Kylie Jenner Quit Her App Because She Has Ethics? That Can’t Be Right

I often joke/accurately report that Kylie Jenner was scientifically engineered to replace Kim Kardashian by 2018 and not harm guests in the park. (Remember Westworld? I clearly still do.) So imagine my surprise when Kylie demonstrated a personal integrity function (Arnold, you sassy bitch.) that was activated after a post about sex toys was published to her app that she didn’t approve or even write. Via Us Weekly:

Kylie wasn’t having any of this shit and essentially quit her app, which was probably fantastic news for the rubes who paid $2.99 for it. Not that I have any sympathy for them because in an ideal word clicking “Purchase” should’ve signed them up for forced sterilizations. I’m a dreamer.

Wow, Jesus Christ. Am I actually impressed with Kylie Jenner for not just slapping her name on something and taking the money? I’m so confused right now. Unless this is how Skynet gets me to lower my defenses. In which case, fuck you, you machine bastards!

*stares defiantly at Kylie Jenner’s butt*

This is for humanity!

*objectifies it so freaking hard*

We’re not a disease! …. Entirely!

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