Heather Graham Bikini Romance of the Day


Heather Graham only has 6000 followers on her instagram @ImHeatherGraham and that is fascinating to me…

At first I thought it was a joke, some mean spirited joke someone was playing on us, because Heather Graham is iconic to perverts who watched movies like Boogie Nights in the late 90s….how could some mall employee in Idaho be more relevant with her 40,000 followers than an actual celebrity…

Then I remembered, she’s old and must not be interesting to people, as old people are…and figured she probably doesn’t update her shit at all…I’ve seen accounts that are just named after a celeb that get tens of thousands of likes…but it turns out she made a post a day ago…so she’s active on it….

But more importantly, I remember the late 90s….were 20 fucking years ago..and she’s probably in her 50s…but 50 or not…she’s still got her tits…and that’s an achievement – especially in this breast cancer filled world…

These pics are pretty fucking boring…but what do you expect from a grandmother using social media.


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