Podcast #266: The Running Show – Strength Training, Programming, and More

There are some people who absolutely love running, and others who flee screaming from it. They hate how it feels, and they think it’s a poor form of exercise because it overly stresses the body, causes tons of injuries, and doesn’t even help you lose weight. Right?

Are these objections accurate? Today I talk with competitive runner Jason Fitzgerald to get his answers. Jason is a USA Track and Field certified coach and has finished in first place in marathons and obstacle course races across the country. He’s also the owner of Strength Running, a website that provides coaching and programming for long-distance runners who want to not only get faster, but become stronger and more durable. 

Today on the podcast, Jason and I discuss some of the myths about long-distance running that keep people away from the sport, why runners often neglect strength training (but shouldn’t), and what programming should look like when first starting out with running, as well as when you want to get more competitive.

Whether you’re a veteran runner, someone who’s made a new year’s goal to train for a 5K or marathon, or think you don’t want anything to do with the sport, you’ll find this an interesting show. It’s maybe convinced me to put down my barbell now and again and go for a run. Maybe.

Show Highlights

  • Why a lot of people hate running
  • The parallels between strength training and running
  • The importance of having a program or plan in place for your running
  • Example programming for new runners
  • Will you lose muscle mass if you take up running?
  • Why runners should incorporate strength training
  • What a strength program can look like for a runner
  • The runner-specific strength exercises that can help prevent injury
  • An example weekly schedule for a runner which includes regular strength training
  • Examining the criticisms levied at distance running
  • Does running have a high injury rate, and what are the most common injuries?
  • The three “too’s” which predispose a runner to injury
  • The importance of form, cadence, and pace (and what those all mean)
  • Jason’s approach to dieting and nutrition for runners
  • Does slower, low-heart-rate running work?
  • How elite runners train, and what the Average Joe can take from them

Resources/Studies/People Mentioned in Podcast

If you’re looking to compete in a 5K, obstacle course race, or even a marathon this year, be sure to check out Jason’s site Strength Running for lots of free advice. He’s also got a podcast. And if you really want to make a commitment to improving your running, consider signing up for one of his coaching programs.

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