Leelee Sobieski’s Religious Bathing Suit of the Day


LeeLee Sobieski must be an Orthodox Jew, you know with a name like Sobieski, raised by her painter artist father and her manager (obviously) mother…probably void of religion, even though she’s been stated that she grew up pan religious…but is proud of her Jewish roots – and in all these years since she’s had a job in the soulless, but also Jewish Hollywood, she’s probably had some time spiritual awakenings…and has committed to her “chosen one” birth right…and in doing that, she’s not showing her big sloppy tits in a bikini, she’s a mom now….but is instead in something super orthodox, I’m just surprised it doesn’t have pants….you know…the way a good Orthodox bathing suit should. I guess you can’t take the young starlet who is a harolot completely out of her new quest to find meaning…

Unless this is just a bathing suit she chose because she liked it and fears skin cancer, in which case, she should look into something with more tit…because the world likes tit…not being confused by this wet suit, fully covered, 1890s inspired weirdness…

It being a religious outfit – makes substantially more sense…not that we should bother with LeeLee Sobieski, she’s old news…but at least she’s got skinny legs…I love skinny legs.


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