Ariel WInter’s Butt in a Bikini of the Day


Ariel Winter posted a butt shot…and she’s laying on her stomach…because she doesn’t want to take away from her butt shot by ruining it with her big round belly….even though people only like her for her tits…and this posting the ass is just confusing what she’s known for, what she’s about..

I think she looks like a vile little troll, but I never watched the show and I never developed an emotional relationship with her tits that keep on growing….I didn’t cry when they were reduced and reshaped….and I didn’t celebrate when they grew back in from eating…

I just know that all 18 year olds are firm, tight, and even the fat ones are good enough to stare at – because they haven’t hit their mid 20s – early 30s slump all girls experience – where girls start to melt and turn sloppy because the best years are behind them…where their boyfriends jerk off to pics of them in high school because her body caught up with her big tits.. who cares

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