Kate Hudson and Chelsea Handler on New Years of the Day

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I don’t know if that is a video of Goldie Hawn and her new face in a bathing suit on New Years Eve, or if that’s Chelsea Handler….or is it Kate Hudson…they all look the fucking same thanks to being mangled by the same surgeon – as these things happen when you’re an overpaid spoiled cunt from Hollywood…

I think Chelsea Handler is the one in the ski equipment, I am fascinated as to why anyone would invite her into their house, I guess everyone needs a little laugh and she’s the dancing monkey they’ve adopted or some shit….

But more importantly, if this is Kate Hudson, why does she look like that, and would she have the ability to drive a man to Suicide now…like she did in the past…I don’t think she does…because that”s what becoming washed up means…you can’t manipulate me, or men, or anyone with that only famous cuz of your parents – and you had a really good run of it pussy…NOT NOW ANYWAY…



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