Bella Thorne is Still in Bahamas of the Day


In this day and age – we are so obsessed with girls being naked, or half naked, you know stripping down and showing bikini or panties, or bare asshole spread so I can imagine tonguing it as she licks my ass while jerking me off….you know 69 the Asshole edition….and Bella Thorne knows it..

She knows she’s long and lean and has a rocking body. She knows that the world needs a hot redhead and she’s it. She knows that when you’re raised on porn, sex is different, outlook on sex is different, anal is first date behavior, so are gangbangs, orgies, rape fetishes…so half naked pics aren’t a big deal…that shit is G Rated…G Rated we can all jerk off to because bikinis are fucking wonderful..

I like what she’s bringing to the world…it’s easy, not complicated, basic, and perfect…


Here she is in her underwear….


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