Aly Michalka’s Butt Shot of the Day


I still don’t really know who Aly Michalka is, I know she has a sister, I know they were in a band, I know they had a Disney show and I know one of them had a lot of plastic surgery, yet I don’t know much more about who they are, what they do…what they are about…what inspires them and makes them thrive…

After re-reading that paragraph, I know an insane amount about these Michalkas, I mean more than I probably should…and it’s all thanks to having a pervert blog for pervert people who watch Disney Channel in 2004…and who still care…..12 years later…where the once jailbait is now…because you are romantic…and I guess so is Aly Michalka as she shows you her panty wearing ass for no reason…other than to remind you she still cares….not quite a Jon Benet of her generation, but kinda..thanks to her parents who instilled very important morals and values into her…

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