Lily Rose Depp is Wonderful of the Day


Lily Rose Depp may only be 17, but she’s wonderful, and 16 is legal in France, where she is a citizen, allowing you to follow French law when you stare at her amazing face, that hardly looks 17, but that does look amazing, and interesting, as she does what all these celebrity rich kids – who live in LA do….they ride the fame wave their parents set up for them and cash in like they are actually working towards something…and people are such groupie whores that want anything remotely related to celebrity that they buy into it, pay her….and all that other shit…

So here is some underage but not creepy pics of what will blossom into a lovely Lily Rose Depp adult in 5 months, and she’s in a shoot for a magazine called Jalouse, that I will just assume is for France, and not something pretentiously named “jealous” in french, but probably is, because it’s fashion people and fashion is about being jealous of all these cunts you can find on instagram showing off their bullshit overpriced made in china dog shit..

People are so lame…but she looks good…and that is what matters…that’s the only thing that matters…good genetics to fixate on – in this world of pure shit everywhere…


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