

Last year, Lindsay Lohan made headlines by talking about how she read the Koran, but not all of it because have you seen how long that thing is? It would take so long. (Her almost exact words. Not even joking.) And since that got everyone talking about her, she’s basically pulling the same stunt again by leaving nothing but the words “Alaikum salam” on her blank Instagram page. Page Six reports:

Muslim social media users the world over welcomed their purported new sister with open arms.
“Im so happy that lindsay lohan found Islam. may Allah guide her and bless her,” one young woman tweeted.
Another posted, “I heard that Lindsay Lohan converted to Islam? If its true, alhamdulillah. God has shown her the right path to now follow.”

Here’s the weird part. Page Six ran their piece on Monday and said they couldn’t get a comment from Lindsay Lohan’s spokesperson. However, on Sunday, Gossip Cop had already reported that Lindsay Lohan’s rep “exclusively” confirmed that she didn’t convert to Islam. Except Lindsay doesn’t have a rep because her publicist quit back in November presumably after finding himself sitting in the garage with the car running for way too long. So my question is would Donald Trump still pay her to pee on him or would that make him look soft on terrorism? Let’s get right to the heart of this thing.

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